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1. Dash is centrally controlled. This is a fact.

Dash used to be one of my favorite parts of the internet, since discovering Bitcoin. I spent weeks upon weeks reading up on Dash, after years of learning about Bitcoin and it's faults, Dash (Drk) at the time seemed like a logical next step forward, so I dove head first into Dash for a little over a year and spent a majority of my time working alongside the community to dream up cool projects, spread the word about Dash and so on, once I started asking the hard questions about the core team being accountable, the slander slowly began to build. Before you knew it, I was known as the town troll for "asking too many questions" and was sidelined as much as possible, simply for being critical of the teams decisions and asking them to act in the best interests of Dash, they did not. They are making loads of cash while controlling the "governance system" with large amounts of Masternodes and upvoting their own backdoor deals with companies that are friends of friends and so on . Any sort of critical thinking is not welcome in the Dash ecosystem and you will be sidelined due to it. So be careful. They are acting in their own interests, not in the interest of cryptocurrency. Hence the echo chamber being so powerful.

2. Dash is under researched, overhyped. It's all marketing.

InstandSend is the ONLY good thing Dash has going for it (and its completely wasted), governance is completely and purposely flawed as to enable control for the core team of no only the funds, but the mechanisms that drive the governance system too. You'd be surprised to find out most of the important things sucks as forking and what not are handled by Evan and Evan only, there is no consensus mechanism to force anyone in core to do anything, thus they do as they please and remain largely unchecked in doing so.

Darksend is a gimmick, sure maybe it can't be cracked super easily, but the use of it is a complete joke, not to mention Dash recently teamed up with Coinfirm to track all Dash purchases in the network, sound a little backwards to you? It did to me to. They also have lawyered up using blockchain taxed funds, spent quite a pretty penny (hundreds of thousands) on their own little side projects such as Lamassu ATM integration which still has yet to come to fruition and so on. The point being, Dash is nothing but a big echo chamber, be careful believing anything that comes from that community, they lure you in with false hopes of a better world of crypto currency just to break your heart when you find out they really just want to start their own crypto bankster project for their own selfish needs, that is not what I signed up for.

The Dash I understood when I started reading the docs and listening to Evans videos was a new form of "digital cash" for the people, controlled by the people. The Dash I found was just another wanna be get rich quick scheme covered in all the right hopes and promises. Be weary folks, a REAL digital cash will arrive one day, it might be called Bitcoin, it might be #Monero, hell it might even be #Litecoin if they go privacy first, but one thing I do know is it will not be Dash, until the entire core team is gone and the community controls Dash.

3. The Dash community is disingenuous. The "governance system' is flawed. The Core team controls majority of Masternodes.

Everyone in the Dash community who is left minus a few brave and stubborn souls (achem Camosoul, GrandMaster & Solarminer) is part of the problem, they are all lazy crypto currency supporters who are just here to make a quick buck, the idea of changing the financial landscape forever has been lost to them. When I started with Bitcoin in 2011, the only thing I could ever think was how revolutionary Bitcoin really was and what good it could bring to our planet. Little did I know it was an unfinished product, Dash seemed to fill the gap temporarily, but after spending almost a year devoted to Dash, I quickly learned it was all a sham and some good marketing points. The governance system being the best part of Dash, until you realize Evan owns 400+ Masternodes, Daniel easily owns 200+, Otoh owns 400+, and so on... Well when you only have 3-4k nodes in the entire community and things only need 10% nodes to vote to pass, and the whales started out with Masternodes costing 1% of what they cost now, you can see how the community can quickly end up in the control of 'bad whales'.

Point being, the governance system is a joke, its as much of a governance system as a bankster scam aimed at making you feel like you are winning, while they are winning 1,000 more than you. How are those crumbs tasting fellas?

4. Darkcoin was a far superior coin to Dash, yet here we are. Why you ask?

Darkcoin was the basis for what Dash became, but Darkcoin was also MUCH more ahead of its time, back then Evan wasn't coding for revenue, he was coding to create an idea, that idea was a sort of 'digital cash' based on Bitcoin. Within a year or 2 his vision slowly changed into creating "Paypal 2.0" (and yes thats a quote rom him and multiple core team members, not my words). And that is where I call BS, they say anything they can to get some coverage and don't give a single damn about delivering the proper product. The Dash team will NEVER deliver a true digital cash, because that is not their end goal. Darkcoin was on the right track, but Dash is a completely different direction, hell Dash is actively running away from privacy as it is anyways... look at coinfirm...

5. Evan Duffield lacks a spine and a moral compass to do the right thing with Dash. Ryan "Babygiraffe" Taylor & Daniel Diaz are wanna-be failed banksters with a selfish end game that influence Evan heavily.

As I stated already Evan Duffield was on the right track with Darkcoin back in the day, but slowly over time he seemed to have morphed his vision of what digital cash should be from being an open sourced, community controlled, instant, private digital asset toooooo controlling your money, controlling the governance mechanism to ring as much money out of the project before it collapses on itself, getting their own office space paid for by the blockchain, paying themselves large sums of money and so on... doesn't seem right when there are villages all around the world dying for access to a worldwide economy now does it?

