Kucoin Shares (KCS) - Now is a good time to invest!

I haven't been a big fan of Kucoin, and I am still not an extreme fan. But, recently I discovered some things that make me more bullish about both the exchange, and especially, the Kucoin Shares (KCS) - the coin of the exchange.

I have been a fan of Bibox and Binance for a long time, and I have written quite a lot of articles about these exchanges. But, I haven't enjoyed Kucoin, much due to its design, and because I have found the website to be complicated and slow.

kucoin awards.jpg

Recently, I visited the Kucoin website to read more about their anniversary, and all their giveaways and competitions. This is a nice event lasting from September 15th to October 1st. People who hold more than 6 KCS can take part in the daily competition guessing the next days highest value of Bitcoin. There are also trading competitions, in which the 500 people with the highest trading volume for different coins will be awarded more of that given token and some Bitcoin.

This is a nice event, and it will for sure bring more volume and new people to the Kucoin exchange. And, there are many people that expect October to be a bullish month for cryptocurrencies. If that is so, Kucoin will for sure enjoy the benefits of such a rally as well.

What makes me bullish about the Kucoin Shares (KCS)

But, what makes me bullish about Kucoin Shares? First of all, it is the official coin of the exchange, meaning that it has a very real-life use-case, which makes the demand for it constant. And, if we should enter into a bullish month or two, the demand for the token will for sure get higher.

However, the most interesting is something that Kucoin introduced in July 2018. Just like Bibox awards their BIX holders with a part of the daily trading fees, Kucoin now awards the KCS holders with 50% of the daily trading fees. The more KCS-tokens you hold, the higher the daily awards. And yes, they are paying the rewards to you on a daily basis, and they pay the awards in KCS-tokens. Even more interesting, it doesn't require anything from you to receive the rewards. All you have to do is to keep the tokens in the exchange, and you will get the daily rewards (Bibox require you to make at least one trade a week to get the reward). The minimum amount of tokens required to get the daily bonus is 6 KCS-tokens.

It should also be mentioned, that currently, the KCS price is 1,04 USD. It hasn't been under 1 USD since it broke the resistance in December 2017. Now, I am not sure that anyone really cares about the 1 USD value, especially considering that the largest KCS pairs are the KCS/BTC-pair and the KCS/ETH-pair. These pairs don't care about USD value, so I do not believe the 1 USD should serve as a strong support level. But, I see the potential in the coin.

In January 2018, the value of KCS moved between 3 USD and 20 USD. I do not expect KCS to move to 20 USD anytime in the near future, but I do see a giant potential for growth in this coin.

Sounds interesting? Visit the Kucoin website if you want to get to know the exchange better, or maybe even buy some KCS-tokens (just in case).

The content of this article is not investment advice, purely thoughts I write down to myself, that you can read and enjoy. If you want to read more interesting articles about cryptocurrencies, and other tech-topics, visit www.ipaddressguide.org.

What do you think? Are you bullish about the KCS-token? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Presently total crypto market is down. So there is good opportunity for us to buy coin. KCS is one of many which is now really under valued. You r absolutely right this coin has real life product. I think BNB is one of the hot cake as well. What's ur opinion ??

The Binance coin is really hot, and a very stable coin, but it has survived the entire bear market without losing value (almost). For some reason, I do not expect the Binance coin to moon as much as other coins if the markets start to recover, so I believe other coins have greater potential. But, if I wanted to do a safe investment, the Binance coin would probably score higher than KCS...

i only bought kucoin shares to take part in the bitcoin price guess competition. it is abit of fun in these dark days.

That is smart... I bought some extra for that reason as well, and that is when I discovered the potential of the coin. And, I even managed to get into the list of top 1000 people guessing the value of Bitcoin one day, so I have even won a very little piece of Bitcoin because of this!

Oh wow really, how much btc did you win for the 1000? Do they divide 1 btc between 1000 people?

Don't know yet, but can't be much. Has to share 1 BTC with 999 other people, and my guess was among the worst of all of these, so... not much. But, fun still!

Yes that is not too much, hopefully they give you guys more, Keep me updated I would be interested to find out what you end up with

Yes because coin prices are at lowest level now.

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For sure a good time to buy, at least compared to anytime between January and August this year... let us see if it was wise to buy now in December :)

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Actually Kucoin is doing great now. As a matter of fact many projects are joining them. This week they have a lot of announcements about their partneships one of those are this: https://www.kucoin.com/#/rank/EDN

just get to know about this exchange, pls allow me to have a little time to study this