Yeah same, bitcoin hardfork causing a bit of commotion in the market so expect some drops in the next few weeks

I'm sorry to say it, but this coin will evaporate.

Someone is trying to keep it above 400 sats now (IOHK people?) - but more than 700k BTC on sell side and almost nothing on buy side tells it all.

FYI, ADA's ICO was 0.0002 USD in Japan by IOHK and they tried their best to keep it a secret before the overpriced listing on Bittrex.

Whatever tech merits ADA might have, there is no doubt that IOHK is a malicious actor in the crypto space.

Yes I know that. But if you're only new to trading and cryptocurrency is your first time then I understand how buy and sell side may scare you. But if you are used to trading markets such as stocks then you shouldn't be so concerned about fake orders (they get pulled once the price comes to within a certain range of them).

I've been trading financial market for several years before getting into crypto.

These orders aren't fake, and aren't pulled - they try to control the market.

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