Upvotable Day #5: 7 New Posts I Voted Up!

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Thank you for giving us these 7 new Steemit posts to read from yesterday featuring a Steemit guide, animals, inspiration, and the Whole 30! Will you help us find the best new posts for today because this is how I am upvoting and doing my reading list?

Thank you for collaborating with me to make this list again today! If you see an awesome new post that is undervalued, would you please share it here in the comments because you will earn a 10 SBD finder's fee if it is a post by another author? Will you please upvote this post if you would like me to keep doing these each day because the rewards are used to pay the finder's fees responsible for the majority of these posts?

Jerry Banfield

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Spreading upvote love, my man!

thank you jerry, such an honor to get voted by you. btw, I watched your video.

Thanks again, loved the Beginners guide. I started myself trying to chase the rewards and trying to get more and more away from it. However, it is also the reason why most people are starting on Steemit and why our community is growing so fast.

I would like to nominate the following two posts from the science section which is my favorite place on steem and today it has been psychology:

Awesome! New peeps to take a look at and follow 😬🙌🏼

Love the enthusiasm @stackin!!! :D

But sometimes I get vote, which gives me nothing. I like the fact that someone is supporting me by voting my post, BUT WHEN THE VOTE GIVES ME $ 0.00 IT'S REALLY SAD! :(
Hope someday @jerrybanfield will vote my post!

I'll give u one shadmannnn. The crypto love must be spread.

Thanks @brian.rouse :D

It's because your getting an Upvote from a new steemian that doesn't know how to ration their voting power. Just take it as support. 😀

They all very good posts! Thanks to found them!

Yes yes yes. My name is there ^_^ . Thanks @jerrybanfield . All of your posts is like a steemit manual guide that help a lot of people here . Tq my friend.

Edited: Tq to @mcoinz79 for finding me. you rock!

Do you know in how many days @jerrybanfield will distributed the 10 SBD?, I was picked as a winner on Upvotable Day 4

but I haven't receive it yet.

In your wallet it says @aarellanes sent the 10 SBD 9 hours ago!

Uhmm interesting @jerrybanfield. I may be wrong and prolly ignore everything about it. But looks like Albert actually is a very good and close pal of yours from long time ago.
Nothing bad in that. That's terrific!! Just saying!! :)

I am not sure @dineroconopcion . sorry

I followed them all! Thank You Jerry! (good idea) I just started here on steemit and will write in German. Let's see if we can build up a German community here. :)

Here is one you missed for all the sports enthusiasts who want to one day be in the Olympics:


Maybe next time!!

thanks jerry anyone will give me upvote love

Up vote if you think 2 more big crashes are coming before August 1st. I predict July 20th as D day.

love it Jerry, keep it up.

You are so creative!!! This may just be your destiny :) Skys the limit, keep steemin on. You like Steem and I like Steem to :) Follow me, increase the # your following.

I found Steemit through your cryptocurrency you tube videos. Thank you for sharing so much information. Now to work on that Masternode! :D

Hi Jerry , I watched your video couple of days ago and joined steemit, I'm a student of engineering ,from Pakistan. It will be great honor if you upvote my account.
By the way thank you so much man.

Check out this article about tumblers and tumblebit. It is very informative!

Here is my experience with a totally blind stranger which changed my perspective completely, nice having whales like you here...feel free follow me back

Very good post

Thank you for sharing great posts!

Nice to see you picked "La Ciguapa — Dominican Mythology" .

It's one of my favorites. :-)

btw. You have now a new witness supporter

here is my post! Vote forme and follow!


veremos @carbunco

Lucky !!!!!!!!!!!!!

the best to you.. thanks for helping others :)

Good list. Thanks, Jerry.

Jerry Bandfield..keep the good work. Kudos

Nice job man! Keep helping community with knowledges and upvotes!

Please up vote my post

Hello Jerry please have a look at this post : https://steemit.com/writing/@vikbuddy/how-to-develop-a-magnetic-personality
Spent many hours writing this, please appreciate my writing.

it's really great that you are featuring other users content! Keep up the great work on Steemit, we appreciate it!

Hi @jerrybanfield :) Today I found a great submission!

How to Have Great Ideas For Steemit Posts
by @ariane

I think this is an excellent way to promote and help people to grow, all of us are giving the best of us, so this kind of things helps.

I recommend you the @aarellanes post about Standard American Diet

Thanks for share this excellent posts @jerrybanfield.

A good read I found in my timeline tonight.
@diabolika I liked the post and I hope they do too. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations on the initiative, somehow contruibui!

Thank you for sharing these awesome posts!

please keep up-voting

up vote!

Hi @jerrybanfield
I don't know if you like this content of mine.
Its quite brief and short. Maybe this is not worth upvoting.

