Haejin Portfilio - Day 1


Like i said yesterday, today i will start to track haejin portifolio on a daily basis.

For us to have enough data to start the tracking, i picked up the first day of this week, and did a retroactive input (03/05/2018).

The rules stablished for this tracking is on yesterday post.

Later i will do some backtracking of his predictions.

You can download the excel file where i am entering the data here:

Here is the first week resume:


Added $100,000.00 to the Portfolio for the operations


Buy Recomendations:


Sell Recomendations:

None of the opened positions




Buy Recomendations:


Sell Recomendations:

None of the opened positiions




Buy Recomendations:


Sell Recomendations:

None of the opened positions




Buy Recomendations:


Sell Recomendations:

None of the opened positions




Buy Recomendations:


Sell Recomendations:

None of the opened positions

No target price or date were reached on any of these dates.

Haejin Portifolio Status 03/09/2018

2018-03-10 (1).png

Total Portfolio Value Over Time

2018-03-10 (5).png

Captal Gain/Loss ovet Time

2018-03-10 (4).png

If you think i made any mistake, feel free to comment.

Thank you for you attention


Masssssssive profits sooooooooooon! I can feel it!!

:) :) :) :) :) Glad to see this started xo


You just got my follow. Thanks for doing this. I'm looking forward to the next post.


I am going to follow you to see where this will go. Good thing that those are not real money! :) I also upvoted all of your posts because why not. Best of luck!

I never put real money on anyone else decision. I have to make my own decision after some research and using techniques that i spent some time studying.

It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

@Haejin You do not provide any entertainment. I brought you some.

How are we going to know if he or she's picks outperform the "market"? Without that this is a waste of time.

Define "Market"

It is not a waste of time, because is tracking his predictions of what would happen if money were used to buy the assets.

If you are saying that i should compare with other "technical analysts" you are wrong.

Each analyst have its own performance rate.

No, track it compared to the "market" the way stock picks are compared to the Dow Jones or S&P 500 to see if someone's portfolio actually outperforms some measure of the average of the market without humans picking stocks. Haven't you ever heard someone brag about their stock picks when some unmanaged market index actually outperformed his portfolio? That person made some bad picks but thinks he's done well just because the market as a whole did well.

As far as I know there is no such thing as a crypto index but it wouldn't be hard to come up with one just using the top 50 in market cap and give weights to each according to their market cap. Maybe I should create it and call it the Kirby Hopper 50 LOL!

Thank you for the clarification. Comparing the performance with an index is a good indication, but for that we would need a index percieved by most of the players on the market as reliable.

I Will do some research to see if i can find any good index.

Nice. I'll keep the resteems coming.

Ill be sending over SP shortly

I think it would be interesting to compare the payout with the average coin price, this way we can compare his investment advice with the average crypto movement.

The average movement of each currency is already there on the gain/loss column.

If you buy $1000 or $10 and the price move up 10%, your invested money will also move up 10%

$1000 Will become $1100, and $10 Will become $11.

I meant the average movement of all altcoins.
Meaning: If you would invest randomly would you be better off than investing with Haejins advice.

If all cryptos go up, did the average one move better than his advice?
If all go down, did the average go down stronger?

Lol, I actually planned something similar. As I noticed in 2 samples that analysts are very bad in predicting a sentiment change in the market. In both cases 4 out of 5 analysts did not predict the sentiment change.
So I thought it might be nice to check this more often.

Anyways I think your idea is even better. And if I do a TA on your number of followers, I see a very strong uptrend for the coming weeks 😀

There is good analysts and bad analysts. The only way to make sure is to actually check if what they say actually happens.

Also, good analysts aren't 100% right all the time, but their hits are higher than their misses.

Also, is Always good to make your own tracking and draw your own conclusions.

So basically, what you're saying is, Haejin is garbage and the Haejin dick riders need to realise that they are flogging a dead horse! 😁

I can't say that for sure at this moment, but he definetly have a bad start.

Since he doesn't set an specific entry price, i have to assume that the price of the day of the prediction is the entry price.

This is awesome, thanks for spreading the truth about @haejin and his {air quotes} analysis.

I suggest investing in Haejin tips no more than $ 10 per coin at the starting budget of $ 100k, so that the fun does not end before the end of 2018. ;)

That's a great idea you're pursuing!
Would you also consider overlaying the total market cap? That would add the nice extra info if HJ performs above or below the overall market.

Do you mean the market cap of each coin?

Orgasmic tsunami profits!!!! LOL fuck this man Haejin. such a joke.

Very inspirations

Very cool. I wasnt active on this platform for some weeks but this haejin still seems to be a topic :-)

Im not saying I like or dislike @haejin. I dont follow him at alland don't care.

I would just like to say is that this should be tracked in relation to btc. Its unfair to track the portfolio in relation to usd as nobody makes money except on pump and dumps when bitcoin is like this.

Check day 3. I added a BTC reference.

If you have another suggestion to an Index that have a weighted track on cryptocurrencies like S&P 500, please let me know.

no thats perfect thanks.

Brilliant Analysis!

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! :D

His success rate is no where near what he claims it is, and with the influx of new people into the market in December/January, anyone listening to his TA would be down huge. There was a poster on here that started going through his posts and tracking his success rate this year and it was at -70% at the time.

What kills me is in January when he was preaching everything was fine and all these coins would moon there were dozens of people like myself saying that the market was in a downturn. It was only when it was too late that now he has started to change his tune and stop suggesting ATH and showing more corrections. Yet the people that disagreed with him (and ended up being correct) were flagged to death and insulted yet he made 10's of thousands posting brutal TA. How does that make sense?

Massive profit


Hmm this user seems to have copied my comment on vlog 244.

You can check my article What are auroras (polar lights)?/Was sind Polarlichter?

Please help me flag this plagiarism

Wow, amazing buddy

Your chart is GARBAGE. What if @Haejin invested $500,000 into SALT. He would have MAAAAAAASSSSSSIVVVE PROFITS!! You do not know what investments King Haejin has. That is his SECRETE SAUCE as he would say.

How is the chart garbage? He is not questioning Haejin's own portfolio, simply creating a mock portfolio based on his advice that he publishes daily. It's fair and balanced.

He is obsessed with the guy. Dont waste your time.

He is clearly being sarcastic....

ohh yeeahh HiEngine is cryptogod!

@born2crypto I’m new here and I don’t know who @haejin is as I haven't looked much beyond a link reference above. Your comment says his secret sauce is what investments he has made? The secret sauce is not what the chartist holds, it’s what the chartist concludes as they draw lines at points of resistance. In short, when talking about Elliot Waves TA the secret sauce has to do 'wave placements' and 'laddering techniques' used by the chartist. If wave lines are hitting resistance points and support points it will mimic the chartist laddering technique. These are the key ingredients to what you are referring to as secret sauce.

The thing is that Elliot Waves Counting is too subjective. There is no clear statistic parameters do define the length of each count.

If you give the same graph to two Elliot Wave Analyst on separated rooms, each one Will come out with a different wave count.

I am fully aware of the subject nature. I am talking about the 'secret sauce.' EW is not rocket science if you know what you are looking at when applying the 3 hard rules and 3 guidelines of EW. EW can predict price direction with accuracy, but not speed of change or the duration of a wave. In my humble opinion, EW analysis is an art. For me, the most interesting thing about EW is that the concept is entirely independent of news.

Well, we can't know if he doesn't make his portfolio public right?