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RE: [Warning] Why I don't trust the price of Dash, nor the community. Be careful folks. Invest wisely. Diversify.

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

I was about to invest heavily in Dash, expecting that price will go down with BTC going up but after reading your blog, i think i need to reevaluate Dash as good investment in first place
Thnx man


LOL. so low. Sell all coins when someone writes FUD :D Use your own brain and head to make decisions not others opion.
And here you can learn more great info :

Yeah, an employee interviewing her boss. Yeah, you will learn a lot from that. LOL.

Sorry to hear that.
Since 2 days ago dash is up what 10 or 15%. :/

Don't listen to troll, this guy was never accepted in the Dash community.

Yes you are right about Dash price, impressive, but still i need to reevaluate :)
Thnx for input @lebubar