Curie Author Showcase (April 27th, 2018)

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Featured Author: @mvd
Full On Sunshine Like Makeup Look

Images use with permission from @mvd

...this makeup look is inspired
by the beautiful weather we had for today!

This post is indeed full on sunshine. Everything about it is crisp and clean and bright. Each step in the stunning makeup job is clearly explained and illustrated. The cherry on top is a full video tutorial. If you have been looking for makeup inspiration, please do yourself a favor and check out @mvd's other posting as well. This is just one among many quality offerings:

My goal is it to share my passion for makeup and creativity. Teaching people how to apply makeup correctly. Posting step by step photo tutorials and videos is my way to connect with people who want to learn new techniques, since I'm a professional makeup artist.

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Featured Author:
"The loneliest man in the world": I am proud to be the first ever member into the Over100Club (oh and some Jelly stuff too)

Images and text used with permission from

It is pretty damn impressive that has managed to post a freewrite for 100 consecutive days. That kind of consistency and persistence is not common, but if we were talking about 100 piles of poop perhaps not worthy of celebration. Here though we have genuinely entertaining and fun writing from an obviously wacky imagination.

The monkey laughed and stuck his hand down Mike's underpants. Not the pair he was currently wearing, luckily. The pair that the monkey was wearing.

Jelly starts out normal enough when Mike decides to check out his neighbors' (the Jellys) yard sale, but very quickly turns weird in a deliciously surreal way. Get in the boat and float down the stream of consciousness and enjoy the wild ride.

The coolest thing about this post is recorded video readings of the entire Jelly story (40 freewrites in all, read in 8 videos). Queue these up and listen when you have time and thank me later! Or go read them all now, the full text of Jelly is in the post:

I joined steemit in June 2017 but gave up after a week or so as I couldn't really make any connections. I came back in November and tumbled across @mariannewest's #freewrite group and thought I would give it a go (I hadn't written any fiction for over a year). I have written every day now since then and can't thank @mariannewest and everyone at the @freewritehouse enough. I am British, but live in France. I run a B&B, I create art out of wool and other fibres (needle-felt) and (thanks to @mariannewest) I write short stories too.

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Featured Author: @joxus
"Pirrp" - Original Character Design | Digital Painting with Process Timelapse

Images used with permission from @joxus

... sometimes I'm not sure if it's me controlling the painting or the painting controlling me...

Feast your eyes on those colors! There is something magical about the hair and highlights of this sprightly character. The carefree nature of the loosely defined brush strokes toward the edges of this painting make it seem as if @joxus was just goofing around and this beauty coalesced on her own. Watching the process video actually reinforces this idea, it is really fun to watch her come to life:

I like posting arty things on the internet, so I've come to Steemit to do just that! :D

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Featured Author: @trave160
God of War(2018) - Masterpiece Redefined (Game Review)

Images from "God of War 2018" presented here as fair use in review

@trave160 got his hands on a copy of the new God of War a few days before it was released on the 20th, and managed to finish the main storyline before writing this comprehensive review.

God of War 2018 isn't just a masterpiece, it's a masterclass of the Action-Adventure genre that redefined what it means to be a great game.

I occasionally hear complaints that Curie upvotes and features posts that have less-than-perfect grammar and use of English. I think this is a feature of Curie operations and not a flaw; there is literally an entire world of posters out there and not everyone speaks English as a native language. This post is a perfect case in point. I could point to a few issues with language but that in no way detracts from what an awesome and thorough review it is.

@trave160 has covered everything from storyline through gameplay to voice acting with many other stops in between. We get some original gameplay footage showcasing different fighting styles, including a bare-knuckles brawl with an ogre that is pretty epic. If you have been considering this game, head on over and see why @trave160 is so excited:

- Am an avid gamer, I was since I was a child in 1999.
- I mostly played Strategy, Simulation, FPS, Racing, HacknSlash, Arcade Fighting, TPS and RPGs. - Am a 26 year old male adult living in Bangladesh, Dhaka.
- Am battling health related issues, mostly around abnormal body ache, stomach problems and headaches 24/7 over the last few years. Treatment has been going steadily well.
- Am also familiar with a lot other aspects of pop culture.
- I do not have a streaming account....yet.
- I own both PS4, Xbox1 and a PC to boot.
- Am the 4th child among 5 children.
- Middle-class family.

