MAP Curated Resteems and Upvotes - 25 May 2018 - Join MAP to be included in the future.

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Fresh resteems and upvotes from the Minnows Accelerator Project (MAP) of articles within the last couple of days.

I tend to concentrate on those that need some extra loving attention - and upvotes. Many more MAP members are doing very well indeed without my extra nudge!

Also, please check out the new MAP Rewarder fund - rewarding delegators and mapsters with passive income and free upvotes!

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Today's selection:

What is love?

The Humminbird Sage Has Much to Tell Me

Now For Something Really Subversive

Ap-petite - Day

Raw Milk, Vodka Berry Infusions and STILL making stock :)

Helping the Ailing with Fingers Less Heavy

And some notable resteems from MAP members:

My crystal and mineral finds from Diamond Hill mine in South Carolina thanks to @nainaztengra

Purge Complete thanks to @saffisara

That's all for now! See you next time!

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Thank you for the feature! 🙏🏻

Thank you for curating Ap-petite - Day! <3

I have read this project, I think this is good chance to join this community, how can I get in to discord team. I need some guidance from this community, I will be the best member in future....
Upvote, Resteem and comment always my duty in this community.... Thanks


The signup request instructions are always on the @accelerator profile page:


Yeahhh, thanks

Thank you for attention you already give @accelerator. I applaud your establishment.