I now consider it a challenge to try and be on your list! Lol though, you really missed out on the first post I submitted... lol

plese upvote me too.

Highlighting a great post by @ayeshanor in #art category to be included in the next issue of #Upvotable

Link: - https://steemit.com/art/@ayeshanor/my-creations-2-big-paper-flowers


@jerrybanfield I dont know why I am not being able to get notified when my favorite author's article comes..so i have set your name on steemvoter.com and read your articles later! I hope notification problem gets solved asap! Stay blessed Always!! :)

Hi I love and vote your post . Please give me vote on my post

Good morning @jerrybanfield

Do you like meat? Especial minced meat?

If so would you mind to try out my recipe, prepare yourself a good lunch and let me know what you think? 😄


Keep up your good work! 👍

kind regards Djangos story @juicypop

Wow great picks bro! =D Thanks for all the intros!

check out my how-to post on drawing! I work very hard on these and get next to no views. https://steemit.com/art/@barrysamways/step-by-step-how-to-draw-action-bronson

Man, your such an awesome guy. Steemit is lucky to have you! I will be looking for that undervalued gold to add here, excluding my own undervalued gold posts of course! And I'm guessing you got your witness up and running? I will go look and throw you a vote! Keep up the hard work, you are appreciated!

this is really nice. @jerrybanfield you are so amazing. i made the right choice voting you as witness and if anyone in this room is still thinking along this line, you have a good witness in @jerrybanfield,

Hi Jerry,

This is regarding a tool that I am planning to develop
using Steemit API. However, I need idea from people that I can work on.

Jerry, If you can I would suggest let's make a private group of UI and Web developers and let us make something by doing out joint efforts to push steemit on the next level.

thank you ^^

Great posts Jerry. I don't have anything to share today, but I hope to come up with something soon!

hello sir i follow your post and upvote your post....

Well I love how differential they are! From Steemit tips to helping baby turtles! :) I try to add more health content to the Steemit, I write about various diseases, maybe someone will consider it interesting:

thanks alot for this jerry, big fan here

https://steemit.com/travel/@diabolika/and-what-can-i-make-out-of-this-vast-lonely-desert-of-salt Lonely Desert Of Salt - Very nice text post and very nice unique pictures!

This new introduceyourself user has linked his website, a guess many missed that maybe cuz of first picture without a paper with today's date.

Im here ;)

Hey, found a pretty great article on bitcoin mining for those of us that want the intro course. Might be worth a look!. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@yuriks2000/mining-bitcoin-for-dummies-the-process-of-mining-is-freaking-hashing

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 10 with 473 upvotes

This is so nice of you to do this Jerry.

I don't think that people realize that the life of Steemit will ultimately depend on the quality of the content here and people to write it. If all the quality content writers leave for being discouraged, then Steemit could turn into a toilet of a combination of low-quality posts and posts that have been left for dead. I would really like to see one of the HFs start allowing posts to earn no matter how old they are, like Hubpages used to be. It is a shame that quality posts are ignored and forgotten because they are a certain many days old.

But, your initiative with this project and other great things you do for the site are very valuable. I, for one appreciate it and I'm sure many others do to. So, thanks a lot!

Hey JB!
I'm assuming it happens, but I'm still not convinced of your authenticity. Everything seems tied back to making a buck. I've posted numerous comments on YouTube, Twitter, Steemit, and just get crickets. I'm looking to build relationships with a few select folks that I feel a connection to, but that only happens with reciprocity.

I've got a super simple contest on Steemit right now that would be an easy way to interact, create some social capital, and also get some value in return:

Btw...I love peanut butter!

Here it an interesteing article of a new cryptocurrency investor before the recent crash

Jerry , don't make mistake nr #16

up for you Smug Face ;-)

Hey Jerry, please take a look at this video about promoting Steem in Bristol. The guys spent more than 6 hours, shooting, editing and even invited a famous drummer to do the video, and only got $3 so far. Creativity deserves more, especially here on Steem. Thank you

I think that's a wonderful idea @jerrybanfield. Have a look at my recent post thanks @happyhousewife It;s my potato salad recipe Thanks appreciate it

New here and already see that you are the guru. Followed 👍

Thanks for all your daily news

You thank you im big fan hi

upvoted sir,please follow me @maryjoy118

Thanks for sharing jerry

Up vote! and follow back. ;) Thanks!

@jerrybanfield,can anyone please help me out.what are tags because am requested to add at least 5 tags before i can post.thank you

Thanks for posting Jerry

Top markotop.

Buen dia... poniendome al día con Follow+Voto+Reply...... te espero proximamente por mis post.... Mil bendiciones