SKYDIVING IN GALVESTON, TX- Come share the experience (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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Hey Steemit Family

Real quick before we get into the fun bits. A little while back I delegated almost all of my steempower. So I can't really reward you through up-votes for your awesome comments, but I hope that won't stop you from leaving them. :)

I'm going to be powering up on all my posts so I can reclaim the power to show you all my appreciation.(*Edit- tried to power up this post, but apparently changed the settings in the wrong window. I'm hopeless. lol) I hope if you all enjoy this post you give some mega up-votes to help push me back beyond the world of dust voting. Thanks. Now to the fun bits.

Re-scheduling Christmas

My skydiving trip last Sunday was better than I even imagined. We used Skydive Galveston where they always land on the beach. It was originally set for a couple of weeks ago, but had to be rescheduled. So then we were set to go on the 13th instead. Then on the 12th I got a message that said there was a weather alert and it might have to be rescheduled again. I was a little bummed Saturday night because that is more fucked up than rescheduling Christmas for a kid.

I had originally planned on taking it easy that Saturday, but the weather wasn’t looking that promising so I joined in on a drinking and jam session that might have lasted a little too long, and I only ended up getting about an hour and a half of sleep.

The Sheer Terror................of Being Late.

I decided to ride with one of the guys I was jumping with which made me nervous as hell since he is typically late for everything. I was much more worried about being late and losing my $50 deposit as well as missing the jump than I was jumping from a perfectly good airplane. Once we made it there and checked in everything was smooth sailing.

It's Getting a Little Dark In Here

Don and Simon were our instructors, and I have to say that these dudes really made this a blast. Once they realized that Bon and I didn’t have a fearful bone in our body they opened up even more, and a very dark sense of humor filled the rest of the journey. I really wish the camera was rolling the entire time because there was some comedic gold getting dropped behind the scenes.

These guys average 1000 jumps per year, and I’m sure that they cherish they chance to be carefree and joke around. They can’t open up like that with just anybody. Some people would have really been having second thoughts after some of the morbid humor of equipment failure jokes and much more.

A New Addiction

I Knew about 2 seconds into the free fall that I was hooked. The free fall and the spins were my absolute favorite part. Now I'm thinking about spending the $2,500 to do 25 jumps in one week and get certified.

Anyway, enough of this wall of text. Let's look at some of the photos and video.

Here we are after our brief training session all talking shit to each other.




I was so hyper on the way to the plane. I couldn’t believe I was finally getting to do this. I really felt like a child at Christmas. My soul was smiling rather large.


The view of Galveston after take off. Once we were in the air the hyper energy had transformed to bliss as I started taking in the scenery


Once we were all latched in and getting close to jumping altitude Don said to me, "Either you are already dead or you are the calmest person I have met. At this point I can always feel people's hearts beating through their back, and I don't feel yours at all."

I was truly at peace. Again, I was more nervous about being late, and losing the deposit than I was jumping out of the airplane.


Here is Simon holding Bon's Hair back as they are getting ready to jump.Now that is service


Out on the platform seconds before the jump


....And We're Off


Travelling at over 120 mph does things to a beard, basically turns it upside down. My beard was all over the place.




I'm smiling here. Not sure if you can tell.






Then Don pulls the chute.



....And the Spirals Begin

In some of these photos you can see that I have goosebumps. Despite it being about 84 degrees outside that day. It was much cooler at 14,000 feet.



Back on land.


...And Now the Video.


That looks like a fucking ball, mate! Woohoo!
I remember, in my mid 20s, being booked for a skydive in the tropics of far north Queensland in Australia with views to die for (pardon the pun) and we turned up, but the jump was canceled due to inclement weather.
The opportunity hasn’t presented itself ever since. I guess I’ll have to make time for it at some point.

It was a ball. I always thought it would be more expensive.

It wouldn't kill ya to go.........uh...well probably not, and the view cannot be beat. It lends you one hell of a perspective.

