Dailypick #22 : 03 April | Explore quality content!

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Hello Steemians!

Welcome to the 22th curation of the Daily Pick. You will find some good, quality and profitable content that I explore, read and choose manually. Don't forget I'm not a bot, just a man who enjoys to read and share! I will explore contents daily, and upvote only good and profitable contents.

And of course, thank you to all the creators who have enjoyed us today by wonderful content! I am excitedly waiting for your new posts!

P.S: You can join me to support good creators and minnows. Don't forget to upvote, follow and join my curation tail.

Daily Upvotes

1@danizaharieHealthcare Development through a Blockchain-Based Platform – Shivom#blockchainEN
2@modernpastorSometimes We Have to Take A Risk Even When Our Mind Is Telling Us: You Are Stupid!#lifeEN
3@arckraiWhy Are We So Narcissistic? ❤️ We Are Going To The MOON? 🚀#philosophyEN
4@sashadaygameHow Much Sleep Will Increase Your Testosterone? (with Ben Greenfield) Infinite Man – Health#healthEN
5@thomasjmitchellEaster weekend ~ Full moon photography attempt#photofeedEN
6@dunskyFood Truck Postcard illustration#artEN
7@fun2learnMy personal exploration on effective curation#curationEN
8@jannat8 strategies to find the desired job#blogEN
9@maxiganDon't Give Up#lifeEN
11@jamesbrownI Win? What Does "Winning at Life" Even Mean? Look Like?#psychologyEN

See you tomorrow!

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Hey, thank you very much :)
I really appreciate that.

That shows also me great content from other people.
Great work my friend☺️

Yes it is, my friend!
Every day I try to find new and good posts that will improve my world and perspective of life. I'm sure there are some writers who will interest you. I hope, at least ☺️

Thank you for your kind words and I am excitedly waiting for your new writings.

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