Pixabay Curation Magazine // Technology Related Images by kreatikar & fancycrave1 // Issue 5

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In this week's issue of Pixabay Curation Magazine, I'm going to feature two Pixabay contributors who have added many original technology-related images to the public domain. I've used some of their images myself and I'm glad that these people have put in the time and effort to release them for free.

Artists featured in this magazine will receive a small donation from me. The post rewards of this issue will be used to fund future donations, but the amount donated to the individual artists has no correlation to the post rewards. -- Changes to Pixabay Curation Magazine

In this issue, I've purposefully picked one artist who specializes in making professional illustrations, rather than photographs. I find it amazing that someone voluntarily creates professional graphical art and puts it on Pixabay for anyone to use.

Source: Fancycrave1 on Pixabay

Source: Fancycrave1 on Pixabay

These photographs from Pixabay contributor Fancycrave are perfect to use on just about any article with a technology-related subject. I'm impressed that these photos look so professional, yet are still released in the public domain.

Fancycrave has been contributing to Pixabay since June 2015 and has added a total of 208 images into the public domain. His works have been downloaded over 700.000(!) times and he has received an editor's choice award for 12 of his pictures. He also has his own website were all his public domain images are listed, as well as some premium images. Check out his blog atfancycrave.com

5.00 USD Donated!

Source: Kreatikar

Source: Kreatikar

These illustrations made by Kreatikar can easily be used for a variety of projects. As I've said before, I'm glad that high-quality illustrations are also being added to Pixabay. I love the colors that Kreatikar uses and he's clearly good at making professional graphical designs.

Kreatikar has only been a member of Pixabay for about 5 months and has already added more than 400 images! His works are pretty popular, since they've been downloaded over 100.000 times already. It was about time that he got some outside recognition as well.

5.00 USD Donated!

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