Helping the Ailing with Fingers Less Heavy

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A small but important achievement these past couple of days.

No I didn't become Patch Adams. Still, a young man has been crying out for attention. He caught my attention.

He was/ is depressed - and has been flirting with thoughts of suicide.

I chose to listen, to explore his thoughts and not darken his day too badly with sharings of my own failings.

And when my energy faltered to bring light in this person's life - I dug deep into the archives of the past - and shared a little post that I had written some time before my confidence in myself collapsed.

It helped. It naturally didn't cure but it provided hope. The person that I used to be provided hope with his words. reading through it again provided me with hope.

On the "down-side" - I may have cost some big company a prescription or two. Who knows?

It is odd how a person who suffers can help to nudge another sufferer in the right direction if s/he so chooses. There is a lot more to be done and my priority should be not to share the shadows that shroud my heart.

Small steps.


Good to steer someone away from the pharmapsychos :-)

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