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Featured Author: @hetty-rowan
Heeswijk Dinther and surroundings.

Images used with permission from @hetty-rowan

Some of the photographs in this post almost seem like impressionist paintings, composed of diffuse shapes glowing with warm colors. As a collection of photos this is excellent, but @hetty-rowan goes farther and gives us the history of the Kildonske Mill as well to provide context. It is a long history - the first deed mentioning the mill dates back to 1433! Even then, the mill had already been in operation previously. The particular buildings standing now were rebuilt after a fire in 1842. Learn more:

As I was chatting with @hetty-rowan regarding this showcase post, she mentioned that her 10-year old Nikon D300s camera is beginning to have issues with its aperture and she currently cannot afford to replace it. One of the amazing things about Steem is that if you love her photography like I do, you can help out with real world expenses through the extremely simple step of visiting her blog and upvoting her posting!

My name is Hetty and I live in the Netherlands. My three biggest passions are my dogs, my camera for photography and my partner. Not necessary in that order.

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Featured Author: @superjongky

Images used with permission from @superjongky

TARANTULA!!! Erm... excuse me! Perhaps if you are an arachnophobe you should sit this post out :) @superjongky has some beautiful furry pets, and they just so happen to be spiders. Specifically, Monocentropus balfouri, or the " Socotra Island Blue Baboon Spider".

Remember that our responsibility as a pet owner does not end in providing our pets sufficient foods but we need also to give them correct handling, proper shelter, and a conducive environment.

M. Balfouri is a communal species and @superjongky has kept these spiders together since birth in a plastic bin. They live in harmony without hurting each other. Our featured post details a DIY project to make them a more spacious communal abode:

To formally give a gist about myself, I am a Filipino. I am 26 years old. I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist by profession and currently pursuing Master in Public Health. I love adventures, waters and beaches, modelling, explorations, going to the gym, songs and dances, cats and dogs, tarantulas, playing Lawn Tennis, journalism, arts, books, travels, cultures, and everything that interests me.

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We will be spotlighting one #mycuriestory post in each Author Showcase.

Featured #mycuriestory author: @irelandscape
My @Curie (and Steemit) Story

It can be difficult for a new author posting on a niche subject to gain any traction on Steem blockchain. Curation groups like Curie increase the chances a quality poster has of being discovered. @irelandscape shares his perspectives on the Steem experience and what the recent Curie upvote he received on his mobile networking posting means to him:

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This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie community representative @carlgnash with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. Author permission was sought and obtained from all authors featured in this showcase. All works the copyright of their respective authors and used with permission.

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Yay for

So happy that he got featured and hopefully gets more eyes on his fabulous work.

Thank you, all of you curie people, for working tirelessly to make Steemit a great place to be!!


Yay! for your hard work and success in developing the #freewrite community! Thank you so much @mariannewest for all you do, your enthusiasm is catching: you and the @freewritehouse gang rock!


@curie is a good witness. i choose @curie as a witness


Yes, they are!! I voted for them too!

Thank you so much for curating me (thanks to @markangeltrueman for spotting my post and nominating it)! You guys do a fabulous job, in self-esteem boosting!

Thanks to everyone at the @freewritehouse, but especially @mariannewest who is simply fabulous.

Now, I have some more reading to do, to have a look through the other posts! :)


I have to say I was laughing out loud while reading through Jelly. Good work mate! Hilarious and weird and über creative :)


Thank you! That's fantastic feedback! :)

Thank you so much for featuring me. I'm very honored to be in this author showcase and will do my best to continue my quality of posting.


Our pleasure Hetty! Love your posting :)

Thank you very much for featuring me and my content! This gives me a lot of courage and one of a kind lift. It is really my pleasure! Thank you @curie ! You are God's grace to everyone! I will continue to create something that keeps the heads nod and contribute quality posts. I am still in a state of elation thank you to all of are indeed wonderful!

Thank you for pointing out the flaws, am ok with taking criticism as long as there's improvement to give for future references. I mean it's short but well summed up, am pretty grateful.


