By far the best the best video mid to to long term future of crypto... In blockchain, Market and Intelligent after bubble look.

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Presently I provide services as a business operations consultant. A position which includes me protecting clients by reading seeing and handling trends.

So when I came across this video
on my feed today, bells and lights went
off on how exact these guys hit the nail
on the head!

While I can not vouch for the trading strategies, currency recommendations or class work they offer, The team over at "Ready Set Cryptos" have put out another good video on middle to long term overviews of the cryptocurrency market and where it will be affected globally over the next 10-15 years.

Watch the full video, it has some really good info at the end about government involvement in the space that makes a lot of sense.

In my experience says that these trends will happen faster rather than later.


I am not a licensed investment
advisor or investigative
Journalist. These are just
personal observations and thoughts.

I know my background helps me a just a smidgen.
I have worked programming for & consulting to Thomson Financial Systems, CS First Boston, Chase, Morgan Stanley, Software Options, a Fund taken over by Price Waterhouse and Independent Investors and served as an expert witness in two cases. Specifically working on: Trading, Portfolio Management, Order Routing, Position tracking, Analysis, Risk Analysis , and Arbitrage systems.

I am presenting my observations here, you must first decide if they make sense to you, this is part of the information I use to make my portfolio decisions.

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Thanks 'll use this in my portfolio in future investments


Let me know if you find any long term good investments...
after you vet them and why?

thank you for sharing. this was really helpful


I expect when you find the next couple of coins with great reasoning for their success you let me know ...
So I can add them to my portfolio before they, bump in the market!


A very scary look into future crypto currency

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It's very helpful for me, I am searching for this information, thanks for sharing


no more trolling for upvotes...


Just I give my feelings only, I don't need your upvote.