Curie Author Showcase (May 22nd, 2018)

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  • In spirit of Curie's mission to promote undiscovered but exceptional content, we wish to use this twice weekly section to provide an author showcase for some of the outstanding authors who received Curie upvotes in past week. Curie curators and reviewers nominate authors for inclusion in this showcase and author approval is sought and attained.

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Featured Author: @denniskonstantin
Progress of a Painting - I just finished "Eternal Bonds" :-)

Image used with the permissions of @denniskonstantin

Today we start off with this incredible piece of art titled, "Eternal Bonds" which the artist @denniskonstantin describes as -

It is about the connection of the human and animal nature...that we share the same realm and that we are the ones who should take care of these other species.

If you just sit here and stare at this piece for an extended period of time, focusing on different areas, you will keep seeing something new jump out at you. There are just so many layers within this single painting that can keep your attention for quite some time. Which to me is a sign of great art.

Dennis Konstantin Bax' distinctive and whimsical style is a symbiosis of various art movements throughout history. He scoops his inspiration from the vast ocean of impressions of our information age and creates something completely new out of that.
The borders between figuration and abstraction, dream and reality are broken down in his artwork. Spiritual insight clashes with graffiti, punk-attitude and neon-advertising.
"My paintings are the dynamic expression of a subtle and intangible world, from which all the material phenomena of ours originate", says the artist himself about his artwork. The great visionary Prof. Ernst Fuchs once just called them "Windows to Infinity".

Some of Dennis's other works:

Featured Author: @soulturtle
Living in my Soul Shack

Image used with the permissions of @soulturtle

Next up we have @soulturtle 's new "Soul Shack." One of the things I have loved about being a part of the Steem Blockchain is being able to see how others are living in all the different parts of the world. Whether it be the frozen north of Alaska or parts of Sweden, a remote tropical island, the deserts of Africa, or now @soulturtle's Soul Shack on his homestead in India - they are all very interesting to learn about.

I'm just a simple homesteader/artist who posts what I'm passionate about and I'm really grateful for the curie votes I get. It's a reaffirmation that I'm doing something right and gives me the motivation to keep blogging. The dollar value is awesome but more than that it's the recognition and inspiration curie provides that makes me love them so much. Curie is definitely one of the best big accounts facilitating positive change on this platform and I'll always have gratitude and respect for them.

I mentioned how I was stunned that he could cover all of his expenses for a month on 30 SBD and he shared some clarification.

30 SBD a month refers to the basics I need such as shelter, food, water and electricity. As I'm not paying rent and have my own source of water and electricity my cost of living is quite minimal. The only external sources I rely on are our neighbours for showers and our workers to supply food. Farm expenses can get expensive but are a lot less now as we have only two workers who charge a combined wage of around 80 SBD per month. It did take a lot of time and investment to get to this stage but I can finally see it paying off.

Previously @soulturtle has received votes for a great well they built on the homestead, and his amazing art. He is extremely talented and just as resourceful. Be sure to check out his blog page to see some of his art and his newest post Swaling and Planting by Moon Cycles

Featured Author: @art-mess
Come share the experience (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Image used with the permissions of @art-mess

@art-mess was actually one of the first people I ever talked to here on the blockchain. It was in the comment section of a speed-painting post he did for a portrait of a dog, which coincidentally got a Curie upvote. Since then I have realized he is a man of many talents. He plays and writes music, he is an amazing and ultra creative artist, and has a very adventurous side. Whether it is being hooked up to a brain scan while sketching to see in the brain of an artist at work, or watching him jump from a perfectly fine airplane, he definitely keeps his readers entertained week in and week out.

Watching the video in this post was a lot of fun. You actually get to see the dark sense of humor of the instructors as @art-mess pointed out. With one saying things like, "if I don't bring back another one (jumper) I'm done." Luckily they did all make it back onto the ground safe and sound and ready to blog another day.

I Knew about 2 seconds into the free fall that I was hooked. The free fall and the spins were my absolute favorite part. Now I'm thinking about spending the $2,500 to do 25 jumps in one week and get certified. - @art-mess

Featured Author: @chadgarber
How to Play There's Only One Way to Rock by Sammy Hagar

Image used with the permissions of @chadgarber

The musical portion of today's Author Showcase is a bit different than normal. Usually this is where we would find an Open Mic post or two. Today however, we have @chadgarber teaching us how to play the Sammy Hagar song There's Only One Way to Rock on guitar.

