⚠️Hackers of Bitcoin Keeping close Eye on 2.3 Million Bitcoin Addresses❗️

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Recent reports by the Chinese Cyber security company Qihoo 360 total security claimed that a crypto clipboard hijacker has infected more than 300,000 computers. However, after conducting its own analysis the company bleeping computer found this number to be perhaps closer to 2.3 million. Bleeping computers sent out a warning to crypto users to carefully check the address to which they send their digital coins.

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The aim is to reinforce users against a new malware called cryptocurrency clipboard hijackers which is able to redirect transaction. According to their analysis bleeping computers says that malware runners seem to be currently monitoring 2.3 million cryptocurrency addresses allowing them to swap the real address with the one they controlled leading to direct theft of the crypto's that regular users are sending and receiving.

According to bleeping computers creator Lawrence Abrams this malware monitors the windows clipboard in search of crypto addresses when it finds one it replaces it with the address belonging to the hacker that sent the malware when an unsuspecting crypto holder copies the address.


The hacker receives all of the funds bleeping computer states that the malware is stealthy running in the background at all times without alerting the user or showing any sings of its presence a strong capable antivirus to protect their devices from this and similar threats is therefore a highly recommended. Abrams continued that this malware is a pat of a larger malware package called all radio 4.27 portable.


So far the malware has only had minor success in scamming users and it is still not as dangerous as the fake giveaways that recently played Twitter. These scams were responsible for stealing over 8000 ether coins which is over 4 million US dollars in total.

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I am so worried towards hacker when it will be stopped


We just need to secure our Coins, just purchase Hardware wallet and keep it safe.

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