Crypto Escapades Part 7 - What is BitBay? + latest news about and hard fork

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On today's escapade inside crypto we will feature BitBay.

1. Introduction

BitBay is a decentralized exchange platform and just released a fully-functional decentralized marketplace.
BitBay trades multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat money such as PLN, EUR and USD.

bitbay currencies.png

BitBay achieved international success with Polish capital​. These are some of their features: features.png

bitbay features.png

BitBay was created in 2014 in Katowice.

Find their blockchain here

bitbay blockchain.png

Consensus Method: Proof of Stake

2. Leaderboard

David Zimbeck is the founder and leader developer of Bitbay.

lead developer.png

The term smart contract is widely used now. David was the first person in the world to code contracting software in BitHalo (now BitBay) a year ahead of Ethereum.

3. Roadmap


4. Trading


Exchanges: Bittrex, Cryptopia and BitBay ofcourse
Volume: approximately 10.000.000 USD
Market cap: >78.000.000 USD

Bitbay trades under BAY on virtual currency exchanges.

5. Customer Support

I contacted customer support through chat on, they replied within 10 minutes.

bitbay customer support.png

They redirected me here

reactions customer support.png


6. Social Media

Facebook: >12.000 followers.
Twitter: >4.000 followers.

7. News

Latest news

November 20th 2017: New BitBay website (
November 27th 2017: New BitBay web wallet

new bitbay web wallet.png

Upcoming news

November 30th 2017: BitBay will be hard forking


Innovative financial tools and great features on good tech makes BitBay truly an amazing cryptocurrency. BitBay already has an almost polished and a working product. The coin has a purpose unlike other crypto's.
The hard fork for BitBay could potentially benefit their price even more. But don't forget the value of BitBay (in bitcoin) more than doubled & at it's peak tripled compared to 2 weeks ago​.
If we look at the value in USD it went even more ham which makes BitBay a somewhat risky invesment on the short term. What is your opinion?

Always invest at your own risk and keep yourself updated.
We will keep you posted and updated on and any cryptocurrency we feature.

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