Chad has posted many instructional videos on how to play a variety of songs on guitar as well as performances of many of his own original songs, and cover songs. I especially took notice of his previous posts as he has done so many 1980's hairbands. It makes up about 75% or more of what I currently listen to on a daily basis. Even as I have written this entire Author Showcase I have had the 80's Hairdband channel blasting out some of my favorites, including even this Hagar tune about an hour ago.

My older brother started playing guitar before I did. He would teach me some things he learned and would let me play his guitar. I know I was playing on his guitar by 1986 because I was playing it when the Challenger Disaster occurred. The first instrument I bought was a keyboard and this was when I was 17 years old. I took some piano lessons but found that site reading was not for me so whenever the teacher gave me some song to learn, I would go home and listen the music I was learning and just use the sheet music to assist me in figuring out a song (instead of just site reading). Then I memorized the song and played it for my piano teacher. Soon after, I bought a bass guitar and a drum machine so I could make my own songs with a 4-track tape recorder. Some time before I went to college, a friend of mine gave me his electric guitar so I was able to start playing more guitar. By the time I got to college, I was loving grunge music and so because of that, my focus became playing guitar. Since then I have also picked up playing the drums. It's like guitar uses a certain part of my brain and the drums use a different part of my brain. I feel incomplete if I don't practice and play both. I also have done a lot of cover song videos, guitar lesson videos, original song videos, Christian performance videos, and gear review videos on my YouTube channel.

While I do not play guitar, I do think it would be easy to follow along to Chad's tutorial videos and learn to play the different songs. Go check out his blog page to see if he has done a video for any of your favorite songs.

Featured Author: @llfarms
Complete Beehive Made From Scrap Pallet Wood
Full Picture Tutorial

Image used with the permissions of @llfarms

We close out this today's Author Showcase with another homesteading related post. This one comes to us from @llfarms . This amazing post is a tutorial on how to save a ton of money by building your own beehives using recycled pallet wood. Ever the over-achiever (more on that in a minute), her and her family didn't make just one beehive, they made five in all at a nearly $2,000 savings over what they would have paid to buy them.

We are just an ordinary family that decided that we wanted something a little bit different than the traditional American way of living. We had a dream to buy our own piece of property and start living off the land. After many years of hard work and sacrifices, we were able to make that dream a reality last year; purchasing our own little homestead.

We have been working ever since to be as self sufficient as we can, adopting the motto; “Make it, don’t buy it.” The idea is to teach ourselves how to make the items that we would normally purchase at the store, saving money and helping us to become more self reliant. It all started with something simple like making our own bread and has just grown from there.

We wanted to share detailed and easy to follow tutorials on how to make these items here on Steemit, to help encourage others to do the same. - @llfarms

I first met @llfarms in our curation_links channel on Discord. She originally came in there not to become a Curie Curator, but simply to share some posts and authors she felt deserved more attention then they were getting. Sounds like a natural born Curator to me! She was already one of the original/founding members of the @helpie curation group here on the Steem Blockchain where she is an admin and writes their homesteading curation posts. I took notice of her talent instantly as I think two of her first 3 suggested posts I personally submitted, and they were subsequently accepted. The following week after working with her one on one a bit I recommended her as a Curie Curator. As I said she is a natural born curator, she has now spent five of her ten weeks with Curie as a Top Curator (there are only 4 Top Curators each week).

I am not sure where she finds enough hours in the day to mix in her curation with Curie and Helpie while still running her homestead on a mountain with her husband, homeschooling her two children - a 9-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old "tornado" umm I mean son, and creating great content for the site continually. Not to mention now spending countless hours in that same curation_links channel where she was discovered helping other prospective curators learn.

Be sure to check out the rest of her blog page to see all of her interesting and educational content. There are tutorials on all sorts of topics like - making your own healing ointment, making a cutting board, and even making a solar car! All of her posts always contain some stunning photos. Her most recent post is actually a gallery titled Fungi Love with some photos of mushrooms found around her homestead.

We have decided to add one #mycuriestory post to each Author Showcase.

Featured #mycuriestory Author: @raj808
My Curie Story Poem + Dsound Reading

Today's #mycuriestory might be the most creative one yet! It comes to us from my fellow Curie Curator, @raj808 . He shares his Curie story in his own unique way - through a poem. He even gives us a wonderful reading of his poem.

Great job @raj808 !