Ryan Taylor is an ex bankster with a selfish end game. This guy came around to Dash shortly after myself, was cool at first while he worked his way into the core team, but once things became a little more heated he quickly buckled down onto his knees and stopping trying to fight for the idea of a better Dash and became a leach himself. They hired him for help with finance, and ever since he's been the biggest figure in the Dash community besides Amanda in the public realm, you wonder why don't you? He's in it for himself, not for Dash, not for crypto currencies. He just wants his former bankster glory back.

Daniel Diaz is a complete half assed wanna sneaky snake like scammer. He's been around Evan since the beginning and he's the one that I attribute to ruining Evan's moral compass. He's the one who envisioned this crappy "paypal 2.0" idea and tried shoving it down the communities throat with deceit, lies and made up stories. He's the one who put his neck out there and said "WERE GETTING ON LAMASSU ATM'S!!" almost a year ago, and $100,000 later and countless excuses, there are still 0 Lamassu ATM's in the world... He's the reason the "governance" in Dahs is broken, because he has poisoned the well and turned Dash into a leeches paradise.

6. It's either 1 huge scheme or they really lack a higher purpose.

I could never really figure out which one it was, but after a few months of reflecting back on this I feel like it was a mix of both. People like Daniel and Ryan are scheming/leeching while people like Udjin (the best dev easily) and Evan are simply following the herd. I feel as if Dash was capable of being 1000x the product it is today if they would have embraced more decentralization, more worldwide change and more of a community focused mindset, then Dash could become the first truly decentralized economy, basically a skynet if you will. But the core team doesn't see it that way, they just see a big ol piggy bank when they see Dash, it's quite sad honestly. Hopefully someone clones the entire damn project and does it the right way, that'd be the best altcoin IMO. Either way, still not really sure whether it's one huge team scam or they just don't see the greater good they could be doing, or maybe they don't care? Who knows.  All I know is echo chambers never did a lick of good in the past and they damn sure won't start now.

7. The Dash core team is power hungry. The Dash community is blind.

As has been touched on earlier in this post, the Dash team has lost it's way. Dash could have been a world wide economy, the governance system could be used to employ ANYONE in the world, and yet they are sitting here hiring random companies that thier friends just happen to run to do stupid things like try and get ATM's set up everywhere, which is so backwards it makes no sense. Dash has InstandSend, people have smart phones. What the hell are they doing dropping $100,000+ dollars on ATM's you ask? Kickbacks I say, kickbacks. And the sad part of this is when you start pointing these types of things out to people in the community, the core team starts pinning you as a troll and what not just to run you off. This has happened countless times since the times of Darkcoin and I hope people will chime in and help people realize this isn't just a big old ranting post.

8. Dash COULD have been so much better, but greed killed it before it even got started.

Bitcoin was mean't to change the world, but has fallen short thus far. Dash came sooo close to filling the gap, but human greed seemed to have ruined any cryptopunk or libertarian ideology. People in charge of Dash think libertarians are stupid and childish (another quote), and that just never made sense to me.. Bitcoin was supposed to a libertarians dream come true, so when did this goal change? I'm still here waiting for the world to change, but in order to get there we'd have to have a fully decentralized or atleast distributed system that is fair for everyone, and provides everyone the same access to community funds in order to start creating a more economic model of crypto currency that can perform a proper digital asset with all the appropriate features such as speed, privacy, control and worldwide scalability. So far all the coins are falling short in one way or another and one day I think someone will hit the nail on the head and we'll either see that tech baked into Bitcoin, or some random coin take off overnight... not sure which yet. The main flaw of the Dash project seems to be greed, and lack of a moral compass.

9. Dash is basically a huge echo chamber supporting its own weight due to the Masternode system, it's nowhere close to being "digital cash' as it's marketed. 

The biggest problem I found in this community and the same one that is true of most pyramid schemes is there is a massive echo chamber effect, everyone who sings the praises of Dash is a wonderful community member and is always talked to with respect and what not, but the second you start questioning things and making people feel as if they are being held to a standard, people will quickly turn around and happily tell you to leave because thinking is hard and people don't like things to be hard. I honestly think the people that are going to lose the most money when the core team decides to dump is going to be those exact users, which is sort of sad when you think about it. Sounds alot like a pyramid scheme to me, anyone? Lol oh and they even added a rating system which auto censors posts that get 4+ troll ratings, which they use VERYYYYY often to hide the complaints about them to the general public.

10. Dash is NOT Digital Cash, Dash is wanna be PayPal 2020, does any actually like PayPal? Thought so.

I've had repeated conversations with the core team in the past and various community members who blindly support them and I've asked them which they would prefer, digital cash or Paypal 2.0, and to my surprise the only ones who actually support the whole Paypal idea are the people in charge (core team) and their blind followers, because who wouldn't want to be the next billion dollar company? I mean I get it, but what happened to changing the world and doing it the right way? 

