Cardano ADA is it a good coin?

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So i recently got into ADA, I have a strong belief in the future of this coin, of course I am just posting here to promote awareness and hopefully you will see some value in it. With the market dipping due to bitcoins upcoming hard fork to bitcoin gold there are plenty of good buying opportunities out there.

Firstly please take a look at the press section of IOHK, which is their development partner. Multiple articles by mainstream media have been written about IOHK. To name a few, Business Insider, The FT, Forbes, Bloomberg and the Nasdaq Magazine (links to all these articles can be found on IOHK have a global team of leading scientists, academics and researchers working on the Cardano project.

Cardano’s PoS, Ouroboros stands out as the first proof of stake algorithm that is provably secure, meaning that it offers security guarantees that are mathematically proven. Ouroboros is also the first cryptographic protocol to be peer reviewed at the world's top cryptography conference, Crypto 2017. Forbes wrote an article on Ouroboros being accepted at Crypto 2017, you can read it here:

The project has adhered to strict compliance standards, and there is a wealth of information available under the transparency tab on the Cardano Hub website.

There is also talk of this being a scam coin. Here are some things that counter this view.

Polished interviews about the protocol the coin is based on with University Professors on the University campus

Full white papers detailing the protocol of the coin and its technological background

Extremely polished wallet (one of the few well polished wallets in fact)

Multiple github repositories with tens of thousands of commits to the code

Multiple active twitter feeds with real world events that the development team attends and presents at, which have been active since at least April 2016

FIRST domain with EXTREMELY detailed technical documents about the project

SECOND web domain setup to handle their voucher system with videos and instructions detailing its operation

THIRD web domain hosting a blog

Pictures and bios of staff with links to their professional pages

Businesses that use their platform or collaborate with them on the project

The developer of ZenCash's blockchain as one of their blockchain dev team - Charles Hoskinson


Yes Its good coin. Thank you for your great information. I also bought Cardano ADA at

A ton of promising coin here. BNB IOTA, DNT,ADA, TRON, CND, EOS ,PTT, Binance Review: ADA price is going Up .I hope it will hit $1 soon.

Please check: Where to buy Cardano (ADA) - 3 Best exchanges to buy Cardano ADA
Thanks agian!


Maybe good for profits but compromising privacy to appease globalists, is paving the way for a cryptocurrency also known as 666. There's a big difference between Monero and 666.

Thank you Sowapa for your Post. After seeing your post, I did some research and bought some ADAs. I am so happy that I bought ADA coins as it has more than doubled since then.

Useful info, almost all in one place.... Cardano seems to be nice and th future of smartcontracts, since it is wtitten on a much more and secure Haskell Programming language, instead of java, c, solidity, etc..... Also they have three dedicated teams for managing different things. I hope they will make it bigger than ethereum 😎
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I don't know anything about this coin. It caught my eyes when I did technical and filter analysis on coinmarketcap, searched it on google and run into your post, lol. I will do more analysis on it before buying into it. Thanks for the post, btw.

No probs, youa re doing the right thing by researching more before you buy.

Ada and Cardano has just started its long journey for new cryptcurrency world!

See these information and u understand about Cardano and ADA...

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Thanks for the details. I bought into them also and like what they're up to. They're hitting a dip now, so it might be another good opportunity to get in early. Hopefully...

Yeah same, bitcoin hardfork causing a bit of commotion in the market so expect some drops in the next few weeks

I'm sorry to say it, but this coin will evaporate.

Someone is trying to keep it above 400 sats now (IOHK people?) - but more than 700k BTC on sell side and almost nothing on buy side tells it all.

FYI, ADA's ICO was 0.0002 USD in Japan by IOHK and they tried their best to keep it a secret before the overpriced listing on Bittrex.

Whatever tech merits ADA might have, there is no doubt that IOHK is a malicious actor in the crypto space.

Yes I know that. But if you're only new to trading and cryptocurrency is your first time then I understand how buy and sell side may scare you. But if you are used to trading markets such as stocks then you shouldn't be so concerned about fake orders (they get pulled once the price comes to within a certain range of them).

I've been trading financial market for several years before getting into crypto.

These orders aren't fake, and aren't pulled - they try to control the market.

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I have been reading some good things about how smart the community I see working on Cardano from a science and tech based perspective. My overall sense is that this could have long term potential but probably won't do all that much in the short term. I am thinking about gradually adding some here and there to have a position in it. But not going to "bet the farm" as the cliche goes. I haven't bought any yet but probably will very soon. I like the idea of diversifying with cryptocurrencies--accumulate some, try to short-term trade a few that are hot, and so on. And don't keep the risk all in one place.

Ada will be were ripple is money wise in a year or two easy .. all I can say is invest what you can afford . I expect this coin to hit £2.88 in gbp then boost to crazy prices when bitcoin blows up. Take your chance and hold this long term . This is a long term investment. Be wise and il see you in paradise one day

This coin is going to be bigger than ETC

Here is something that tells a complete opposite story of this very overpriced coin that somehow made it to Bittrex without anyone in the international crypto community ever hearing about it before.

Big red flag for IOHK and the money grab behind this coin:

My comment doesn't help because I'm looking in retrospect. I bought into Cardano on 16 November after reading and liking their project. Today my stake went up 200%. Honestly, as a normal human I have problems resisting to sell when stuff like this happens Haha.

Do what I did, sell enough to get your original money back and then you still have most of your position for free, u can reinvest that money elsewhere or buy more Cardano when it dips... But you don't have to care about the price anymore because you're in it for free. Yesterday was pretty fantastic!

Indeed, Cardano engages the rigors of science, not just the expediency of marketing. Thumbs up, especially long term.

They plan to have 25 ATM machines that distribute this coin in Japan. They already have one...this is going to be big:

ADA is listed on coinnest today but nothing moved yet. there was a small pump but steady now.. Keeping an eye as day is not over yet. It is at 1170 Sats at Trex...

founder of ADA coin Charles Hoskinson
i checked his linkedin profile and there he was designated as the CEO of the ethereum 2013-14
could we also see some of his past work reflecting on this project.
and could it be positive or a negative remark on the same.

Absolutely yes and more!

Good intro, thanks! I'll be looking into Cardano.

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