Three Great Questions about Steemit and Cryptocurrency

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Would you read the answers to three questions about Steemit and cryptocurrency that I have just answered on Quora because they can be useful for you if you are a beginner on Steemit?


I have been doing this for a year, every month I answer 3 questions in Quora as shown on these 2 posts: How did I get 47.8k answer views with 36 posts on Quora? and My Answers Went Viral on Quora!

Quora is not like Steemit, you do not get any rewards, but taking the time to answer questions can bring serious traffic.

This month I selected 3 great questions on Quora that I would like to share the short answer here with you.

Three Great Questions about Steemit and Cryptocurrency

A lot of questions to answer on Quora are about cryptocurrencies, but also Steem as people want to learn more and more about this new financial technology.

I selected these three great cryptocurrency questions because I know the answer, of course, and it is a way to promote Steem for the benefit of all.

1) What is the best way to make money with cryptocurrency in 2018?


My answer to this question was that I don't think there is a best way, but different ways that each of us can try to see what is working the best.

You can invest in cryptocurrency for long-term gain, you can do swing trading, day trading, create a coin or lend your coins.

At the end of my answer I show my favorite way to earn cryptocurrency in 2018, which is Steem because you can start small and grow from there.

You can earn rewards blogging, commenting and upvoting, and then you can delegate your Steem Power to other users and earn daily returns. That will grow your Steem account and I do not know of any other altcoin that can do all what Steem can do.

Would you read and upvote my full answer on Quora because this will help more people discover it? >> What is the best way to make money with cryptocurrency in 2018?

2) Can you earn money from Steemit by making tutorials?


That's a question I loved to answer because I'm writing tutorials for Steemit. I explained that there are two ways you can do a tutorial for Steemit.

The first way is to write a post like I do and include screenshots to show what you are explaining. This has worked very well for me and it's what I like to do.

The second way is to do like @jerrybanfield, who is filming video tutorials for YouTube, then have them transcribed and edited with screenshots of the videos. This method works very well if you are already making videos for YouTube.

I also recommended to visit and added a video by @jerrybanfield.

Would you read and upvote my full answer on Quora because this will help more people discover it? >> Can you earn money from Steemit by making tutorials?

3) Are there any sites that are like Steemit (that pay steem coins for your posts/blogs), but for videos, only a la YouTube?


This question is interesting because people do not ask so much about videos and Steem. I recommended to have a look at DTube, which is the only solution we have at the moment to replace YouTube and earn rewards on videos.

DTube, is pretty new and it has its advantages and inconveniences. There is still a long way to go to surpass YouTube, but if you have a video, put it on both YouTube and DTube so you can have more rewards than only embedding a YouTube video in your Steemit posts.

That's what @jerrybanfield has been doing in recent posts with a video.

Would you read and upvote my full answer on Quora because this will help more people discover it? >> Are there any sites that are like Steemit (that pay steem coins for your posts/blogs), but for videos, only a la YouTube?

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to write more posts like this one?

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Michel Gerard


I am following you, nice to see your post pleaae always keep me inform on paying site .thanks

Thank you for your comment @muchlove and for following me.

thanks for this very useful post

u can visit my blog and guide me as a senior :)

informative post but what is witness and benefits of witness ?

Thank you for your question. Witnesses are the people on Steem who have servers to run Steem. The top witnesses make the decisions on how to improve & make changes on Steem, so it's important to vote for someone you can trust like Jerry.

that's great. thanks for valuable information

You had given nice answers to those 3 questions...keep it up... would you like to upvote my posts... I'm needing you as support 🙂

Thank you for your nice comments @steemerxo and I vote as many post I can possibly read.

Thanks for this amazing advice and lecture. I have never for once regretted or saw Steemit as a waste of time. I just regret why didn't I know about it from the beginning. I will try the Dtube also. I do see it but don't know how about it with Dsound. Thanks for this post

Yes @tutufaith, I also regret not to have started earlier, because I didn't have good people to explain it to me.

Its really useful. Thanks for sharing.

I am glad you like it @lovecreativity.

A model indeed. It's nice to see people helping other people without expecting anything in return, be it big or small (in this case, answering other people's queries in quora surely helps). I hope more people are like you. I also learned from this, so, cheers to you!

Thank you very much @vhmcrypto for your kind comment.

Steemit is an amazing platform and you can make money in many ways. Yes tutorials are maybe the most successful post after photography and Crypto, but every category is growing now. I think it is luck and if you bring new topics you get a better response :)

Yes, you are right, all categories seem to be growing @hanen.

Never used Quora myself but to my understanding it does a pretty good job bringing traffic if you know what you're doing, as you demonstrate.

Enjoy reading these posts of yours, expanding my knowledge to what's possible in the bridges between platforms such as Steemit and others such as Quora in this case. 👍🏼

Thank you @williamwest for your comment and I am glad that you find my posts useful.

Marketing steemit through quora is a good idea
Most of the people using quora will leave It when they see the amazing potential of steemit

Yes, a lot of people will check out Steemit and it would be great if Quora could implement the smart media token.

Why don't we make a question-and-answer site powered by a Steem SMT why should quora enjoy the benefits.
If we get enough whales to help us we could beat quora

Yes, this could be done.

Can you please suggest the idea to @jerrybanfield

If someone made a budget proposal for something like that, they certainly would get some funding.

I really want to write a budget proposal but I have exams coming this March

Fantastic tip on building traffic by providing value on Quora - That is a platform I have no experience with, and I'll be taking your advice and reviewing it more.

The methods you mention to make money via cryptos are good - and yet very focused on STEEMIT - which may be natural as, well, this is Steemit...

While I am new here and grateful for your example, as I followed you here based on seeing your successful earning.

Yet there are several other means of earning that have proven very profitable for me, that you do not mention here. I'm very excited to be working on a video and blog series that will detail the different ways I have worked my way up from zero to six figures!

Thank you @ipmal for your long comment. Yes, I agree there are other methods in crypto I am still not knowing very well and I am keen on learning all of them.

I agree with your answer on the first question, Steemit really is a platform where you can earn cryptocurrency. Before I was introduced to Steemit I have tried claiming free crypto coins using faucets, investing to cryptocurrency is a very big risk for a student like me. Add to this the fact that I am from the Philippines where a couple of dollars is not easy to make.
In Steemit you didn't have to invest money, all you need to do is exert some efforts like writing posts and comments to earn. Steemit would really be a life changer to many Filipinos in the long run

Yes @coderzairos, exactly what you said. Thank you for your comment.

Thanks for the useful post.
Upvotes on quora.

I am glad that you like it @event-horizon and thank you for the upvotes on Quora.

This is really great nice questions and answers

Wow, Nice one Michel I've tried Quora a few times. My answers never get any upvotes, though. Wish Quora might get a crypto token to pay their users sometimes; maybe SMTs haha. Oh and I just entered my story into SWC, please check it out so it doesn't get lost. Thanks.

Quora needs perseverance as much as Steemit to get upvotes. I added your story to the list @gbengaremi, thank you.

Thank you for stopping by.

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