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RE: Update On Profitability Of My Trading Strategy And STIXEX Ether Giveaway Program

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Can you join me in analysing this chart?

too small right? can u enlarge from your side?

According to this trade in 1 day span, using your technique, there were 9 losses and 3wins

I did it wrongly didnt I

Anyway you said long term


I can’t enlarge it, but from the dates in the bottom I can see that this is daily chart, on STIXEX you can only trade 30 minute charts. Therefore my strategy only applies to 30 minute candles.

I hope you can do a one time tutorial video

But even if you have used this strategy on daily charts the result in your picture would have been 6 wins and 7 losses. Not sure how you got 9 losses and 3 wins ?response.png

The strategy is very simple…Every-time when you see 3 candles of the same color in a row, you would place a bet on opposite color. So if you see 3 red candles in a row, you would bet that candle #4 will be green. That’s it.

Seen it now, quite a strategy. Thanks for the explanation

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