Besides we all know PayPal is going to crush Dash in the long run, they are a billion dollar company getting put in a corner, I wouldn't be surprised if they already had eyes on Bitcoin & Dash and the recent acquisition of TIO which will give them access too hundreds of thousands of kiosks world wide, so much for that Lamassu Deal eh Daniel?

Good luck with your investments, always keep your eyes wide open, you never know when the floor is going to fall out from beneath you. And yes this is all true, and no I'm not trolling, just thought with all this Dash hype we could have a dose of reality.

Best wishes folks.


Some links for the lazy:





My quit post in September covers alot of my feelings back then pretty well:


Want more fun links to read? just ask! I have soooo many more I can pull up lol.

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¨Evan owns 400+ Masternodes, Daniel easily owns 200+, Otoh owns 400+, and so on...¨ & ¨And yes this is all true, and no I'm not trolling, just thought with all this Dash hype we could have a dose of reality¨ I used to own 420 masternodes but that was ages ago, it is super easy to track and I am totally open about it as well, I now own just 76 masternodes which is 1.72% of them or 1.069% of all DASH, plus 9 masternodes that I hold for friends (soon to be 10). I am not part of some cabal, I voted against some of Evan´s proposals when I had more masternodes and hardy voted for or against anything as ppl can see, anyway they have now been mostly distributed to a much wider ownership base, all of whom are vastly in profit btw, do try and get your facts right, check here to see how many I have anytime in future: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/wallet.dws?188207.htm (my previous #1 addie). I have had overwhelming requests recently for OTC sales, but now being very well hedged I rejected them, I imagine they are now going to buy on the exchanges, some are wanting up to $12k per week, others straight in with $0.5MM & a regular buyer wants $1MM plus again, maybe I sold a few too many but if DASH does as I expect it will then I will be perfectly all right with my present holdings and rewards.


Thanks Otoh for this update!

TheDashGuy was toxic almost from the beginning. I tried to be open minded and interact with him and his small clan. But TheDashGuy is grinding an axe here. Just because you have a vision of what you wanted DASH to be...doesn't mean its the vision of the majority. You were a big cry baby on Slack and on the forum and toxic as hell. We all squeezed you out because everyone was tired of your constant whining. Good riddance. And if there are those that can't read between the lines on you drivel....they too deserve to join you. We don't need toxic people in our community. Good luck out there...I'm sure the scum from Monerons would love to have you on board...your toxicity would fit right in with the shitbreakers, smoothies and the rest of their ilk. Later.


Who is this dashguy? He sounds seriously butthhurt about something. All his points in this article are irrelevant. He sounds like a troll.


How can we know you don't secretly own more masternodes? That can't be disproven can it.

When I wanted to “change the world” I joined a band. When I wanted to invest in a project with creative ideas about how to make blockchains more digestable, I invested in Dash. Unfortunately, the first of those two ideals ended up in pieces for me as well so we do at least have one thing in common :-)

Regarding your other points:

  1. ”I was sidelined as much as possible “
    Point to Dash, surely. If they’d wanted a masterclass in vandalism I could have sent them to the South side of Glasgow and done a better job than you.

  2. ”important things sucks as forking and what not are handled by Evan”
    Assuming you’re still waiting on your proof-reader to get back to you I take it you were just thinking “sucks” but meant to write “such”. It’s ok - we all mix up thinking and feeling but network forks need to be handled by those who can tell the difference so for me, that’ll be 2.0 I’m afraid. As for your assertion of co-operating with meta data providers being a “cardinal sin”, I invested in an a monetary asset, not a political party and I expect the caretakers of said asset to do their job which is to respond favourably to requests from all and sundry legitimate customers who wish to avail themselves of the Dash blockchain for whatever reasons. If money can’t be ubiquitous it can’t be anything. Darksend a gimmick ? Go and try it. It works and it works better with every release.

  3. “lazy community, part of the problem, founders own too many masternodes”
    I thought I might give you a point on this one because it’s true that dominance of any democratic system by a few parties is not necessarily healthy. But then I realised that if it was a true democracy it might also be dominated by butthurt vandals who throw their toys out of the pram at the slightest sign of their rainbow chasing world revolutions not yielding tangable results, so I might make that one a draw instead ;) By the way, Dash is governed by 4 stakeholder sectors, not 1. Thats simply 1 more than Bitcoin and the parties you cite only have an influence on how the budget-targetted block rewards are allocated. They do not have ultimate say over the future of Dash - miners do just like everywhere else.

  4. “It’s Paypal 2.0”
    Hey, guess what - I actually agree with some of this one ! I’m not a fan of creating Paypal 2.0 either because I don’t want to attach a banking metaphor to cryptocurrency and have said so quite a few times in community discussions believe it or not. All the same, I don’t really mind too much about it because we’re talking about a user interface not a monetary property and given the fact that 188 million people already know how to use a Paypal interface I might let them away with it this time. When the network supports a decentralised API it will only be one of a myriad of ways available in which to interact with the Dash blockchain. In that respect DAPI does do justice to Darkcoin because it liberates end users and if you want to start a revolution you need ordinary people, not a clique of bedroom world improvers.

