Crypto bet will be possible?

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Dear Steemitians

we are all watching this very interesting world cup football games, but i would like to understand if will be interesting service, only for our community, to make a betting session using Steem or SBD.
The system will be easy, we will propose the possible bets of the day and quotations, than from the user who want to bet, need just to send the amount with memo of bet kind, than to confirm the bet, we will send back 0.001 steem with confirmation or we send back amount if bet will not be accepted.
We would like to start this service after first stage of this world cup, but we would like to understand if this service will be interesting for our community.
For example, we will make a post with possible bets with value, like it:


So who want to bet, need to send the amount of Steem or SBD to us with memo of choice (for example: JAPAN).

If JAPAN will win, the bet will be winner and the user will got his betting value multiply per 1.5 (for example 2 SDB bet will get back 3 SDB).
If will be another result, the amount bet will be lost as in every bet system.

This post is only to see if this service will have followers and interested friends, so no bet will be accepted till we will not announce officially the bet in a new post.

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Interesting idea but I don't recommend it. Do you have a license to operate a gambling operation? Are you located in an area which allows online sports betting? Are you going to profit? Have you done your due diligence to ensure everyone placing bets is legally allowed to do so? Just don't do it, it's not worth it.

Hi @crypticat, thank you for suggestion, but i would like to do it just for Steemit community just using Steem or SDB. Is it forbitten to do it in Steemit?

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I'm not sure but this is a blockchain, things don't disappear. In most countries it's illegal to operate a sports betting ring for any sort of profit, SBD or Steem included. I'd talk to a lawyer if you are considering this, not random internet people.

Thank you for suggestion

I am already betting with crypto on @betgames

Hi @tsnaks, i visit this user, but it is not clear how they calculate the bet. It seems more bet are placed to a result, less is the bet reward, i well understood?

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If you keep at it, I am sure eventual you will gain clients. Gambling is popular.

Good luck with your idea.

Thank you very much for your wishes

Your Welcome !

¿Hola ! Hay que asesorarse bien, pero es una propuesta interesante para los que les gusta jugar a las apuestas, un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo @intellihandling upvote y reestem.

Gracias amigo!


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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

I am sure it is possible to bet using crypto. I think there is also a lotto in steemit, but I never participate in it since I am not the one usually winning on a bet or lotto.

games have always led to betting, that is practically inevitable. I think your idea is very good, success.