How did I get 47.8k answer views with 36 posts on Quora?

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You have probably heard of Quora, this social media website where you can ask questions and get answers. I joined about a year ago and have set to myself the goal to answer 3 questions per month in topics I have expertise in. I have now 36 answers published that brought a total of 47.8k answer views and that's a lot of exposure.

How did I get 47.8k answer views with 36 posts on Quora?

Quora is an excellent website for experts in any field to gain some influence helping people with their questions. Answering questions in Quora can help any entrepreneur get more exposure for their business, and can translate indirectly into sales of products and services.

If you are an expert in Google AdWords, for example, you can choose to answer specific questions about Google ads people are having trouble with. Answering lots of them can show that you are an expert and help sell your services.

Someone you have answered a question on Quora may hire you, or someone checking you out may come across your profile and answers, which will confirm indeed that you are an expert and should be hired over to someone else.

This works of course for all kinds of profession, if you are doing landscaping, answering questions may bring you future projects.

First, this is my profile on Quora.

As you can see I have accumulated 47.8k answer views in total and 4.3k this month and this with only 182 followers. This is great news because you do not need in fact a ton of followers to see good results.

Now, how do you get this kind of results?

This is in fact very simple because most of the people answering question are lazy, they write a very short answer with only a block of text, redirect to external links, or give the actual answer to the question in their blog post where they try to have you click to.

Now, I just told you what not to do.

An important thing is also to be consistent, if you answer 10 questions in your first month, then two questions the next six month, it is not likely to work.

I have chosen to answer 3 questions per month, which in 12 months is a total of 36 answers.

Just do what you can do consistently, if you have the time to answer 5 or 10 questions, then that's great and you will have even better results than I have.

Now, how you answer the question is very important. Be prepared to give the best answer you can and give links to other resources that can help further.

As you can see there are six answers to that question and mine is first. Almost all of my answers are at the top and I achieve that by giving the best answer I can, but I also make it very readable using italic and bold when necessary. I also use images and link to relevant websites in all answers I write.

Doing this will get your post towards the top, and if there is a video you can embed in the answer this is a guaranteed first position on the page.

The video does not have to be yours, it just have to be relevant and useful. This answer is 3 weeks old and it has 353 views and 2 upvotes.

This is the second answer, which has 6 upvotes.

This is very good news to see that it's not the number of upvotes that determines the position of the answer on the page. Before I came along, this was the top answer, but you see that it is 2 months old and has the same amount of views on it than I have.

Now, would you like to see some stats?

This is the "All Time" graph: 

That's a nice amount of views with only 36 answers that also brought 184 upvotes and 73 shares.

This is the "Last 3 months" graph: 

14.4k views in the last 3 months alone, with 48 upvotes and 1 share.

This is the "Last 30 days" graph: 

4.3k views in the last 30 days alone, with 22 upvotes and no share.

Here we are.

I hope that this post has been helpful and I encourage you to have a look at Quora to ask or answer questions.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to make more short case studies for you like this one?

Michel Gerard


Great post and very informative. I have so much to do. you work so hard, I wonder what country you live in @gmichelbkk my fellow ?

Thank you @xplay for your comment. I live in Thailand.

Good jobs brother best of luck

Thank you @arslan.saleem, I appreciate your feedback.

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