  5. Evan Duffield lacks spine and moral compass
    Sure it’s not a boxing ring rather than a technical project you were looking for ? All of these guys could have made far more money with far less risk than they’ve done with Dash. Be advised that the word “Bankster” alludes most fundamentally to the practise of convincing people to accept uncollateralised liquidity in exchange for hard assets and calling it ‘financing’. Ryan “babygiraffe” Taylor has done the exact opposite - migrated from a comfy job in that world to a rocky one in this where his name gets to share company with low flying toys emanating from the prams of disaffected fanbase members because he doesn’t measure up to John Lennon. I don’t know. As a childhood fan of John’s myself I’d say you both share something of him. Apparently you got the peevishness and he got the poetry (see below).

  6. “Lacking Higher Purpose”
    Well I’d sure like them to have consulted you on that one. When I measured up Dash’s priorities I only looked at what had worked in terms of 6000 years of “monetary properties”. But if it could be infused with a ration of “the divine” then I won’t complain. There shouldn’t be any shortage of takers for cloning and doing it ‘the right way’ = what are you waiting for ?! Just so readers are in no doubt, here’s some of that “scheming and leeching” that you mention caught right on video:

7-10. Team is Power Hungry, Community Blind

Blind as a bat ! In fact the only areas where we have our eyes open are:

The Economics of Dash’s Reserve & Currency Markets vs Masternode Network Count

The Design Objectives which Distinguish Dash from Bitcoin

Tech Stocks vs Monetary Stocks and Why Dash is Persuing the Latter

Why Balancing "Dark" and "Light" Markets Work and Why Instant Transactions are a Priority for Dash

  1. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421615.msg13239732#msg13239732
  2. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421615.msg13366974#msg13366974

Symmetric Risk Mitigation for Low Confirmation Payments - Why Dash is MORE Secure Than Bitcoin, not Less

Pricing in "Everything" vs Pricing in "the Launch"

Why Dash's Privacy Model is Optimal for an Unbacked Store of Value Token

Who gets a voice with the Governance Model ?


I like Dash, upvoted you. Just a little worried about this:

added a rating system which auto censors posts that get 4+ troll ratings

Any thoughts aside from the obvious need to deal with spam?


Dash's [ANN] thread on Bitcointalk is one of the few which is unmoderated by the starter. Dash trolls have never had a problem with making their uncensored voices heard. When projects are successful they generate envy from all over the place, but that doesn't mean they don't have the right to a establish productive environments as well, as they see fit.

Crypto isn't a democracy, it's an industry and a diverse one at that. Ultimately markets put a price on everything.

The author of the above article is having difficulty swallowing that fact.

Anyone who agrees and would love to help spread the word, please resteem this or tweet it! It's our job to make sure people don't get burnt!


I don't agree with everything, but your post raises some interesting points. Resteemed


I encourage a healthy discussion about this issue honestly. This was something I tried to encourage time and time again to foster critical thinking in the Dash community but was constantly attacked by members of the core team and labeled for doing so. What parts do you think proved most interesting? What parts seemed personal? Because I promise you this is all from the heart :D


I've chatted with a few people, privately from the community that aren't at all happy with the newer direction DASH is heading in. There has always been questions about the amounts of coins certain people hold going way back to the Darkcoin days, and I also find the whole Coinfirm thing a bit suspect for a "privacy centric" promoted cryptocurrency.

Part 1: Who is thedashguy, in his own words

The Dash guy has been trolling Dash for over a year with his love/hate relationship with Dash and the community. One thing has always been clear though, he hates the core team and wants the community to break away/fork and for a new core team to take over. In other words he has always wanted to split the community.

This whole hit piece rant is constructed on a lie...
“I dove head first into Dash for a little over a year and spent a majority of my time working alongside the community to dream up cool projects, spread the word about Dash and so on”

No, you did not support dash for a year. You may have supported Dash for a few months but you hated/resented the “rich” core team members from the jump.
From the start thedashguy and Core team member yidakee did not see eye to eye to say the least....

“You insult people, then say sorry, then insult again, use foul language, admit you were out of line, then you do it again, then you say sorry, then you accuse "someone of something". You're being called down by dozens and dozens of members, kicked of Slack, kicked out of Telegram, ranting here, ranting in Dashwhale, ranting in btctalk ... geeeez”
yidakee, Feb 4, 2016

Not a very good start to your “year” supporting Dash. You rage quit so many times no one could keep track.

“Get off the drugs.
You are living in some alternate reality where you think you are actually smart. I'm just going to go ahead and warn you once then im throwing you on ignore. Stop talking as if you know anything because you don't. Come get your little bitch in check core team. He's about to cause you guys one hell of a shit storm.”

