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RE: Update On Profitability Of My Trading Strategy And STIXEX Ether Giveaway Program

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Well, I wanted to start around a week ago using your advised strategy; but then I looked at the graph for the past 2 days and saw that if I would have used your strategy of 3 same color candles — I would have won only around 6 trades and lose 14.
I have no idea how this strategy works for you though...

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Also, you claim that in two day period you saw 14 losing trades and 6 winning trades, that's 20 trades in two days. I rechecked the charts and there is no two day period that had 20 trading opportunities. So something in your claim isn’t right. Can you take a screenshot of the two day period that you are talking about ? So we can all see it ? Thanks.

Well, I said something approximately; I didn’t stand there to count second in second. It might have been 3 days or may be 4... The point is I saw a clear dominance of losing trades over the winning trades during the last couple of days...
I think it’s just better for me to stick with the traditional trading, way less gambling that way...

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once again, you did not provide an actual time frame for us to check your information, whether 2 or 4 day time frame...there is a big difference between 2 and 4 days...and you did not say "approximately", you specifically said "6 winning trades and 14 losing trades"...what you are doing is damaging my reputation without any's not right. The point is, since I presented this strategy about 3 weeks ago, there have never been an instance of 6-14 win/lose ratio. Not to mention, 2-4 day results have nothing to do with weekly results.

Ok, my apologies; by no means I tried to damage your reputation.
But this thing is clearly not for me.
Good luck to your company...

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It’s possible to have a losing streak, in the two week period that I covered in this article there were instances of 5-7 losing trades in a row, but then there were instances of 5-7 wins in a row. Once again, this strategy is for long term traders who understand how trading works. There is no trading strategy that only gives you wins and no loses. As for results, you can review them yourself and verify their validity. Two day results that you mentioned in your comment are not the same as weekly results.

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