It is a great game review! Really a job well done, covering every angle of the game thoroughly.
My curie day. I got a curie upvote totaly by surprise. The post I wrote was not a chosen story, or something where I aimed for high score voting material. Now my posts have an average of 15 ct worth, so anything when I reach 1 dollar it is all ready a party! The weirdest thing is that I actually only spoke out my feeling about the location of the video of this song, it was done in my old house where i spend my youth. The curie upvote was not so big compared with others. But still ! ... wow! and why?
I mean the whole story is not even told, and now i feel I should :-)
The house is sold and my brother does his last month in it now, so it is time to say bye bye to the house, the house that made me happy for so many years. That they asked to make a music video in our house was amazing and envolved a lot of money for a few days, but what an experience! the crew comes in with big equipments, and than this little denty little singer in their middle. Apparantly the girl won a talentshow in US? And there she sat in the middle of my bedroom with her back to the pole where I used to sit against, laid in my bath ! It was nice and horrible the same time.
Well curie I still want to thank you so much for your upvote! You also have to know it was my bbirthday that day !! and it then was the only present I got ! :-o We allready bought something for our birthdays so I have not gone without, but to get something anyway was fantastic and funtastic ! thank you ! X


Hey that is cool that the music video was shot in your old house! That has to be a weird feeling seeing the video for you :) Pretty cool. That was one of the interest specific "sub-communities" that Curie supports which gave you the upvote (the Music sub-community). And happy birthday! Cheers - Carl


thank you very much! It was indeed a whole experience I did not know so much was needed and needed to be done, I do know nothing of the music world , but they came with a whole team, and they made like a buffet table where everyone could eat and drink whatever they wanted :-) it was a nice bunch of people, who knew exactly what they were doing, making false walls and what ever needed in a second. it was fun!! But when my mum would have known they smoked a cigaret in her bed ! she would be not amused. :-) Thank you very much for your reply it is really appreciated. I still have a few pictures about the making of that video maybe that will be a blog one day :-)

Hi team :) You are so good at supporting for users. I looked through the winners, really worthy choice. You chose winners with art on different topics, someone writes pictures, someone photographs well, someone does a divine make-up. Great! I got the impression that you understand in all art, and this is worthy of a low bow, and applause.
(sorry for my English, I hope that you have understood everything correctly.) I also needed to write posts in English, but I hope that when I can conquer this English language)
I wish success to your team! You do good deeds to Steemite! Also I will join you on Discord!
Have a good mood!


Thanks for pointing out the diversity in the featured posts - that is something we intentionally try to do woth these showcase postings. Curie supports a really broad range of posting :)

Great curation, @curie collective. I got 'curied' myself this week and it's such a wonderful thing! I'm bookmarking all of these posts to read tomorrow... Congratulations to all the showcased authors <3

Sir, after your post I get so many information that hopefully you always post something like this will give us some education opportunities to be a lot of patriotism

sir @curie tnx for very informative post.

I hope someday my writing could be elected as they

Am I still qualified for a @curie upvote? Can someone check plese

@edje @mammasita can u help me by answering this question?


Yes you are


awsome, ty

love your mission @curie i supported you as witness. you consistent in supporting good content.
thank you

Good curation..I appreciate your Photography.
I love fiction..thanks for sharing art..
Keep it up....

Good job brother @curie, you make steemit is very good, i lke it.. Thanks for your sharing information

Aaaaa. Someday I will be here @curie ♥ ♥

So beautiful 😍

This is awesome @curie.
I like the fact that you selected people from different genre and different picture types.

I congratulate all winners who won this. I hope I get featured too soon

Just wrote an article and the connection between social media and loneliness

Curie you really have been doing a great job...
I adore you people...All day and night i see curators are helping minnows and making there posts visible to @curie .....salutae to them...
Respect for curie is rising up and up and up....
Feeling good to join you people on discord...
Will try my best to bring you folks best posts i see...

Congratulations to all the wonderful writers and artists! It's wonderful to see such talent! We are so proud of for his 100 freewrite piece. We have been fully enjoying his well crafted fiction since meeting him here! Thanks for your curation of awesome works!

Thank you for featuring and supporting some fine work here @curie; you make steemit a better place with all you do ;)

I received a curie vote, so proud thank you :)

@curie is very consistent in judging a content

very nice dear

thank you for giving the best for us, hope you become a witnes expected by everyone. regards @curie

All are excellent authors. Congratulations!.


Good news

#curie how do I get you to look at my posts?

thank you for the information for this post. i always support you, and see you be a witness

You did a great job, just keep on going and let me know if I personally can help with something. You have my upvote! ;)