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RE: [Warning] Why I don't trust the price of Dash, nor the community. Be careful folks. Invest wisely. Diversify.

This is a shocking read.
Personally I have always had a bad feeling about DASH but I could not put my finger on why. Still I like to trade and saw it was going up and so bought some a while back. If I sell now I will make a good profit.
How certain can you be that there will be a dump.
I mean that Amanda B will have her reputation ruined.


Always trust your gut. If it smells like a fish and looks like a fish, but screams Im a T-Rex, it is NOT a T-Rex.

Just sold my DASH.
Hope I dont regret it. Made a good profit though.
So far I have done well on trading.
I usually pick coins I like as well as ones that have a good base to them but I did not do that with DASH. I fell for the marketing I admit it. They were clever to get a pretty face to represent them.

Im looking into BURST at the moment.

big mistake as the market is proving. everyone who wanted to dump large amounts of dash already did it long ago. you should not take financial advice from disgruntled employees. good luck with your new investments.

He presented a good case to my ears and my ears are all that matter to me.
I bought ages ago and made a good profit when I sold all mine so I am happy. If DASH rises makes no difference to me.
The fact that you write to me to tell me I made a big mistake proves to me that I did not. Thank you, now I now I did the right thing.
My other investments are doing fine.