Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Paradigm Shift as The Millenials and Baby Boomers Work Together

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Most of the baby boomers sold out a long time ago.

  • It's a common attitude - it's unfortunate to say the least.

This is reflected in current political structures around the world.

  • Senior officials of government around the world are out of touch with reality.
  • It's a serious mental health issue that's plaguing the whole planet.

Take what's happening with technology and innovation.

Cryptocurrency for example:

  • The rate of progress is being deliberately slowed down to the detriment of people everywhere. Regulatory bodies are creating uncertainty within the markets and its having a sort of retardation effect on the most efficient and effective adoption from nation to nation.

  • Many of these senior officials apparently just don't get it.

  • It's a comically tragic process of sorts...because it's this playing dumb out of fear of losing control. All the while looking increasingly dumb and looking less and less legitimate as a valid and reliable source of trust.

Countries compete against each other.

  • Many states and provinces within countries compete against each other.

Point of notice on the competition recognition everywhere is the following:

  • Places with too much regulation and control have more problems
  • Places with less regulation and control have more prosperity.

It's unfortunate that it seems for atleast the immediate time being....there's immense advantages and disadvantages directly dependent upon which citizenship you as an individual posses.

Video Here by Billionaire Tim Draper:

Tim Draper: "One Bitcoin is Still Just One Bitcoin"

  • The title is a clever jab at fiat currencies everywjere because the values of fiat currencies have all fallen in worth quite drastically relative to Bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin is still just 1 Bitcoin. The usd to bitcoin is around 8,200 usd for every 1 Btc.

  • The bitcoin to usd ratio and other fiat currencies is expected to increase massively over rhe long term. Some experts are forecasting at least 1000x growth for Bitcoin over the medium term.

  • If you compare the purchasing power of a usd in 1920 to now. You will see that the value of the dollar has become more and more worthless.

Where we are at on the technology curve is an interesting dynamic:

  • Its almost like this ominous scenario where a child is conflicted about parental permission.

  • That's the millenial vs baby boomer dynamic here.

  • Obviously its not too say every baby boomer is totally a sleep...its just as a generalization there more senial and slow...and their in the authority power play position in terms of their seats of employment as system regulators.

  • Theres so much regulation i wonder if theres regulation for the regulation that's regulating the regulating the regulation.

  • Regulation doesnt have to be this ominous thing. Thats kind of the irony of bitcoin's actually superior forms of regulation that make existing models of regulation to be rather inferior forms of governance. Quite lame.

  • It is therfore likely that these inferior systems of enforcement are made obsolute by people transitioning into superior support systems that accomodate better services for more people.

Interesting times.

It's like my body is a "ball of clay" and I've decided I would like to take responsibility for my sculpture - my life.

The World is One Class of Players - Class is Always in Session

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  • What I like about this social experiment, is the fact that it's success is directly dependent on ordinary people everywhere - where there's a willingness to say,

"Yes - I accept a weekly payment for being a human being to cover my basic costs of Existing Here."





A recent study in the UZk showed that a third of millennials will still be renting when they retire. Crypto is a great means for this generation to even things up a bit and generate funds that were easier to come by for previous generations!

Instead of or along with real estate, millenials should definitely buy crypto. Real Estate has too high of an entry point for too many.

I agree property has a high point of entry but if you don’t but in at some point youll never get in. Also you are effectively highly leveraged due to using the mortgage, but with much lower risk than traditional leverage.
In the UK prices may stabalise slightly but unless we start building an extra 300k homes a year, there will continue to be upward pressure on prices.

Great contrast...the greatest wealth transfer (old money to millennials) in our lifetime has already begun.

It isn't exactly a "wealth transfer". It is millennials having a way to keep the products of their work. The first Clinton administration turned young people into slaves and the government has progressively been weakening the value of the dollar while the very rich are enriching themselves. I don' t like to call it "transfer" when you are just keeping what is rightfully yours.

Upvote and resteem.

Tim draper is in news from quite some time according to his prediction igf we had 1 btc also we are going to be millioners.

Yes sir it seems like how the prediction is going on,these are great news where big players started to make their moves.

the time is the major factor and plays an important role