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Hello Steemians!

Welcome to the first curation of the Daily Pick. You will find some good and quality content that I explore, read and choose manually. Don't forget I'm not a bot, just a man who enjoys to read and share! I will explore contents daily, and upvote only good and profitable contents.

And of course, thank you to all the creators who have enjoyed us today by wonderful content! I am excitedly waiting for your new posts!

P.S : You can join me to support good creators and minnows. Don't forget to upvote, follow and join my curation tail.

Daily Upvotes

1@l82matthew182Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E11 "All the Comforts of Home" (My Review)marvelEN
2@denmarkguyHome Schooling And Unschooling; an Adult Retrospective, Part II: Benefits and AdvantagessteemiteducationEN
3@knirckyAmerican Airlines ditched GOGO and that is a good thing!travelEN
5@leurbanexplorerForgotten Photographs #1photographyEN
6@aynamaRecipe / Rezept * Schokoladen-Mangostrudel / Chocolate mango strudelfoodGR EN
7@acceleratorMAP Curated Resteems - 8 March 2018 - Join MAP to be included in the futuremapforumEN
8@punkyDünya Perşembe Günü'nüz Kutlu Olsun!!(?)trTR
9@discernenteEstado máximo ou Estado mínimo?liberalismoPT
10@movieperminuteEdward Scissorhands (1990)filmEN
11@mehdibcaCélébrons la Journée Internationale de la Femme ensemble sur DLive!dliveFR
12@alvinauhEarthquakes & Public SpeakingsteemiteducationEN
13@pinacleRevelation 24philosophyEN
14@franky4dita[ITA- ENG] La Terra e la luna sono nate da una ciambella cosmica? / The Earth and the moon were born by a cosmic donut?itaITA EN

Hey, @dailypick, thanks! I really appreciate the upvote and the sharing. I hope you'll like more of my contents in the future :-)

Thx 4 vote my post

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