AltCoin performance 30 days

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Everyone is raving about Bitcoin growth these days and they seem to focus purely on the dollar value instead of the percentual growth.

So I compiled some data to see how Bitcoin compared to other altcoins in the last 30 days. I didn't look at all coins, just the once that I think are interesting and worth looking into.

Bitcoin is actually only in the 13th place on this chart. Obviously, Powerledger is the big winner but there are actually 5 coins on my list that performed over 100%.

Lately, my analysis is indicating that it is far more lucrative to invest in altcoins than it is in Bitcoin. I think from a risk perspective, BTC has as much risk as other coins. There can be market corrections but also miners switching to other forks, leaving transactions unconfirmed.

I started taking some of my Bitcoin profits and investing it in smaller coins, reducing my share of Bitcoin in my portfolio by 5%. I think Bitcoin has already reached a bigger audience than other coins, slowing down its growth. If BTC wants to grow 100% it needs to go from (almost) $10k to $20k, and I think a lot of initial investors will start collecting profits somewhere along that line. On the other hand, cryptocoins like NEO have a bigger growth potential and could go up 1000% in the next year.

As always, don't take this as financial advice, it's just my opinion of the day and I change opinions often.

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If some one need to come and deal with digital currency he must get knowledge of it . Rather he will be in trouble


I have no idea what you mean by that :/


Where did you get your data from? Could you share your spreadsheet?


I exported from The spreadsheet is not really in a good state for sharing right now.