My Answers Went Viral on Quora!

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I wish that Quora would be like Steemit and reward users with cryptocurrency because my answers went viral this month. Since I started to answer questions on Quora late December last year, I have seen continuous growth and an explosion this month.

This is a follow-up post of How did I get 47.8k answer views with 36 posts on Quora? which I wrote two months ago to explain how I get views and traffic from Quora. You may want to read that post first as I will not repeat my method here.

My Answers Went Viral on Quora!

I now have a total of 42 answers on Quora and as I explained in my previous post about Quora I do not try to write tons of answers, but just 3 quality and very useful answers, always with reference to resources, images and YouTube videos.

I posted my first answer exactly on 23 December 2016 and I answered 5 questions to get started that month.

In January I answered 2 questions, in February 4 questions, in March 4 questions, and from April until now 3 questions per month. I found out that answering 3 questions was a good frequency for me and it gave good results as you will see.

My Quora statistics

Let's see some stats.

214K views in one year, 414 upvotes and 89 shares.

89.7K views in the last 3 months, 142 upvotes and 10 shares.

68.7K views in the last 30 days, 88 upvotes and 9 shares.

23.8K views for the last 7 days, 48 upvotes and 9 shares.

Isn't that amazing?

I didn't try to trick the system to get these results, I just posted 3 quality and helpful answers per month. Sometimes someone requested an answer from me, but most of the time I searched for answers I could answer satisfactorily. In addition to that the majority of my answers are at the top of all answers for a particular question.

My top 3 Quora answers

Now, which answers have gone viral?

Which ones have the most views?

The top answer is "What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now?" with 62.4K views:

The second-best answer is "Is it a good idea to invest in cryptocurrencies right now?" with 1.93K views.

The third-best answer is "How do I make money using Steemit?" with 837 views.

Notice that all the answers are for questions about cryptocurrency, which shows that it is really a hot topic at the moment. I am glad to see that the third-best answer in terms of views is about Steemit. 

It seems like people are trying to find out what cryptocurrency to invest in right now and it might be a good video to make @jerrybanfield because we know the answer to that question.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and see that Quora can be very useful to promote what you want to promote, and that consistency together with quality is the key to success.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to write more posts about my online marketing strategies like this one?

Michel Gerard


Hi @gmichelbkk, I also like to answer questions on Quora and sometimes I write about steem and Steemit in Quora English and Quora Italian. I follow you on Quora and here on Steemit.

Thank you very much @alketcecaj for your comment and for following me on both Quora and Steemit.

You're welcome! I hope we can bring one day the content quality of Quora on Steemit. From time to time I post my Quora answers also on Steemit as you can see here

great job spreading Steemit on Quora.

Thank you very much @dali.soh, I appreciate your comment.

pas probleme. Nous sommes ici pour creer une meilleure Steemit experience, n'est pas?

Nice, well done!

Thank you very much @tomasgeorge.

If you have any question, quora is there to give you the answer. Now I'm going to read your posts on quora.

Thank you very much for your comment @rezoanulvibes. Upvotes on my answers there are also appreciated.

That’s a nice way to expand steemit networtk, but even better would formthe community to develop our own quora. Have you pitch this idea to developers?

Yes, that would be great. If they used the Smart Media Tokens hat would be great too.

10.84% @pushup from @gmichelbkk


You are most welcome bro @gmichelbkk

Congrats Bro. Good effort. Quality over quantity. Thumbs up.

Thanks Michael! I love Quora and have gotten great responses, but I too seek rewards for all my hard work.

Thank you for your comment.

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