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RE: [Warning] Why I don't trust the price of Dash, nor the community. Be careful folks. Invest wisely. Diversify.

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¨Evan owns 400+ Masternodes, Daniel easily owns 200+, Otoh owns 400+, and so on...¨ & ¨And yes this is all true, and no I'm not trolling, just thought with all this Dash hype we could have a dose of reality¨ I used to own 420 masternodes but that was ages ago, it is super easy to track and I am totally open about it as well, I now own just 76 masternodes which is 1.72% of them or 1.069% of all DASH, plus 9 masternodes that I hold for friends (soon to be 10). I am not part of some cabal, I voted against some of Evan´s proposals when I had more masternodes and hardy voted for or against anything as ppl can see, anyway they have now been mostly distributed to a much wider ownership base, all of whom are vastly in profit btw, do try and get your facts right, check here to see how many I have anytime in future: (my previous #1 addie). I have had overwhelming requests recently for OTC sales, but now being very well hedged I rejected them, I imagine they are now going to buy on the exchanges, some are wanting up to $12k per week, others straight in with $0.5MM & a regular buyer wants $1MM plus again, maybe I sold a few too many but if DASH does as I expect it will then I will be perfectly all right with my present holdings and rewards.


Thanks Otoh for this update!

TheDashGuy was toxic almost from the beginning. I tried to be open minded and interact with him and his small clan. But TheDashGuy is grinding an axe here. Just because you have a vision of what you wanted DASH to be...doesn't mean its the vision of the majority. You were a big cry baby on Slack and on the forum and toxic as hell. We all squeezed you out because everyone was tired of your constant whining. Good riddance. And if there are those that can't read between the lines on you drivel....they too deserve to join you. We don't need toxic people in our community. Good luck out there...I'm sure the scum from Monerons would love to have you on board...your toxicity would fit right in with the shitbreakers, smoothies and the rest of their ilk. Later.

Who is this dashguy? He sounds seriously butthhurt about something. All his points in this article are irrelevant. He sounds like a troll.

How can we know you don't secretly own more masternodes? That can't be disproven can it.