GLITZKOIN Can Become The Best Marketplace In The Diamond Industry.

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Jewelry will always be of interest to people. Someone buys them in order to stand out from the crowd, someone finds in them a means of saving. However, this is foolish to deny that even in the age of technological progress, jewelry that cost a fortune hundreds of years ago, continue to retain its value.

Some prefer to invest in expensive metals, some in stones. Like diamonds. It is for such people, as well as for the entire diamond industry in the world, the Glitzkoin platform was created.

GLITZKOIN. Global Platform for The Diamond Industry


Despite the fact that diamonds are popular in the same way as before, the world's enterprises that produce them are in decline. Not least, this is due to the fact that consumers don’t have confidence in the products quality.

GLITZKOIN solves this problem. The GLITZKOIN blockchain will be accessible to all businesses that produce real diamonds (not fakes). If the company can use GLITZKOIN, it will enter all data about diamonds in the blockchain.

This approach allows to observe the interests of all parties to the transaction. The buyer is absolutely sure that he doesn’t buy a fake - the diamond authenticity can be checked in the blockchain. Well, diamond producers provide an additional guarantee of their products quality, and therefore increase their value in the consumer eyes.

Снимок экрана 2018-06-14 в 14.13.39.jpg

Blockchain also solves the problem of diamond transactions, such as a large amount of paper work. Today, the buyer to buy a diamond, must issue dozens of different documents. With GLITZKOIN, this is a thing of the past: everything you need will be available in the blockchain.

But GLITZKOIN ecosystem consists not only of the blockchain. There is also a diamond market here. Any company can sell their products here, and buyers - to find quality diamonds at an affordable price.

Another distinctive GLITZKOIN feature is the use of cryptocurrency. It’s no secret that today the diamonds sale is hampered largely by the fact that transactions are accompanied by the currency exchange and its transition across the states borders(sometimes several times). GLITZKOIN will also be a system where you can buy diamonds for cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.

As in other blockchain projects, smart contracts monitor how the all participants rights are observed. They are concluded each time the seller and the buyer come to an agreement on the transaction. The smart contract ceases to work only when diamonds are transferred to the purchaser and the cryptocurrency is transferred to the seller.

What Are the Developers Trying to Achieve?

Now the creators of GLITZKOIN are holding an ICO to raise money for the project development. If you are interested in GLITZKOIN idea , you can get acquainted with the ICO goals and the tokens distribution on the Official Website

The GLITZKOIN creators call their project “the first one that will be able to meet all the needs of the diamond industry.” This is not so: Glitzkoin already has competitors who offer, if not completely identical, a fairly close solution. Let's see if Glitzkoin will be able to win this fight and for a long time to take the title of the number 1 platform in the diamond sales.

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Great exposition on diamond trade. Wonderful pix of diamond on your? finger!

@alaisguineasis, thank you and welcome!

If this helps to solve the 'blood diamond issue' then this is a good project. but why invest in diamonds when there are cybercurrencies available to invest in?

@premium.resteem. It is a matter of habit! no matter how profitable investments in cryptocurrency are, there will be people who will continue to invest in real estate and diamonds. with the help of blockchain :-)

Nice blog and nice opportunity for our jewellery lovers.

hello @kingsyrus! you are welcome, thank you for your kind words!

You're welcome dear

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