“You are the worst type of human being, a stupid one. Go away and stop making shit up. Don't worry I won't be "helping your" team out ever again, especially when YOU are on it. I won't even bother to explain it because half the community knows how much of a narcissistic asshole you are. People like you are the ones who turn into leeches of the project, don't worry you;ll keep defending your job if I have anything to say about it, better start working on making sure you carved out your little role in the team, if not sorry to say it might not last long.

Fuck off and have a nice day, welcome to ignore. So sad to see you be part of a project I really enjoy. You almost ruin it for me.”
TheDashGuy, Jun 17, 2016

“Who cares I'm done anyways I don't need this shit. Have a blast. @yidakee literally ruined this entire project for me and I'll I wanna do is beat his ass.”
TheDashGuy, Jun 23, 2016

Safe to say TDG and yidakee did not get along, LOL.
In fact TDG did not seem to get along with any of the core team members and very few community members.....

“Get your shit together. Daniel. Kot. EVERYONE.

You'd think this was a fucking gamestop run by teenagers or something the way certain people act and throw around thier so called importance to the project.”
TheDashGuy, Jun 21, 2016

“I need a break from this shit show. Need sometime to research my next investment thoroughly. Because this place is full of fluff, lies and falsehoods. It's not about us, it's not about the financial revolution, it's about becoming Paypal. Literally. All the bad they do doesn't matter because they are RICH!!!!

I hope one day a real Bitcoin is born, not any of this half baked shit we try to peddle in the crypto world.

Wonderful, just had to add Dash to my shitlist I guess. Good fucking job guys.”
TheDashGuy, Jun 22, 2016

“God you guys have so much shit backwards around here its sad. I used to love this project now I'm just disappointed by it. Price means nothing when the entire thing is controlled by a moron and some nerds. You never know when it will all come crashing down.”
TheDashGuy, Aug 1, 2016

Even after all of that he still wanted to be a part of Dash or at least extract a couple of thousand dollars a month from the Dash budget system. You really have to be delusional to think the community is going to fund you to promote Dash for 3 months after months of ranting and raving like a lunatic and rage quitting in complete madness.

TDG was not a fan of the “Transform PR - Michael Terpin” proposal.
This was one of Evan's personal proposals but it was voted out, so much for the conspiracy theory that Dash is “central controlled” and Evan and the core team can do whatever they want.

“And a great product sells itself, and needs no PR team.”
TheDashGuy, Feb 2, 2016

But after realizing he himself could get paid a couple of thousand a month to do PR and marketing he suddenly had a change of heart....
“TheDashGuy's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign | Working for the Dash Economy.
Amount: 175 Dash”
TheDashGuy, Sep 11, 2016

The reception to his proposal was not received very well after all the chaos he caused in the community and multiple rage quits....
“Last thing I remember reading about you was on slack calling other dash member a "c*nt" and rage quitting..I know you are passionate.. but why would the blockchain support someone who abuses other dash members? How can we trust that you wont just fly off the handle and walk away with our Dash?”
Stealth923, Sep 12, 2016

“What i have read from you on several occasions (Reddit, Slack, Dashtalk) were insults and calling people names in various flavors.

Beside some rage quits and rejoins.
Beside your "I quit Dash and convert to XMR"-stunt [1] for which others had to pay the bill for [2].
Beside your "Dash is broken" blog post [3].
Is this some kind of push & pull, on & off relationship you are trying to maintain?

Do you seriously expect that you have just a nounce of credibility left and anyone is expecting you to become the next Dash advocate / PR campaign driver?

[1] https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1538753.0
[2] https://np.reddit.com/r/dashpay/comments/4r9mc9/time_to_end_the_xmr_vs_dash_battle_confessions_of/”
flare, Sep 12, 2016

@TheDashGuy Man, I hoped for the best in yourself. But you often disapoint me.

You had three weeks for dash nation community links directory. Hardly any comunication from your side and the time is already over.

I can't support such project, when I have this experience with your integrity as such act of support would go against my integrity.”
#7Comodore, Sep 12, 2016

“Jake, you're a good web designer -- there's no doubt about that.

But it's pretty cuckoo that you'd list TheDailyDecrypt.com on your resume, buddy.

Would you like to tell everyone why I had to revoke your access to that website, or shall I?”
#9amanda_b_johnson, Sep 12, 2016

The proposal ultimately Failed

TDG's final rage quit letter after his 2k a month budget proposal Failed....

“It's been real ya'll, but I think I need to get out of Crypto altogether for a while.
I think it's time, the community has made it very clear, minus a few guys that is, that I am not wanted nor needed around here, and honestly, I'm fine with that.”
TheDashGuy, Sep 27, 2016

Since he left the Dash price has double, this obliviously very much upsets him. He was wrong about Dash a year ago and is wrong about Dash today.
His last rage quit letter was almost 5 months ago but for some reason he is still very much obsessed with Dash and visits the Dash forum and BTCtalk thread often. He is a toxic disgruntled former Dash member whose proposal was rejected by the community. He is somewhat mentally unstable as evident by his posting history and continued obsession with Dash. I hope he gets the help he so desperately needs.