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @randomwanderings (Gene) with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. Author permission was sought and obtained from all authors featured in this showcase. All works are the copyright of their respective authors and used with permission.


I liked, well done .. good work
You become humble when you see what each person can express about himself in his own way
Thanks for sharing..

You are doing a great job buddy, we need more curies like you because there might be other awesome authors too missing rewards on their awesome posts.

yes we really do, there are a lot of very awesome contents that actually go unrewarded

Thanks for including my poem. I am so happy that it was well received and helps to spread the message of what Curie brings to the platform. Without Curie encouraging + rewarding quality content we would have a very different steemit, dominated by:

Plagiarised, copy/paste
waste of space posts
flying about, and shite
reaching the heights
through bought votes.

Sorry to quote myself, pretentious I know 😉 but I honestly feel this way. At this time, with delegating to bidbots bringing higher rewards than manual curating, we have a steemit elite who, mainly, only spread votes around through trailing accounts, or worse, just delegate to the bots for profit. Curie, and other curation guilds, are literally keeping the wolf from the door in respect to what I was talking about above. Something needs to change in regards to the reward system, and it all comes down to bidbots! Sure, if the bots were removed their would still be circles of people upvoting each other, but at least in that instance those people have actually engaged/read each others blogs to get to the point where they are supporting each other. It's a little more complicated than that with the autovote mechanism but I think that banning or tackling bidbots at a base code level is the only way to make steemit blogging platform that truly reflects a proposition of value based on quality content rather than simply profit.

In the meantime, we all do what we can to redress the balance, curie is at the forefront of this and I am proud to be a part of that. Thanks again for including me in the weekly author showcase, sorry I let the spirit of the rant take over my soul 😅

Thank you so much to the whole teams work, support and motivation for really keeping steemit enjoyable and a warm place to gang out in, like @raj808 peom :) Steem on!

Just realized I hadn't added @curie to my witness votes (I'm slow on those, have only added a couple so far). I just rectified it... hope it helps and I appreciate you guys :)

Very nicely written 🙂 thanks a lot!

Thanks for being a part of it. Your art is always amazing and so creative!

Thank you so much for featuring us, and for such kind words ❤️.

This is so well thought out and presented so perfectly. It’s great to learn a little bit more about these amazing authors, thank you for doing this!

Definitely well-deserved. Thank you for all you do.

Thank you so much for the feature. You are a huge credit to the platform. The love you all have shown means the world to me. I hope I can pay it all back one day.

Honestly, you pay it back every time you post and show off one of your many talents, or just keeping us all entertained by jumping from a plane - making the site a better place to be.

That skydiving post was really awesome!

Upvoted!! thanks
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ohh okay. im sorry. but which methods i have to promote bountys and airdrops anyway? :-/
All people can participate and earn money and token. thats no bullsh... i think :)

Interesting selection of various artist types.

Hello a nice job done we more genius and expert like you to develop steemit community

Thanks for contributing to steemit community
Followed you

dude, where do you find these gems, is really difficult to stumble upon such a great content of original artists like those portrait here. Thanks for your work.

Guys&girls i am new member plz vote me.

Awesome very nice

Super awesome!

Congratulations to all ♥♥♥

Good job very nice

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i just love curie

Congratulations to all authors!. Interesting articles. Thanks for sharing. Regards.

congratulation, your all post are awrsome and you are very talented dear.

I'm honoured to be a part of this list of brilliant authors. I have so much respect and gratitude to Curie for all the efforts they put into finding and rewarding content. Thanks for providing that upliftment to so many amazing people. I'm finding some great blogs through Curie.

Wuhaaa how cool you are?! @curie or @randomwanderings you gave my post such an upvote... I´m in a way speechless. So many thanks to you!

How can I show my appreciation?

Good work tnx for sharing

I must say am amazed by Your versatility in various Art sections, its really impressive and I like them. Have learnt somethings so far from going through your article, its inspiring..

Hello, congratulations to all, thank for you very interesting post.

I am a real lover. I enjoyed your painting.

Very nicely written

Please check my page out guys! And support my music

I give my witness vote to you Keep doing what you do i like it.

Excellent work, congratulations, they have my full support. I hope your support in my last post to continue growing.

felicitaciones por tu trabajo realmente excepcional,gracias por darle voz a los nuevos steemers y abrir el camino para el reconocimiento de sus post. Proyecto realmente interesante saludos y bendiciones

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