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RE: [Warning] Why I don't trust the price of Dash, nor the community. Be careful folks. Invest wisely. Diversify.

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Anyone who agrees and would love to help spread the word, please resteem this or tweet it! It's our job to make sure people don't get burnt!


I don't agree with everything, but your post raises some interesting points. Resteemed

I encourage a healthy discussion about this issue honestly. This was something I tried to encourage time and time again to foster critical thinking in the Dash community but was constantly attacked by members of the core team and labeled for doing so. What parts do you think proved most interesting? What parts seemed personal? Because I promise you this is all from the heart :D

I've chatted with a few people, privately from the community that aren't at all happy with the newer direction DASH is heading in. There has always been questions about the amounts of coins certain people hold going way back to the Darkcoin days, and I also find the whole Coinfirm thing a bit suspect for a "privacy centric" promoted cryptocurrency.