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Hello everybody,

with the HF22 running and stable and in order to achieve the great objective to turn #oldsteem in #newsteem, a great importance has been given to the curation of deserving content.

Someone described this posts as hidden gems.. I think we can call them as good quality content which hasn't been found yet by big stakeholders.

And while I follow a curation project which is focuses on deserving authors more than specific content, with this new section (that I'll try to publish every day) I'd like to puts the spotlight on undervalued deserving content that didn't receive the curators attention I think they deserve.

As well as upvoting these posts with @miti account (19k SP and 15 SCOT Tribes supported) I will try to bring attention of some Dolphin/Orca/Whale to this undervalued contents: in order to reach these objectives the attention would have to be turned to increase their exposure, therefore this is why I ask anybody for help.
Think about it: if you find the post valuable and upvote it, too... it increases your curation reward and could bring attention of some big stakeholders.

And so I apologize for being so forward, but I think this needs to happen, and I think it's a win-win.

I know curation can be somewhat exhausting most of the time, but I do believe that if we want to build a #newsteem we need to adopt a new approach to encouraging these deserving authors!

So... I have come up with a solution: if you do not have time to do that manually, you could just use that list I gave you as a result of my research of undervalued deserving content.

I have conducted a plagiarism check of all this posts, so don't worry... upvote them if you think is appropriate!

MY CHOICE (alphabetically by author):

Down Town/lake Travel Photography Diaries || Blog Everyday In September Day 20

by @aaliyahholt

Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies (26 photos).

by @akiroq


by @artmedina

Mi viaje por Latinoamerica, 16-08-2019.

by @carlagonz

I love kensington

by @gratefulayn

슬로푸드 치유체험장, "소석원"을 아시나요.

by @kyju

Explosión de Arte y surrealismo- Dibujando un Hibrido PULPO ARBOL / ART EXPLOSION: Theme HYBRIDS - Octoplant HYBRID

by @marian0

Amazing tour The longest sea beach Cox’sBazar ##Blog 06

by @mithun-datta

September 20, 2019: Avon Grove Red Devils at Rustin Golden Knights Football Game

by @rgkmb-unofficial

Dibujo digital: Saya - La chica que no es real

by @richjr

I wish to specify clearly that itsn' a subscription service; I mean, gratis, no charge for authors. If you want, you can upvote this post but it is neither mandatory nor required!


If you would like to suggest some content, yours or someone else's post, that in your opinion deserve more attention, please contact me on discord (@miti#1563).

Carlo (@miti)


Another great collection of undervalued posts, this is great!

Thanks @joshman! Your words are designed to encourage me to continue taking action along these lines!

I would like to invite you to participate in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest at @pifc - this week's contest is closed now, but the next one is on Tuesday/Wednesday depending on where in the world you are. :-)
We are always looking for more people to enter.

Hi @viking-ventures, this contest is very interesting and I hadn't heard of it! If I have a little extra time, I will participate with pleasure!

Giro fatto anche oggi, alla prossima 👋👋
Un saluto, nicola

Grazie Nicola, buona domenica!

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