#A.S.A.P.ers Community OPEN for registration NOW!

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Exciting NEWS!

@asapers is now live on Discord. Come join our awesome @asapers community! Its easy to get registered just click on any of the links in this post or the image.


The @asapers where founded on the idea of giving back As Soon As Possible, this can be as simple as an upvote or comment as these are always appreciated but more than that, the more you learn about the Steem blockchain and all the associated front-end applications, the more you learn the about importance of being part of the communities that exist within it. Sounds a bit like real life. You don’t need to be a whale to give back to the community, together we can all help each other grow and develop into better writers and Steemians.

Ready, CLICK on any of the Discord words or images to join us today!

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Why would I want to register?

With registration comes access to our post promotion channel. This gives you the opportunity to be curated by @asapers and share in the profits made from the curation post. Yes that’s right you have the chance to earn more for your efforts.

We are new but lucky, we have had delegations from our benefactor @hitmeasap and other awesome steemians already so our current 100% Upvote is worth 0.06. Going forward any SBD will be used for purchasing delegations or Powering Up. We are here for the community and expect to grow consistently over the coming months.

We are a manual curation team and while we don’t yet have an overly formal approach, all post’s posted within the #post_promo_plz channel will be considered for curation, upvotes and resteems so make sure you share your best work. Markdown does make a difference. Also, do not forget to source your images and any comments to avoid @cheetah visits. We are currently building our knowledge bank for all @asapers community members use, this is currently a WIP but a simple search could help you here.


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What do you need to do to get registered?

  • Follow @asapers
  • Find the readme_asap channel
  • Upvote & Resteem the most recent issue
    • This is only required once for registration
  • Tag an @asapers member to complete registration
    • Please note this can take up to 48 hours, so please be patient.
  • Feel free to hang by the the_pool and chat until you are registered.
  • Once registered you will have full access to post promotion & the_pub to relax with a cold one and get to know your fellow companions.
    Note it is currently free to register, this may not be so in the future.

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  • Be kind! We are all human’s, manners are expected.
  • Anyone found to be rude or obnoxious will be warned and if the behaviour persists, they will be removed from the server.
  • While we admire all multi-lingual persons at this stage ALL interactions on this channel should be in English as the majority of us are not as talented and can’t speak multiple languages.
  • For this reason, all posts curated will be in English, we can’t curate what we can’t read, sorry!
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Read Me ASAP.png
These rules apply to the post promotion channel. If these sound familiar to other servers you may be part of you are part of some awesome servers. Ones that are there to promote strong engagement among fellow content creators.
ALL rules must be agreed to at time of registration and complied with or removal from the server could apply.

  • To leave your post link you must first engage with a minimum of TWO posts, engagement must be in the form of an UPVOTE and a considerate COMMENT, one that indicates that you actually took the time to read their post.
  • You can post ONCE per day
  • Your post must tag the Users posts you have UPVOTED & COMMENTED on before your link.
  • No post older than 72 hours – Three DAYS (This gives us time to curate them)
  • Absolutely NO SPAM
  • Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated

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Got some spare STEEMPOWER, we accept delegations. What does delegating to us do for you? The satisfaction of helping a new community grow. We aim to upvote content from our supporters but are doing so manually to preserve VP but aim to set up a more formal rewards system in the future.

Need help delegating, contact one of the @asapers onDiscord.


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Issue 1,2,3,4,5

Giving back A.S.A.P!!!

This curation post was written by @insideoutlet on behalf of the @asapers.
Dividers created by @lazynugu, A.S.A.P.ers by @shai-hulud


Let the fun, growth and interaction begin! :)
I personally welcome everyone to the asapers discord channel starting now!

I just joined the Discord group. Excited to get to know you all! 😁

You're ahead of me! I have not made it to discord yet. Other than one bit of messaging with my son as he didn't answer his phone! I do have the app on my phone.... and will get in on discord soon! Have heard great things about it. Hope to see you there!

Exciting as heck! What an awesome new endeavour here on Steemit. Way to go guys!! Thank-you for the great post @insideoutlet and, for the warm welcome @hitmeasap 🎉🎈

Thank you @yogajill! Exciting to get to know you better, hope to see you on Discord soon :)

I like your attitude, pay it forward! Checking out the Discord channel tonight.

Thanks and welcome!

i am follow you and i joined chanel discord