In part 2 I will debunk TDG's 10 reasons to avoid Dash. Most of it has already been done by tok and myself above so I will copy and paste some of that and add a bit more.

As an investor I passed on Dash by because:

  • Their community is far to aggressive with defending Dash's image
  • The development team seems inbred

One day something will happen that they can't fix easily, so they will try and cover it up. When you cover things up they blow up. It becomes a huge scandal and alot of people lose alot of money.

The Dash Guy turns on DASH? Plot twist.

Maybe you should give up your username. Or change it to the anti DASH guy. lols.

I'm not even trolling. Criticism of all coins is essential, go for it.

Just saying, the irony is strong in this one.


If I could change my name I would.

Still the same old me, just these guys wanna vilify me lol, because they don't want the outside world to know of the sketchy activities going on in Dash.

Check out VIVA. I believe it will have what you are looking for: decentralization, sustainability, privacy, and honor.


"Crypto Meets The Real World: VIVA is a cryptocurrency designed for the real world, with market pegged assets that actually maintain their peg and a built in gateway to fiat."

lol, you sold your dash when you shouda hodl your dash. now that the price has exploded it really hurts huh? gotta make excuse why you made a bad financial decision. if dash is so bad why are you still so obsessed? why be a white knight CJW? why be that dash guy? what competing projects are you now involved in?

any evidence evan owns 400k dash or diaz owns 200k?
the rest is all half truths and troll slander.


Quite the contrary actually, I don't want people trying to diversify from BTC (news flash thats the only reason Dash and ALL altcoins are on the rise) and into Dash then losing all the hard earned profits for you get rich quickers to screw them over and leave them holding the bag.


There's FOMO and there's AMO. (Actually missing out). I think you're suffering from a bout of the latter.

Of course I could be wrong. You could be so genuinely concerned for your fellow citizens that you'd go to the trouble of writing a pageful of unsupported teenage spite directed at otherwise hard working professionals for not adopting your philosophical priorities.

Then again they're still here working for the community and you're not.

Lets see what 3 years of market growth has to say about it. Looks like get rich but "not so quick" to me.

Dash Chart 1
Dash Chart 1


I agree with matermined710 here, u went all in on your dash a while ago and now write up this long winded post to stop others from adopting the currency and doing something great. I mean in all honesty this is a bit pathetic, if u believe u could do better then I would highly recommend you start off your own coin and we will see what issues you face down the line. Please don't ruin it for others just becuase your experience was bad.


so bitcoin is what you are invested in then. i've been in dash for almost 3 years and won't sell my masternodes for a million each. so no get rich quick nothing and i am holding all my dash.

@thedashguy VIVA has default strong privacy, a user driven governance model and the dev team responds to users directly. We haven't even launched yet but when we do, we have ATMs and debit cards in place already. Our first debit cards have already been issued and there are already ATMs in place that deal in VIVA.

That's because we've focused on our work rather than our hype cycle.


If you're interested in learning more, send me an email. wbanks@vivaco.in and I'll get you an invite to our slack channel where you can see everything we're doing.

Great article!

Thank you for the article.

To investors:
Please... Do NOT invest in something you don't understand...
That goes for fiat as well...

Im invested in dash, so Im following you to keep reading thanks for the heads up

I am with you brother. Thank you for the informative post. Upvoted, followed. Cheers have a good day.


Thanks to you good sir! I'm just looking out for my fellow crypto enthusiasts who may go blind from time to time with excitement :p

I only took a fast look at your article and didn't read it all but you didn't seemed to mentioned the ninja mining that occurred very early in darkcoin days. Have you heard and researched it? What are your thoughts about it?


I have and I purposely wanted to introduce all the new information, everyone has heard of the obviously true insta mine that happened that Dash desperately tries to cover up, and it only turns away the moral investors. The ones who hope to get rich quick still jump right on in to the ponzi...


nobody tries to cover anything up. it's all over our wiki and forum and several articles have been written and it is posted about almost every day on the BTCtalk reddit. you sure did not seem to have a problem before you sold at half the current price a month or so ago. butthurt


I don't think it's fair to say they "desperately" try to cover it up, I've seen it mentioned and explained on their official channels.


They did try to cover it up until @smooth et al caught them red-handed and so they had to change to position of trying to justify it all. All the documentation is on BCT's forum.

Thanks for posting. I remember we posted back and forth last summer. I actually have really been into dash as well and reading everything on it. They are good marketers, especially to newbies but that's important.

But why are you worried they are trying to make money from their invention. I think the core philosophy of master node makes sense. They should only vote for things that will help the network. Having 18k tied up in a masternode would not make sense to give. 100k contract to a friend unless you thought it would make your masternode worth more. It seems there incentives are aligned no matter how concentrated ownership is. Marketing is the best use of block rewards to get the price higher. ATM are maybe not a great investment but they are great marketing. Put them in a video, it's very visual.

I want to hear more about these concerns but I guess I am ok as long as incentives are aligned and it does seem they are aligned.

Any developement to make steem anonymous?

