The Magnificent Seven # 22 -- The 7 best posts we found in our latest travels

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The Magnificent Seven

is a post from the independent curation team @enchantedspirit and @catweasel. These are the best seven posts we found in our latest travels through the Steem-osphere. We invite you to enjoy their exceptional quality as much as we did and encourage you to show your appreciation for the fine contributions of these writers and artists to the Steemit community. We are sure your upvotes and comments on their blogs would be most welcome!

A Public Service Announcement

I do not care that this is not one of the seven best posts we found. It is one of the most important, and I include it as an extra, as a public service. If you have anything to do with streemian read this now.


Streemian -- Chainsquad Abuse


If you are going to spam do it right. I have been taking lessons.


Spam Tutorial Part 3
Be positive



This post tackles the oft-raised question of censorship re sex versus violence. The comments break into a brawl to rival that in "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne.


Sex is normal
so why do we shield our teens from it?



"I am not a number, I am a free man." Number Six, The Prisoner.

Image Source

Why I am the way I am?


I've been waiting for @klynic to really show us what he can do. Here it is. He does not disappoint.


One Look -- WeR3


The first post from this Australian musician is a hit in my parade.


world's first didgeridoo beatboxer


If you like jazz there is a good chance some of these recordings will find their way into your collection. To me. jazz became suspect with the advent of "smooth" jazz, but I'm being tempted here.


Best of 2017
Top 6 Albums: Jazz



The "things" in this instance are shoes. Read on.




Trust us, we're curators.



The STEEM Engine


The Alliance




Isle of Write


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WHOA is all I can say .. Just chk'd out @klynic (His #Music )- it was grand, it made a GOOD START to my day.

WATCHED 2 of his tracks (1 on #Dtube )

So thanx. Will go look at other stuff too ♦♦ Especially the #JAZZ !

Am Re-steeming yr Valuable post, brother.

#STEEM on - Jan

#artist #artistry #music

definitely excited to hear if any of those Jazz albums from Best of 2017 - Top 6 Albums: Jazz finds its way to your heart, Jan. Thank you!

Well done!
Good compilation. I commend you for putting this together.

Nice job with this one! Looks like a great list of posts to check out! We trust're curators. :) I kind of felt like I was being brainwashed when I just typed that... ;)

Amazing pics as always. You and miss I don't like Croatia sewers are doing one heck of a job. I am sure people are thankful for getting some extra exposure and motivation to keep writing. Keep it up guy's :)

It's not the Croatia sewers she objects to. It's what sometimes crawls out of them she says she's not so sure about.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


Fabulous collection, as always. I'm so glad you picked the post by @isabellelauren! That was one of my favourite posts this week. Such an important topic and some excellent thoughts. Keep doing your thing. Steemit is better for curation efforts like this! :)

wow wow wow,
Thank you so very much for this. I am honoured to be mentioned here.
I promise to keep putting up more original content

when I heard magnificent seven, I remembers the cult film made in 1960 and after that tarantino made a new magnificent seven. they were really good.

Thanks so much, yet again. Happy :-)

you have good eyes sir @catweasel :)
all of them are good writers and i love the topic of @usmanalishah

As always a great selection of posts, keep up the good work you do on these

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