Introducing the New MAP Rewarder: Passive Income for Delegators (doc 1.0)

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The Minnows Accelerator Project (MAP) has been in existence since July 2017 and the aim remains to assist quality content creators. However, instead of relying solely on the limited funds available, I am launching the MAP Rewarder as a managed fund that will reward both SP delegators and MAP members.

The aim of the MAP Rewarder (MAPR) is to generate passive income for delegators and continue to support quality content creators through upvotes and other activities. MAPR will be a managed fund so as to create sustainable growth and an attractive income. Because there is more than one source of income, MAPR will operate on a weekly cycle and distribute rewards once a week.

Sources of Income

Income will initially be derived from the curation and post rewards generated by the @accelerator account. As this is a managed fund, we reserve the right to add further sources of income, or to change strategy, if and when new opportunities arise within the Steem blockchain.

Income Distribution

A snapshot of the MAPR account will be taken every Sunday at 0800 GMT. At that point, the gross account value is calculated; this will exclude all pending rewards. The profits for that week are calculated based on the previous week’s account value after reward distributions. Management fees will be 10% of profits and the remaining 90% will be divided 20% to the MAP community account and 80% distributed to delegated SP holders. After reward distributions are paid, the new gross account value will be set as the basis for the following week.

The target distributed rewards will be 1% of delegated SP. Please remember that this is a target and not a guarantee.

Testing for 4 weeks has resulted in the distributed rewards shown in the chart below. Existing MAP delegators have been receiving distributed rewards during this test period.

Notice that these are very favourable compared to other passive income sources available within the Steem blockchain. During this testing phase, we have been operating at a VP of only about 60-70% and yet achieved an average APR of 39%. I am therefore hopeful that as the VP increases to over 95% we can achieve our target of 1% reward distribution per week, equivalent to an APR of 52%. This is almost as much as 100% self-upvoting, yet you will also be helping distribute upvotes to content creators.

Rewarding for Delegators and Content Creators

The MAPR fund seeks to balance the demands of both delegators and content creators. The 20% distribution retained by the @accelerator account will result in steady growth that will result in greater upvotes for authors and increased reward distributions to delegators. This may seem a slow process but compounding has a powerful effect. Over a year, this results in just over 5% greater income to delegators and 10% more SP available to help authors.

Money Management

The current strategy results in most income being received as SP. At the same time, distributions are paid out in STEEM. This has two consequences; firstly, powering down may be necessary at times in order to convert SP into liquid STEEM; and secondly, a proportion of the account will be kept as STEEM to facilitate weekly reward distributions.

How to Delegate SP to MAP Rewarder

There is a handy app available to facilitate the delegation of SP. There are also full instructions available to delegate SP to @accelerator. Please note that, if you use any other app or website to delegate SP, you should only input your active private key when you are on the website.

Minimum delegated SP is 10 SP.

Anything below 10 SP will be ignored and will receive no weekly reward distributions.

Processing Your First Reward Distribution


MAP Rewarder is a managed fund that operates on a weekly cycle. This follows the 7-day post reward cycle. There are no daily transfers. All reward distributions are made on a Sunday.

Your first reward distribution is made on the second Sunday following the day of your SP delegation.

So, if you delegate on, for example, Thursday 15 February, your SP is added to the account on Sunday 18 February and your first reward payout will be on the following Sunday 25 February.

You may, of course, delegate on a Saturday, but be careful to check a universal clock that it is before Sunday 0800 GMT.

The distributed rewards percentage for the week shall be announced in an article posted after the cut-off time of Sunday 0800 GMT. Rewards for the week shall be sent as transfers in STEEM during the same Sunday.

Undelegating SP from MAP Rewarder

You may undelegate your SP at any time. You will not receive any reward distribution on the Sunday following undelegation.

Because of the weekly cycle we operate under, these rules are there to avoid anybody delegating on a Saturday and then undelegating on the following Monday. It also allows the newly delegated SP the time to generate income, which may take up to seven days.

Resolving Issues

The nature of delegating SP is that you, the delegator, are always in control. We do not currently accept direct transfers, so there are no “investors”. If you do make a direct transfer by accident, it will be returned to you as soon as possible. If you have any general questions, please leave them in the comments below. If you have issues specific to your account, such as a missed reward distribution, then please contact me, @rycharde, directly on Discord chat.

Management Team

MAP Rewarder is managed by @rycharde, with software development by @personz. The fund is run from the @accelerator account.

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@rycharde manages the MAP forum and the AAKOM project.


Interesting project & offer you have there. I’m going to dig in a little deeper, finding out more about it, but you’ve definitely got my attention. I’ll probably delegate soon...

Thanks for your interest. One thing I didn't mention in the above article, is that SP delegators may also request to be MAP members and therefore may earn from both sides of the equation! For more details, just check the link at the top of the @accelerator profile page.

This is a great idea, thank you very much!

Thanks! As it's all on the blockchain, hope you don't mind me mentioning that you are one of the few "early delegators" who has experienced our "test phase" in action :-)

Anyone who does not understand the importance and benefits of delegation should seriously research it, only yesterday did it click what this actually means.

Thanks very much for the resteem too!

In the past, there was a tendency to ask for delegated SP from those minnows who actually needed more assistance; I hope by opening this up to all Steemians I can create a balance between earnings and minnow support.

Okay. Sounds like a good idea!

Thanks very much for your support @mariannewest! :-)

Thank you for all you do!!!

We hereby delegate a 100% Upvote to you for your keen mind and hard work @rycharde congratulations on a brilliant idea! Blessings! Stephen

Thank you, that's very kind :-)

Great..keepit up

This post has received a 11.72 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @rycharde

Interesting!!!, nice info

This post has received gratitude of 8.76 % from @appreciator thanks to: @rycharde.

Thank you! You are one of the good guys! I'll look later and see if I can figure out how to do this!

I delegated SP today and am looking for reassurance that I did it correctly.

How'd it go?

I am just confused by it all! I'll try again when I have more SP.

Not too bright when it comes to the finer machinery of the Steem blockchain, but it makes enough sense that it seems like it'd work.
And I trust your judgment, so I think I'll hop on.

Nice work @rycharde :)

EDIT: Just went over to the Delegation App you've linked to...does it matter if I input my Steemit name with a capital "C" or a lowercase one (for the 'delegator' field)? Cause I've not noticed that many people on here who have their homepage display a name starting with a capital, so I've a very contrained sample size to look to.

I am newbie on steemit. So if I delegate 10 SP than what will be approx weekly reward for hat

Hi, recent payouts have been about 0.35% per week (about 17.5% APR), but delegators also get free upvotes and entries into freebies on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you havent already, then please read a recent post: MAPR-26-Aug-2018

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