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Fresh resteems and upvotes from the Minnows Accelerator Project (MAP) of articles within the last couple of days.

I tend to concentrate on those that need to some extra loving attention - and upvotes. Many more MAP members are doing very well indeed without my extra nudge!

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Today's selection:

Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 33 - Black and White Portraits steemit - 100 years old by @nolasco

"Fantasies Next to the Broken Toy" by @yusaymon

A car drove into my house. No one hurt. by @em3

I’m a RED Person Living a Blue Life by @outrayjust

Advice for Aspiring writers found on Beautiful and Damned by @macchiata

ARRRRRRGH!!!!! Kid's music on car trips! by @bengy

And some notable resteems from MAP members:

Introducing Photochain, A Dapp for freelance photographers that aims to revolutionize the Stock photography industry thanks to @nolasco

That's all for now! See you next time!

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Also check out the new MAP Rewarder for passive income!


Thanks for da upvote ;)

Thanks so much for featuring my post! I'm so grateful and honored! Thanks for your support to those who are committed to bringing some quality content to Steemit! Cheers!

Thanks very much for your kind comments :-)

Thank YOU :)))

I second @nolasco’s sentiment! Much appreciation. 🙏🏻