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Finance & Development: Cash Is Dead

Successful digitization of retail payments depends on economies of scale and network effects. In the case of technology-friendly Sweden, consumers and merchants alike have been happy to desert cash. The trend has been reinforced by a long tradition of cooperation among Sweden’s biggest banks, which jointly run the country’s payments infrastructure. So a new service enabling real-time payments was immediately able to reach most of the population.
-Read: Cash Is Dead, Long Live Cash -at IMF.ORG

See a Trend and the Script:

G20_institutioinal governance_Hamburg Germany_2017_p1.png

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I haven't received a reply from Dan Larimer (EOS software engineer) on how his EOS will combat the above enforcement Open Letter To Steem and EOS Programmers and Application developers, but I did read a comment by a steemian @dan who said they have attorneys...

Sigh, I continue to discuss this (monetary system going on the blockchain) as part of Amplifying Worldwide Awareness - thus the People's Awareness of the Truth makes them unfit to remain slaves.

Share the evidence of what truly is happening and amplify awareness worldwide - resteem it and discuss it too!

Sincerely, @ronmamita

As always, great post and good info. Thanks for sharing.

@justinschwalm I am always pleased to chat with you, thanks for stopping by! 😃