Hopefully someone clones the entire damn project and does it the right way

I think PIVX (or darknet) is a clone with some privacy improvements. Any thoughts on that coin?

You did an awesome job here. The newcomers to crypto can be quickly influenced by the type of marketing that Dash does.
Others might like this youtube interview that talks about a lot of the points you mention. CryptoScam - Dash


People are slowly waking up to the sneaky style marketing going on the in the crypto industry.. just doing my part!

I was about to invest heavily in Dash, expecting that price will go down with BTC going up but after reading your blog, i think i need to reevaluate Dash as good investment in first place
Thnx man


LOL. so low. Sell all coins when someone writes FUD :D Use your own brain and head to make decisions not others opion.
And here you can learn more great info :


Yeah, an employee interviewing her boss. Yeah, you will learn a lot from that. LOL.


Sorry to hear that.
Since 2 days ago dash is up what 10 or 15%. :/

Don't listen to troll, this guy was never accepted in the Dash community.


Yes you are right about Dash price, impressive, but still i need to reevaluate :)
Thnx for input @lebubar

very nice points, and of course.. you were the last person to be expected to write this!


you don't know him very well then. he was the first person i would expect to write this. he has been very destructive in the dash community for a long time now.

Greed kills most things. I hadn't heard any critical stuff about Dash....and yet, it doesn't surprise me at all.


You haven't heard anything critical because it's one huge echo chamber, they don't welcome critical thinking or being 'for the cause' they all just wanna make money like anyone who joins any old pyramid scheme.


So, after reading all this I converted all my Dash into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Z-cash and Steem. Wish me luck, eh.


good luck, you'll need it.




Smart move sir! The recent price rises have been rather inflated and the price is bound to reverse course before rising further, before the inevitable crash down the road when the entire house of cards starts to fall.


people are going to hate you for losing them a ton of money. you already dumped at half the current price and now you are creating new victims.


Current price was quite alright for me to sell. I made profit so i don't really care what happens to dash now.


What do you think of Amanda's role in all of this ? Is she deluded and fallen for the hype . She seems like a genuine person to me . love to hear your thoughts . I was keen of buying Dash but now after reading your article I will have to reconsider . Cheers


Back in the day, her Libertarian side took charge but after having a taste of the 'free money faucet" shes learned to keep her mouth shut and simply preach the praise of Dash to keep getting paid. I wouldn't go so far as to call her a scammer, but she sees the same issues I do with Dash and chose to blindly support the project, never asking a single hard hitting question. So much for a crypto reporter eh?


lol, the BTCtalk ann thread is totally uncensored and troll spam runs rampant there everyday. nobody is hiding anything.

what i find most interesting about your post is that you are named 'thedashguy'


HAHA! Yea I wish Steemit had name changes and/or I wasn't so into Dash when I found Steem... I have since learned far more than I ever wished about Dash and it killed any respect I had left for the team behind the project. (Most of them)


You should learn about bts.
The more I learn about it, the more I love it <3

Dash has been getting 10% of portfolio for over a year. It has treated me well. If it becomes PayPal 2.0 then even more of a Yay from me :)

@thedashguy I think you need a snickers....

1 Dash is centrally controlled.

“Dash used to be one of my favorite parts of the internet”
This may have been true for a month or so. After that you started trolling Dash.

“They are making loads of cash while controlling the "governance system" with large amounts of Masternodes and upvoting their own backdoor deals with companies that are friends of friends and so on”
This is not true and the terpin PR vote proves as much.

“Any sort of critical thinking is not welcome in the Dash ecosystem and you will be sidelined due to it.”
Also not true, myself and others were very vocal against the ATM proposal and website issues. The website issues was resolved and the ATM issue is done with funding but underdeveloped and the network overpaid. Time will tell how it works out in the end but it has been a disappointment thus far.

2 Dash is under researched

Dash's governance system was thoroughly reviewed by IOHK as charles hoskinson was researching the best governance model for ETC. PrivateSend/Darksend then was reviewed by Kristov atlas a long time ago.
Dash Governance System - Dash Core Team Response

“governance is completely and purposely flawed as to enable control for the core team”
Not true as pointed out before. Most of the whales don't even vote anymore. When they do vote it is usually against something they think is harmful to the project.

“Dash recently teamed up with Coinfirm to track all Dash purchases in the network”
Not true, coinfirm can try and track coins on any network/BC. Dash partnered with them to help with KYC regulatory issues for some businesses that require it. This changes nothing with Dash's privacy feature. The Coinfirm partnership is a good thing for mass adoption.

3 The Dash community is disingenuous. The "governance system' is flawed. The Core team controls majority of Masternodes.

“Evan owns 400+ Masternodes, Daniel easily owns 200+, Otoh owns 400+, and so on...”
You have zero proof. Core supposedly has 10% of the masternodes and core proposals have been voted out. OTOH now has around 80 mn's. He has been fully transparent and open about his holdings for years and gained the trust of the community for doing so. Last I saw evan had around 250 mn's and Daniel around 100 but I really have no idea and neither do you.

