Traceto: decentralized identification of a person


The spread of block platform platforms and the interest of investors in ICO projects lead to the fact that managers can not physically keep track of all users. They miss important information, reject user requests, spend a lot of time reviewing applications and fixing bugs. The Traceto project minimizes the impact of the human factor and solves the problem of automation.


The Traceto project was created by Cynopsis Solutions Pte. Ltd from Singapore. The company has experience in the release of projects: ICON, Quantstamp, KyberNetwork, TenX, Republic Protocol, Gifto, Qlink, Bluzelle.

The project operates on the basis of a decentralized network, called KYC - Know Your Customer. The network will use crypto-cash companies and the block system of the system.

The audit is paid by the customers (they buy tokens and they pay for the verification of their customers). The project uses the technology of smart contracts and artificial intelligence (AI).

Anyone who wishes to participate in the ICO is redirected to the Traceto security system. There he loads the required documents. Further passes check KYC.

The data is stored as a cipher dApp. The AI ​​checks operations and other necessary processes.

The KYC solution defines and performs the main 4 tasks:

Who are you? The system recognizes and verifies the person.

Who are not you? The network determines whether the user is on the list of politically significant persons or persons wanted or terrorists.

What actions did you perform? The system monitors suspicious transactions by identifying sources of funds.

Are you still who you were at the beginning? The network records all changes in the client's activities.

To gain access to third parties to the user's data, a vote is taken. A third person can be a legal entity requesting information about a particular person.

Testnet ー July - December 2018
Service start ー Q1 2019



The project produces 1,000,000,000 tokens, which are called T2T. They comply with the standard ERG 20. The team plans to collect up to 30,000,000 dollars. For sale, 400,000,000 tokens are allocated. They can be bought for ETH. Course ー 1 T2T = 0.0000875 ETH. The minimum contribution is 1 ETH.

The remaining unsold tokens will be burned. Command tokens can be blocked for more than 2 years. Backup tokens ー over 1 year. Frost excludes creditworthiness, money laundering.



Date: May 21, 2018 (0815 UTC)
Minimum investment: US $ 1,000.00
Maximum investment: US $ 5,000.00
Bonus: 5%

Basic sale:

Date: 8 Juuns2018 (0815 UTC)
Minimum investment: 0.5 ETH
Maximum investment: no

To participate, you must register your account on GBX

The cost of tokens will naturally grow, because the number of ICO projects is increasing, and the standards of KYC and AML are tightened. These processes generate an increase in demand for the services of the project.


The project uses the already ready client base of Cynopsis, so it will be able to quickly build up its own capital.

Despite the presence of serious competitors in the market, it is likely that the tokens will end at the pre-sale stage due to interest in the project of large investors.

E-mail: [email protected]


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