Monkey Capital: ICO Review Series #7: Is this the BILLION dollar ICO of 2017?

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One of the biggest issues in the market globally right now is not that good ideas or good companies don’t exist…it is that good ideas and good companies stay limited in the hands of either incompetent or greedy or ineffective management teams.

So, Monkey Capital wants to ‘disrupt’ these companies by buying them out and changing the management teams. Monkey’s CEO, Harrison, states it without any ambiguity, “weed out useless management teams with no backbone who are just sitting on top of really great companies.”

This ICO of Monkey Capital has created lot of buzz in the market and for good reasons which we are going to review in this article.


bitcoin-2008262_1920 copy.jpg

Monkey Capital’s landing page bolsters powerful words like “Creative Destruction” and “Hostile takeover” which at the first glance are scary but we need to dig deeper to understand exactly what they are after.

1) The Disruptive solution:

I have never gotten into hedge funds nor stock market in the fiat world. I never trusted the suits on the Wall Street, not after what they did to their own country during the 2007-09 market crash.

I think if Government doesn’t find creative ways to thwart the progress that blockchain can bring, we will see massive disruption in the market in the next decade. Monkey may be the first step of that disruption.

“A leading Blockchain development company, a venture capital group and a Family Office combine forces to create a decentralised hedge fund that will invest in SpaceX contracts, digital assets and hostile takeovers, generating profits by engaging in creative destruction.”

Why is Monkey Tokens (MNY) a trend setter? When you buy MNYs you are not buying one token but buying share into all future dividends paid out any number of tokens/assets/projects issued in future. This example illustrates how this works.

“Let’s say MNY has 5 children by the end of next year; each of those children makes $10m and pays 50% in dividends. That’s $50m in 2018 value alone for MNY, despite being $10m value for, say, KEY token holders for example. Now let’s say in 5 years MNY has birthed 150 tokens? The birthing of the Tokens has nothing to do with Token production and everything to do with how the token dividends are paid. MNY has infinite value since it receives a variable percentage of the dividends from all its “children”. This infinite value variable is what is absolutely crucial to MNY value.”

Naturally, there will many more in the future who would try to emulate this model but Monkey will have the first-mover advantage of this model.

If all things work out as planned and for the potential MNY holds in my eyes I am assigning 35 points.

2) Team and Roadmap:

There is a reason why CoinSchedule honored Monkey with Platinum status. This project has multiple companies working to create the synergy of regular financial world and the cryptoverse so that a seamless interaction between the established stock exchanges, real businesses and exciting cryptos can be made possible.


Directly from their whitepaper, you can read their resume and find out why this could be the Platinum of ICOs we have come across thus far.

• Professional financial team with over 40 years of structuring, syndicating and originating high margin capital markets transactions
• Highly-skilled and best-of-breed technology development team with excellent understanding of practical financial application of Blockchain technology
• Access to high-quality assets at deep discounts and/or zero-sum purchase values enabling high-margin securitisation (e.g. Highway Capital call options)
• Knowledge of IPO, RTO and M&A transactions, enabling quick value production for token holders
• Unique, value-generative investment products that can be quickly assembled, sold and securely maintained by in-house tech development team.

There are over 5 CEOs and esteemed C-Suite members, advisors, founders with real world experience on board on this project.
monkey team.JPG

For this reason, I am assigning, 20 points out of 20 points.

3) Active presence in the Market:

Danile Harrison, CEO of Monkey Capital, was praised by Capital HK as “who most kept tradition with the enterprising spirit of the family ... Daniel thinks that there are a lot of ways of making money. But basically only by helping others create wealth will doing business contribute to the stability of society.”

And it looks like the praises for this project are just a common place in the Cryptoverse. Chris Waltzek saying he would give this ICO 6 out of 5 stars.

Then there was the stunt of air dropping 1000 CoEvals to a Crypto skeptic that created waves in Cryptoverse.

Harrison’s family business history, the team that has come together and Monkey’s CEOs vocal, direct yet honest correspondence has created the publicity that will only work well as we get into the ICO.

Their Medium blog is most active with more than one news each day.

15 out of 15 points.

4) Acceptable cryptocurrencies to participate in the ICO:

Monkey Capital tokens will be called MNY and there will be 1 Billion that will be issued. When you buy MNY tokens you automatically become eligible for share of profits from their Child projects that include KEY and CAPS.

Individuals who own CoEval will receive 10,000 MNYs per CoEval owned as of Sep 9, 2017. That means, over 480 Million are already locked in.

Selection of Waves Platform and acceptance of BTC, WAVES, ETH, LTC, XRP, COEVAL deserves 5 out of 5 points.

