Crypto Escapades - What crypto is Quantum Project?

On today's escapade inside crypto we will feature Quantum (not Qtum).

1. Introduction

Quantum is a real deflationary currencies and they claim to be the first in the world.

Latest destruction report.png

Quantum tokens get cryptographically destroyed on a monthly basis. This process causes the amount of units in existence to decrease every month.
Since there are less Quantums available as time goes by, the remaining units gain in value.

Business model.png

Quantum has put all bitcoins received from the sale of Quantum tokens into a pool of funds called the 'Liquidity Pool'. These bitcoins are put to work and generate interest.
There are many multiple ways how Quantum generates money. Examples are margin lending and trading on exchanges.

Evolution :
Quantum's ICO started on April 15th 2017 and ended May 15th 2017. During this they were able to raise 2,417 BTC or $4.12 million through 486 investors.

Token distribution : 1/3th of the tokens were distributed among the ICO contributors. 2/3th of them however are held by Quantum.
According to their whitepaper their statements about this goes as follows:

liquidity pool.png

Blockchain : Ethereum.

2. Leaderboard


On top of the liquidity pool stands Damian Merlak, one of the founders behind Bitstamp.

3. Roadmap


Their most awaited and only feature is the B2B liquidity platform.
The only thing known until now is that this will be a trading platform. Quantum will be able to (automatically?) make more profits and destroy more tokens on a monthly basis with their upcoming platform.

4. Trading

Marketcap and volume.png

Quantum Project trades under QAU on exchanges.
Exchanges : Gatehub, Livecoin, HitBTC (top 3 based on volume).
Volume : approx 15.000 USD.
Market cap : approx 7.000.000 USD.

5. Customer Support

I contacted their customer through Facebook and they responded within an hour.

customer support aangepast1.png

Email : [email protected]

6. Social Media

Facebook: >25.000 followers.
Twitter: >10.000 followers.

7. News

Latest news

4 october 2017: Money Rebel partnership
31 october 2017: Q3 report released

Upcoming news

Partnership with
Beta release B2B platform Q1 2018

These were both unofficially confirmed through their customer support.

ppt upcoming news aangepast.png

Latest tweet



They are responsive on messages and they have a lot of likes on Facebook. This might be because of Qtum and the name itself but still it's great for them. After research I found out they do have powerful friends. These friends helped them setting up their ICO. Quantum Project has a clear roadmap and a transparent leaderboard. There is uncertainty about the remaining tokens held.

We will keep you posted and updated on this and any cryptocurrency we feature on a regular basis.

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Very interesting. Something to keep watch for. I like the fact they have a system to destroy their coins.

Yeah they seem to be transparent about their destruction reports. However I would like to see more in-depth detail about their trading. Be sure to keep an eye for my next upcoming articles. I will be releasing a YouTube video and article about a different crypto every weekday. Have a very nice day

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