Curie Author Showcase (June 19th, 2018)

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Featured Author: @asonintrigue
The Tetralume Story | How Ill Poetic And Ason Intrigue
Crafted Sound For Visuals

Images property of @asonintrigue

Today's Author Showcase begins with an amazingly innovative project that brings together a very intriguing sound with choreographed lights and dance. @asonintrigue and @lilpoetic got together to create the sounds for this project in conjunction with Ben Guerrette and his team at Luminul Creative, and Bella Lux Ent.

When Ben and I had our first phone conversation I realized that we were very much alike. We talked a lot about artists like Bonobo, Burial, Aphex Twin, and how Rave Culture affected our past and still affects out present. I told him what I wanted to do in terms of telling a story with this music and he told me what the art project is overall. - @asonintrigue

The end result is a mesmerizing show of light, sound, and modern dance. In talking with @asonintrigue I learned that they are currently expanding the project and plan to bring the show to a number of cities in the near future. So stay tuned on his blog page to see the dates and cities when they release them, and for a lot of other great and innovative posts.

Featured Author: @photovisions
Travel Norway #13 - Visiting an old copper mine - Christianus Sextus Gruve

Images property of @photovisions

@photovisions always brings some stunning photos to the Steem Blockchain. This time around they take us on and adventure to a deserted mine in central Norway. While the mine sits in a state of ruin, having last been active in 1945, @photovisions manages to capture a sort of weird beauty in these photos. A beauty one doesn't really expect to get from collapsed buildings and landscapes littered with the machinery and other equipment left behind when a mine is shut down.

Be sure to go check out their blog page for many more amazing photos of Norway and more.

Featured Author: @zen-art
Everything is magnetic! - physics explained

Images property of @zen-art

I can tell you from experience that many Curie Curators will sometimes not even give a science related post a second look. The vast majority of them turn out to be Wikipedia sounding, or worse yet, copied and pasted info from Wikipedia or a similar site. Every once in a while though you come across a hidden gem in the mass of boring, technically reading posts from people who often times don't even understand what they are trying to say in the post.

This is certainly one of those rare times. @zen-art manages to get the technical stuff in this post, but does it in a fun and entertaining way. She put her own words and knowledge on the page instead of some regurgitated words written by someone else. She even added in a great video where she demonstrates precisely what she is talking about in the post. Turning the theory into a visual that proves it.

The whole while she sounded like she knew exactly what she was talking about, and with good reason, as she shared the following with me -

I studied physics and I have some background in science and teaching, I have been a private tutor in math, physics and chemistry for 15 years. The thing that I absolutely love is promoting science and making it interesting to people. Science is interesting and it is fun, people should know that :-) I had this idea how every now and again I would write a fun "physics-explained" post. This one about magnetism was the third one. So for now, I have this:


Be sure to head on over to her blog page for that and many other great posts outside of the realm of science. She just became an aunt again and posted step by step instructions on how to make some felt decorations for babies - Felt decorations for babies - I BECAME AN AUNT!

Featured Author: @carlosvidal
Steemit Open Mic Week 89 | Chandelier – Sia
(Sentimiento Acústico FT Andrea Bortone)

Images property of @carlosvidal

Next up is an amazing Open Mic entry, a cover of the Sia song Chandelier. This is one of those rare times where I can actually share the names of each of the musicians involved in the video because they are all on the site with us. Those playing the music include - @itslobianco @josemarimbista @joelcastilloa as well as @carlosvidal who organized it all.

The incredible voice you hear is that of @andreabortone . Please make sure you go check out her blog page as well. She recently shared her cover versions of Believe by Cher and Firework by Katy Perry, both accompanied by @itslobianco 's great piano work.

While they didn't get much love from the Open Mic judges this week I am sure they will be near the top of the list in the near future.

Featured Author: @anthonyj
We Live in a Grim Society | Poetry and Photo Series | Thousand Word Visuals

Images property of @anthonyj

The Author Showcase takes a bit of a darker turn now to share some powerful photographs from @anthonyj AKA Thousand Word Visuals.

I may be good at depicting beautiful imagery but what many people don’t realize is that i’m just as aware of and capable of capturing the imagery nobody should ever have to witness. For every beautiful picture I’ve ever taken I can just as easily take one that would ruin your day... week... life... reality" -Thousand Word

As intended these darker photos will likely speak to each person viewing them a bit differently. As such, I will save my own words and allow them to speak to you as you head over to view them.

Ultimately my passion is all forms of expression. You can find poems, art, photography, and music throughout my steemit profile. More to come! - @anthonyj

Featured Author: @negativer
Long Walk :: A Short Story :: [The Writers' Block Art Prompt Contest Entry]

Images property of @negativer

We wrap up today's Author Showcase while remaining on a bit of a darker note. Author @negativer brings us this tale of one man's battle with the guilt that arises from a great family tragedy. The story takes on a much deeper meaning after you hear what the author had to share.

I have a brother that has been fighting thoughts of suicide for many years. He's always told me that once you start thinking about it, it's very hard to stop. You always look for opportunities to do it, and tease yourself with the power you think you have to end it.

I wanted to write a story that described that struggle, and define what might actually drive a man to consider killing himself, and what sort of thing would actually be able to stop him. - @negativer

Please enjoy this amazing short story. Please remember if you have thoughts and feelings like the character in the story, or @negativer 's brother there is help out there. Try talking with someone about it.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @randomwanderings (Gene) with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. Author permission was sought and obtained from all authors featured in this showcase. All works are the copyright of their respective authors and used with permission

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