US RESIDENTS: If you are in US you have to be accredited investor to participate in this ICO.

5) Author’s Bias:

I will not lie to you guys, the number of things Monkey wants to achieve and the bold claims of 40% annual return and alike made me think that this either going to be a ‘great con’ in the token industry’s history (so far) or it will bring the greatest disruption in the financial market space that will not only push many companies to their long overdue greatness and in the process make MNYs most desired assets.

While I have my own reservations, my excitement for what Monkey can do to the market and what it will mean to the broader acceptance and penetration of Cryptoverse into the mainstream is uncontainable and this leads me to give 15 out of 20 points to this project.

Verdict: I am IN.

This is the highest score I have given in all of my ICO reviews so far, 90 points out of possible 100.

I am quite happy with few projects that I have come to review in this ICO Review Series as it is giving me an opportunity to study some good projects. The last project on BitClave was going to challenge the searching industry and this Monkey is going to challenge the financial market segment in general. I like that. There is no honor in going after small goals with such a power tool called blockchain in our corner.

Monkey Capital may be an exception to my otherwise cautionary stance. This one will be the project that will not only bring the attention we need in the fiat world but also create a real bridge so that the money now can flow from fiat world to the cryptoworld and vice-a-versa.

I have a suspicion that Monkey Capital may not be for short-term speculators but those that genuinely want Cryptoverse to become mainstay of the financial world.

Please read Monkey Capital’s whitepaper and yellow paper before deciding to invest.

If you would like for me to review an ICO that you are looking into, drop a note in the comments. I cannot promise that I will be able to review all requests but I will try to if my schedule permits. Your comments will also help keep me in the know about the ICOs that I may have missed.

Disclaimer: Opinion. Not an advice. The verdict in the article is according to me and for me. It may not suit you. Please read the article as an opinion and conduct your own research before deciding to invest. E&OE.

All pictures and clips used belong to respective owners, except where noted otherwise.

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I am sorry but I do not believe anymore in this project. Even when the idea is great, the execution has been poor at the very least, with fundamentals changing every day (which also feels like they are improvising. Last I heard all the MNY have been sold pre-ICO and then there will be no ICO whatsoever (at least what Daniel Harrison mentioned in Slack). Peerchemist resigned due to differences with the founder, caused by the early release of the MNY tokens in the markets (he was against that). Marcelo who is still member of the team, is now behind shadows because of his past (which I honestly believe is not as dark as some people have tried to put it). They deleted me from Slack just for asking questions, insulted me and called me a troll, when I was having doubts. I was just an investor that was looking for answers. So I completely lost my confidence on them. I hope I am wrong, I am holding my investment since at this price levels, I already consider it lost money. I hope I am wrong, I really do.

Hey...from the day I wrote the review to today...(under 48 hours) this project got so much investor wave that they changed the rules and opened the pre-ICO...did not know they sold everything? That is SAD! and I am with you on that...

For what its worth - our pick for ICO review was spot on...we just couldn't get on it, I believe!?

I'm in the exact same boat except I bought in at 0.09, I wonder how much money if any the guy who wrote this has invested in this crazy company

If you are referring to me, I cannot invest in this because I am in US and not an accredited investor

I love it, keep up the great work!

Thank you for the feedback...

I am looking for exposure and thank you in advance if you consider resteeming.

I sent you a DM on if you're interested in discussing an opportunity for exposure at some point.

You're in their slackchannel?

Having trouble getting in!

Very good Review @rkreddy there are indeed so many systems and platforms, companies that just need to bought out to give it a fresh new taste and make it a beneficial purpose instead of selfishly oriented dominion.

I like how it is called Monkey Capital as well because its the 100th monkey effect :D Haha

Im gonna keep my eye on this one thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Thank you...another way to get on this ICO is to own the CoEvals which grant you 10000 MNYs per CoEval owned as of 9/9/2017 in Waves platform.

Interesting post ATM with their bitcointalk thread getting locked , releasing the tokens early and not helping the fud that is driving the coeval price straight down to new lows I'm not so sure about this project anymore. I'm holding but I expect I may lose money on this, they don't run this any good for investors , they don't update their twitter despite releasing mny tokens early on exchange, no real explanation they leave it to others to do their job of trying to reassure people, I listened to their interview and they wanna be taken serious yet behave like amateurs not professionals for you to give it 20/20 is alarming to me

As I said in my earlier comment...things went south in 2 days...from where I was on this project 2-3 days ago vs. today - I am feeling frustrated myself...however, it is too early to draw conclusions as we are still waiting for them to come out and give details as to what they are going to are right - their future tokens will take a hit because of their 'silence' and 'sudden change of plans'.

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