Update On Profitability Of My Trading Strategy And STIXEX Ether Giveaway Program

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Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced a very simple strategy that you could use to profit on STIXEX platform, today I will go over the results. Also, I will talk about STIXEX Ether giveaway program that allows you to earn up to 0.08ETH ( approximately 20 steem) in just a few minutes. Let’s get started !

What Is STIXEX ?


I presented this strategy to my readers On February 26th, so let's see if it would have made you any Ether. All calculations presented bellow are based on a minimum trade amount of 0.1ETH. If you missed my article about this strategy, you can read it here:

Strategy #1 For Earning Ether On STIXEX Platform

WEEK 1: (February 27th 00:00:00 (UTC) - March 6th 00:00:00 (UTC)) (Break-even trades do not receive 5% cashback rewards).

Winning TradesLosing TradesBreak-Even TradesTotal TradesCashback RewardsTotal Profit
20 (20 x 0.08ETH = 1.6ETH)16 (16 x 0.1ETH = 1.6ETH)1(open price=close price)37(total)0.18ETH (36 trades x 0.005ETH = 0.18ETH)0.18ETH

WEEK 2: (March 6th 00:00:00 (UTC) - March 13th 00:00:00 (UTC))(Break-even trades do not receive 5% cashback rewards).

Winning TradesLosing TradesBreak-Even TradesTotal TradesCashback RewardsTotal Profit
27 (27 x 0.08ETH = 2.16ETH)15 (15 x 0.1ETH = 1.5ETH)1(open price=close price)43(total)0.21ETH (42 trades x 0.005ETH = 0.21ETH)0.87ETH

As you can see, both weeks were profitable, and if you would have traded using 2-3 accounts simultaneously, your profit would have been 2-3 times larger. All it takes is 5-6 trades per day and a few minutes of your time. Of course, nothing is guaranteed and you have to pick a strategy that works best for you.

STIXEX Ether giveaway program

Starting this week, STIXEX is giving away Ether to new visitors who try its platform. All you have to do is place one trade of 0.1ETH(minimum bet). If you win, you will receive 80% profit (0.08ETH) and if you lose, you will receive 10% profit (0.01ETH). In both cases, your initial bet of 0.1ETH will be refunded back to you.

In other words, win or lose, you will get paid just for placing one trade, it only takes a few seconds. You can also reinvest your free Ether by placing additional trades. You don’t need to register or qualify for this offer, you can go to STIXEX right now and receive your free Ether! If you don’t have Ether, you can purchase it with Steem directly from your Steemit wallet.

Make sure you join STIXEX Telegram group and PM your Ether address to “John The Trader” (admin) so that they know where to send your refund in case of a loss. Also, ask them about cashback, loss-cap and other programs. Don’t forget to let them know that you are coming from Steemit !


Well, I wanted to start around a week ago using your advised strategy; but then I looked at the graph for the past 2 days and saw that if I would have used your strategy of 3 same color candles — I would have won only around 6 trades and lose 14.
I have no idea how this strategy works for you though...

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Also, you claim that in two day period you saw 14 losing trades and 6 winning trades, that's 20 trades in two days. I rechecked the charts and there is no two day period that had 20 trading opportunities. So something in your claim isn’t right. Can you take a screenshot of the two day period that you are talking about ? So we can all see it ? Thanks.

Well, I said something approximately; I didn’t stand there to count second in second. It might have been 3 days or may be 4... The point is I saw a clear dominance of losing trades over the winning trades during the last couple of days...
I think it’s just better for me to stick with the traditional trading, way less gambling that way...

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once again, you did not provide an actual time frame for us to check your information, whether 2 or 4 day time frame...there is a big difference between 2 and 4 days...and you did not say "approximately", you specifically said "6 winning trades and 14 losing trades"...what you are doing is damaging my reputation without any evidence...it's not right. The point is, since I presented this strategy about 3 weeks ago, there have never been an instance of 6-14 win/lose ratio. Not to mention, 2-4 day results have nothing to do with weekly results.

Ok, my apologies; by no means I tried to damage your reputation.
But this thing is clearly not for me.
Good luck to your company...

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It’s possible to have a losing streak, in the two week period that I covered in this article there were instances of 5-7 losing trades in a row, but then there were instances of 5-7 wins in a row. Once again, this strategy is for long term traders who understand how trading works. There is no trading strategy that only gives you wins and no loses. As for results, you can review them yourself and verify their validity. Two day results that you mentioned in your comment are not the same as weekly results.

I will love to buy this decentralize binary option script/codes. Any idea??

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Can you join me in analysing this chart?

too small right? can u enlarge from your side?

According to this trade in 1 day span, using your technique, there were 9 losses and 3wins

I did it wrongly didnt I

Anyway you said long term

I can’t enlarge it, but from the dates in the bottom I can see that this is daily chart, on STIXEX you can only trade 30 minute charts. Therefore my strategy only applies to 30 minute candles.

I hope you can do a one time tutorial video

But even if you have used this strategy on daily charts the result in your picture would have been 6 wins and 7 losses. Not sure how you got 9 losses and 3 wins ?response.png

The strategy is very simple…Every-time when you see 3 candles of the same color in a row, you would place a bet on opposite color. So if you see 3 red candles in a row, you would bet that candle #4 will be green. That’s it.

Seen it now, quite a strategy. Thanks for the explanation

steem statistic...how is work..

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I apply this for my trading

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Nicely elaborated would like to.part in the project

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Asemos conteos para ver qué tal se gana con esta plataforma cuál es la moneda victual más valiosa en estos momentos 💰

Luar biasa

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very usefull sir

Good Information, Try it soon

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Very good, thank you for the information ...

Good strategy. Thanks for this information.

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