Does fate exist?

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"Life calls the tune, we dance"-John Galsworthy.

Good morning Steemians,

Since I've joined the Steemit community, I've been thinking a lot about the type of content which I want to share. With that being said, I woke up this morning with the subject of fate on my mind- and what are blogs for, if not for airing our dirty laundry, right?

So they always say you have your thinkers and you have your feelers. Well, you guys should know that I'm a feeler. I experience emotions with an incredible amount of intensity, I'm very spiritual and I believe in fate. This is simply how I make sense of my world and my experiences. I believe that things happen for a reason, I trust that everything will work out how it should and whenever I feel uncertain I pray and ask God to sort things out for me.


At my college, a big part of our syllabus is interning at whichever company you chose, or are lucky enough to get into. Now, if you take a class of 40 girls, who all want to be placed at the most amazing companies across South Africa- you can see how things will get a little competitive. I, quite obviously, was experiencing immense amounts of stress. I stress quite easily. About anything really-whether it's about my future or what colour I should dye my hair. However, once I was placed at companies which were , in my eyes, quite "average" (I'm not over the moon about them but they're not too bad. It's one of those "Ah I really felt like a bacon and egg roll but there's no bacon so I guess I'll settle for a toastie" feelings) I dealt with my stress by turning to fate. I assured myself that this is what's meant to happen. I kept convincing myself that this is all part of the bigger plan. Eventually, all of that stress faded away and I found contentment.

However, is turning to fate just an easy way of taking the blame off of ourselves? It is much easier to blame fate than to blame our own failure. (Maybe if I worked a little bit harder or stood out a little bit more, I would of been placed at companies like The Perfect Proposal or Granny the Wolf-the dream) No one can counter you by any logic because fate has no logic. So there's really nothing you can lose when you blame fate because no one can question it or ask you to prove it.


It is unknowable and unpredictable. It's certainly not something which humans are able to determine. Think about it: death, famine, natural disasters, war and economic downfalls. When these things happen, these things which we have no control over, we comfort ourselves by convincing ourselves that it was meant to happen. It's crazy because I read an article once that pointed out how packed churches are when there is an economic downfall and how quickly they empty out once the economy is back on its feet. When things go wrong, we turn to something that is bigger than ourselves to make sense of the chaos and confusion.

So, what is my final opinion on the matter? I don't know. The duality of science and religion has been a subject which philosophers have been arguing over for years, I'm definitely not going to settle it today. I suppose when bad things happen to you, you should try and find the reason first before you blame the universe. Please don't blame fate if you are failing your subjects at school or you're not as fit as you want to be. The universe has nothing to do with that. Only you can study harder or gym longer. However, what about those big life moments? The "I wonder who I'll marry one day", the "I wonder where I'll live" and the "I wonder where I'll end up." It's something we all think about. Personally- I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing, try my best, and what happens to me one day-I'll leave that one up to fate.


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I find fate to not be something that happens to us based on our choice. If you set your mind to what you want you can achieve it, be it releationships, career driven or religious. Fate is to me just the achievement you get by pursuing what you want. For example, if I wanted to be with someone or achieve something and I tried as hard as I can, I will either get it or not, the result will be fate's answer. Just because we leave things up to chance does not mean they will happen and in most cases, I have found leaving it up to fate results in not getting what you really wanted. My answer is fighting for what you want and if you deserve it, fate will allow it to be.

I keep an open mind on fate, if something happens to me that makes no sense I meditate on it (sometimes for days) and usually a answer comes.

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Lots of questions. All we've got is believe in whatever we think to be true. Good post, thanks.