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You don’t want to miss out on engaging with some awesome Steemians and encouraging them before their post pays out! We all love it when someone takes the time to not only stop by our blog and read our posts but actually engage. As a fellow plankton, I know and love this feeling. It’s super disheartening when you put hours of effort in, for a post to get lost at sea never to be found again.

So we are here to help, not only that…

We share our profits directly with YOU!

Yes you heard right!. We use @steem-plus created by @stoodkev to profit share* directly with our curation selections. We also curate directly from our followers.For this reason the selections will be limited to three each “READ ME A.S.A.P” issue, each writer receiving 10% of the SteemPower, for transparency the author of this curation post will receive 50%, 15% stays with the @asapers, the remaining 5% automatically goes to @steem-plus to further develop that tool for our use.
*Please note that payment is made via direct deposit into your wallet, you won't see it as a transfer in your wallet but you can see the payment and the value made on steemworld, it will show up as a "Benefactor Reward" below examples from Issue #12's payouts.

To find out more about @steem-plus click HERE, it’s so much more than profit sharing including the Added bonus of a voting slider for those of us on Steemit and under 500SP

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My day job- Shed House!! by @stonedave76

When you own your own saw mill what do you do? Built in cedar, a cute shed house built by @stonedave76

*There is still 5 days until PAYOUT. How about a Upvote it can keep a steemian, Steeming ON and Powering UP!

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WHAT IS PROPER IMAGE SOURCING? A Cautionary Tale! by @lynncoyle1

Correct image sourcing is a must. Read this Steemians experience with @qurator and the great advice they gave her on how to source correctly.

There is still 6 days until PAYOUT* *Got spare VP, an UPVOTE surely would be appreciated.

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Easy Breezy ~Cheesy Beef and Tomato Pasta Skillet~ Dinner! by @smylie2005

A quick easy pasta dish that will satisfy the most fussy of eaters. A rundown of ingredients and photo’s to guide you through the whole process.

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I love you shed-house @@@stonedave76
@lynncoyle1 you just saved me from using illegal pictures
@smylie2005 that meal that got me hungry

Great posts!!!


Thank you so much @ibile!! It was so nice of you to give us a shout-out :)

Thank you so much @asapers, I really appreciate you showcasing all our work like this!! :)

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