4 Darkcoin was a far superior coin to Dash

“Within a year or 2 his vision slowly changed into creating "Paypal 2.0" (and yes thats a quote rom him and multiple core team members, not my words). And that is where I call BS”
Dash is far superior to Darkcoin, if you like Darkcoin fork it. If Dash changed so much why did you join after the change you did not like. You make no sense.

5 Complete slander

6 It's either 1 huge scheme or they really lack a higher purpose.

“Hopefully someone clones the entire damn project and does it the right way, that'd be the best altcoin IMO.”
Have at it Jake.

7 The Dash core team is power hungry. The Dash community is blind.

“As has been touched on earlier in this post, the Dash team has lost it's way.”
Then once again why did you try and join a team that lost it's way and cheerlead for said team for months or a year as you wrongfully claim?

“What the hell are they doing dropping $100,000+ dollars on ATM's you ask? Kickbacks I say, kickbacks.”
The ATM prop was one of the first proposals and was a bit of a mess. As far as kickbacks I have seen no evidence of this and you have never presented any. They should sue you for slander.

8 Dash COULD have been so much better

“People in charge of Dash think libertarians are stupid and childish (another quote)”
Where is the quote? Most people who work for Dash are libertarians so this does not make sense. You are a socialist Bernie guy so coming from you it makes even less sense, as does all your talk about decentralization while support a centralized form of big government.

“I'm still here waiting for the world to change, but in order to get there we'd have to have a fully decentralized or atleast distributed system that is fair for everyone, and provides everyone the same access to community funds in order to start creating a more economic model”
More convoluted socialist nonsense masquerading as libertarian philosophy. Bernie is not a libertarian, quite the opposite in fact, yet he does share some of the libertarian freedom philosophy.

9 Dash is basically a huge echo chamber supporting its own weight due to the Masternode system

“but the second you start questioning things and making people feel as if they are being held to a standard, people will quickly turn around and happily tell you to leave”
Not true, as pointed out before several prominent member questioned the ATM proposal for costing too much and taking to long, the website too. We were not told to leave or called trolls etc. We just did not troll the core team everyday all day and call them names like you and a few others did.

10 Dash is NOT Digital Cash, Dash is wanna be PayPal 2020

Dash is digital cash and a decentralized PayPal 2.0, Amazon, Bitpay and much more.
If you don't like Dash then go away and find another coin or design one yourself. Stop obsessing about Dash and trolling the community that refused to pay you two thousand dollars a month for marketing.

So we're do you go from here?

The world monetary system is about to collapse. When it does people will flood into Bitcoin because it is first and foremost a reliable store of value like Gold. Dash and other alt-coins may or may not survive the collapse so why speculate on a transactional currency that no one really uses? Just buy Bitcoin and be safe, AFTER the collapse diversify into alt-coins not before.


Bitcoin is also on the verge of collapse, and I would say much more so than the world monetary system.


According to a lot of people, Bitcoin has been on the verge of collapse from the start. I find it funny how they keep saying that every year and every year the value continues to rise.

I was thinking about shorting Dash in margin trading not but 5 minutes ago, looking a bit top heavy.

This seems more like a personal issue than anything else to me, and didnt do a good job at persuading me.

The collapse of Dash will be epic! I look forward to the show.

Great read, thanks for the effort.. Resteemed. And followed.
I have alittle invested in Dash, too. The recent jump in prices made me suspicious, though. There is just nothing to back it up.

So you think the main problem is they the Core Dash team controls much of the coins, which they have been staking and earning interest in their Master Nodes? Sounds very scary if they end up dumping at high prices. Do we have any idea how many coins this small group of people controls?

My greatest concern was that around only 1/4 of the masternodes even bother to vote and just a few whales (around 4-8 individuals) can control the budget.

Not saying they do but those are the numbers

This is a shocking read.
Personally I have always had a bad feeling about DASH but I could not put my finger on why. Still I like to trade and saw it was going up and so bought some a while back. If I sell now I will make a good profit.
How certain can you be that there will be a dump.
I mean that Amanda B will have her reputation ruined.


Always trust your gut. If it smells like a fish and looks like a fish, but screams Im a T-Rex, it is NOT a T-Rex.


Just sold my DASH.
Hope I dont regret it. Made a good profit though.
So far I have done well on trading.
I usually pick coins I like as well as ones that have a good base to them but I did not do that with DASH. I fell for the marketing I admit it. They were clever to get a pretty face to represent them.

Im looking into BURST at the moment.


big mistake as the market is proving. everyone who wanted to dump large amounts of dash already did it long ago. you should not take financial advice from disgruntled employees. good luck with your new investments.


He presented a good case to my ears and my ears are all that matter to me.
I bought ages ago and made a good profit when I sold all mine so I am happy. If DASH rises makes no difference to me.
The fact that you write to me to tell me I made a big mistake proves to me that I did not. Thank you, now I now I did the right thing.
My other investments are doing fine.

I followed and upvoted you. Please follow and upvote back. Thanks!