MAP Trail: Supporting Curators and Creators - 13 Jul 2018 (posts: writing, cannabis, poetry)

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Welcome to this MAP Trail post highlighting quality authors and the curators who discovered them.

As I wrote here, the MAP Trail will be supporting curators of quality content on Steemit.

I will continue these compilation posts to highlight curators you may not have noticed before and, at the same time, give an extra upvote to one of the original authors. For completeness, I may also include some established curation groups, although I will try, whenever possible, to support individual curators. These posts will be published approximately every day or two.

The curators listed below have been added to @accelerator's Fanbase on SteemAuto and will receive regular upvotes.

You too can support this initiative by following and upvoting @accelerator's Curation Trail.

The MAP Trail is supported by income from MAP Rewarder and sponsorship from @eturnerx.

The MAP Trail has given the articles below an extra upvote to both the content creator and the curator (from @rycharde), plus resteems of both posts (by @accelerator).


I have 200 SP to delegate for 20 days to a Steemit curator. This will be a weekly event, the first post is here: MAP Trail Curation Contest - Delegated SP and Free Upvotes - Week 1.

Today's Curated Selection

curated by @steemiteducation through resteeming.
Recent post: Day 364-369- Calling all educators and students! Read about our favorite witness @lukestokes


How To Make THC infused 'Canna-Butter' Medicine with Organic Coconut oil
curated by @canna-curate through resteeming.
Recent post: Toke Back with the Weekly Recap #3


Poetry Editing 101: Session Eight – Onwards
curated by @sunravelme in
Working Title 7/12/18 (MSP Poetry Curation)

That's it for today!

Please show some love and support to the authors and curators.

Till next time!

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Thank you in the name of @canna-curate :)

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Such a great idea to showcase authors and their curators! I didn't think to ask before, but what made you come up with that? Regardless, thank you for what you do here :)