When you go I hope you share the experience with us brother.

love this so much ... hillbilly gone wild ahahahaah
the beard is classic :)
nice that you got to do this for yourself.

ps. your self art banner is great

Thank you @eaglespirit. The beard might be the only reason the wind didn't take my breath. This adventure was definitely a spiritual treat.

awesome!!! i couldn't do it ... no wayyyyy
brave soul :)

Oh wow....
It must be your favourite moment. Me too likes sky diving but didn't make it possible.
I think these may be your best moments in your life.....
Thank you for this kind of video or pictures they really are the best.

Thank you for your perspective. I think this is only the beginning of the "falling from the sky" chapter.

Wow...then it will be very interesting.
Will you keep updating these posts?

Amazing! That must have been a great experience! Very brave of you! Funny to watch to ... your beard contribute a lot to this end!

Yeah. I know right? In a few of those photos I looked like an old cartoon geezer. Great for giggles.

Great adventure @art-mess

You have been scouted by @promo-mentors. We are a community of new and veteran Steemians and we are always on the look out for promising authors.

I would like to invite you to our discord group

When you are there send me a message if you get lost! (My Discord name is the same as here on Steemit)

Cool thanks for the invite. I'm going to scroll through the channels later today and check it all out

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That beard seriously looks like it wants to make a break for it! This is just one of the most epic things i've seen on here. Great video!

Lol. It really was trying to escape. Thank you @markangeltrueman

Haha! The last thing going on in your mind? my mind. :D
This is a really fun post and video. The beard? most awesome! LOL made me laugh and the green strap from the glasses looks like a straw for the other guy to use!
An amazing experience :) Good for you!

Haha! We couldn't have asked for more fun instructors. Thanks for stopping by @foxyspirit.

Man this is soooooo epic!! It scared the shit of out me... but it must be an amazing feeling.

It was so damn awesome I want to do it a million more times. I kinda felt like a celebrity when I landed, because everyone on the beach was standing around applauding. I guess they were congratulating me for not being a Jackson Pollock painting on the beach. lol

"scared the sh out of me" muahahahah

meno is hilarious

@art-mess is that your secret routine of how you make your mustache curl up?

You got me @ankapolo. Lol I wish this is how I got ready everyday.


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Thank you so much. I have been busy all day trying to wrangle musicians and make music. When I saw this it made my day.

waaau.....amaziiing you moment my friend...i am very like you entry

Thank you. It was so much fun

you are welcome Sir...

Amazing @art-mess, just amazing! How on earth (or... in the air actually) does that instructor manage to make pictures and video while getting you both safely to the ground..? Must have been wonderful, I know it was!

I parachuted once, long ago, with my dad. We didn't do the free-fall bit and we jumped from 3000 feet with a parachute that opens automatically a couple of meters after the jump (long line attached to plane). We did however make our first jump a solo jump and we had a couple of training sessions on the ground before we went up. We were scheduled for 5 jumps that day, with the last one being a duo-jump with freefall...

We never made that. We quit after the first jump, because dad failed to "flare" properly right before the landing, and he broke both his legs, with one foot hanging to one side in a nasty 90 degree angle...

This was for me one of the most exciting experiences I ever had, and I'm glad you got to show me how that last jump would have been like! :-) And don't get me wrong: even dad breaking his legs was an adventure; tragic, but an adventure nonetheless: we were "rescued" by an ambulance that had to cut all the barbed wires between the nearest road and the place dad landed, were then put on a rescue-speedboat where I had the privelege to stay with the captain while dad was given emergency treatment, and back on the mainland we were picked up by the hospital helicopter to rush him to the hospital...

Thanks, for the post and for bringing back some great memories! I truly hope you will get a chance to get that license! And please keep reporting on your progress here :-)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your skydiving story @zyx066.

He had a go pro attached to his hand.

It sounds like you and your dad did have quite an adventure. Sorry to hear about his legs. OUCH!. I was really surprised how soft our landing was. I guess that comes with experience

I'm looking forward to doing solo jumps.

wow soo nice this landing and awesome photo 👌

so cool man... its amezing... you win the fear..,

Thanks for stopping by @kumilla

wow so nice landing and very good place

Looks like you have little fear my friend. You manage your time well. Tell me the truth, did the idea cross your mind that the shoot would not open? I would. Wishes

Lots of things crossed my mind after reading the waiver I had to sign. They basically list every possible way it can go wrong. It was very comforting ;)

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