The Humminbird Sage Has Much to Tell Me

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Salvia spathacea is a common plant that spreads and thrives and dominates its environment with breathtaking beauty and resilience. As long as the conditions are ideal.


The truth is that it’s quite finicky, entirely precious. It requires moderate temperatures, a fairly dry climate, morning sun exposure, and not too much wind. As long as it gets exactly what it wants, it remains tough yet tender. It delivers magic and whimsy and can fill entire fields...attracting hummingbirds and honey bees and idealistic little girls who cannot resist its elusive, fairytale allure. And even some all-grown-up girls who are seduced by its chaotic abandon.


Its beauty seems fleeting. But it’s actually fluid. Changing, morphing, constantly transforming. Its petals burst forth in an impossible show of color and texture. Delicate and fragile, clinging to their buds furiously. Until they’ve served their purpose. And then they let go.


I am obsessed with these sage blossoms. I feel an allegorical kinship. An irresistible pull. And thus I’m on a quest to capture them, interpret them, and transform them through my eyes.

Or maybe I’m just attempting to bloom vicariously.


Or perhaps you just wish for "ideal conditions".

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Oh thank you! 🙏🏻

And yes, you caught me. I absolutely long for my “ideal conditions “.

Totally busted! 😬

Sage blooms smell A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. And they spread like crazy.

One year they drove me crazy popping up and spreading everywhere they could. I thinned them, pruned them, hated them and then I surrendered. I loved their scent.

I decided I would be kinder and learned to prune them before they went to seed. So, they got a haircut at just the right time. It was a win/win.

They stayed in my garden in the spot I wanted them to stay, and I got to bring them into the house for a while so I could enjoy their wonderful purple flower and scent.

I particularly enjoy the color, composition and emotion in the last photo.

Re your last thought - Maybe you are doing a little from column A and a little from column B.

Thanks, Deb. The last photo feels like a field of wild sage to me, too.

My cats love playing in them when we walk. They chase birds and bugs and who knows what else through the stems. And they smell awesome for hours.

I’m scratching my head on the columns. There are columns? I can’t find Nd the freakn’ columns!

Oh, that column thing. haha....sorry for the confusion ;)

Anytime one of us (my family) was in an either/ or place of decision we always would say, a little from column A and a little from column B.

You had said

And thus I’m on a quest to capture them, interpret them, and transform them through my eyes.
Or maybe I’m just attempting to bloom vicariously.

As soon as I saw the "OR" I thot of the columns. Inside jokes aren't that funny to any one else, I forgot :)

At least you got a good head scratch??? pppfffffffft!

Ha! I totally would have got that but I thought I’d read, “a Little from column A and a little from column G”. And then I combed my post for anywhere I’d implied seven of anything. 🤪😂🤪😂

Sucks being blind and anal. 🤓 you aren't....I had column G and edited it. Driving you crazier perhaps?

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