What Are You Most Afraid Of In The World Of Cryptocurrencies?

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In the past I've written about my story onhow I got started with Bitcoin and in that story I shared the incident of my email account being hacked and the losses thereafter.

Ofcourse it was decade ago and my losses weren't directly cryptocurrency related but it was scary nonetheless. The possibility that this can reoccur exists. But ofcourse, we can secure our email and trading accounts to higher levels of security today than it was possible 10 years ago!

In the past couple of years however, my investments in cryptocurrencies have grown tremendously. I'm sure it's the same with any other crypto investor in this space owing to constant upward trending market in the year behind us. I'm constantly looking for interesting new projects to invest in in addition to increase my stake on Steemit.


Sometimes I worry about government policies because I live in a country where the government can take a radical step without consulting the masses at any given point in time. It's not as bad as in other countries but our closed economy and banking system is worrisome-atleast for me.

Recent government crackdown on cryptocurrencies have fuelled FUD across the globe. You see panic selling noobs every single day. But that's commonplace in market of high-risk and high-yield.

I've observed the market long enough to understand that these situations are dynamic. Markets are constantly evolving to the changes in policies. Government policies changes by the week and the issues of today are nothing compared to the issues of the future.

In the past cryptocurrencies have faced several hurdles and have overcome them to reach current valuations. No market sustains an upward trend without a regular period of consolidation/correction. It's only natural. But these times brings out our deepest fears. Price volatility aside what worries you about investing in the cryptocurrency market?

  1. Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?
  2. What are you major concerns as a user/investor?
  3. Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

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Thanks for this post @firepower, glad to know there are a lot of us worried about losing our cryptos!
I worry about how to get it out without our government trying to "tax" half of the money. It's all good and well to have this amazing portfolio of cryptos but to actually be able to use it is still a bit of a mystery to me.
I do have a wonderful friend @sebastianjago who has been guiding me, so between his advice and steem bloggers like you I am learning LOTS!! :)

I'm most afraid that cryptos will be completely banned. Not only from a economical perspective but also in the sense of which direction the world is going. It would mean a more decentralized and controlled future for all of us in every aspect of society.

I try to raise awareness about cryptos and trading. Hope I can provide some value to you guys. Just posted an update on different coins and present price paths etc.



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I think same about it

many countries will soon start to issue their own cryptocurrency. blockchain is the future

In my opinion, there is nothing to be afraid of! This world we live in is not a static thing... It is dynamic! And always changing! This crypto madness is the change! Money is changing! And this is the future! SO I can congratulate you all who are in the future now, while a lot of people with their disbelief are still stagnating in the past...

Fear is fake, it is built by humans themselves. If you fear something, you will stop you from progress.

For an example. You are in a dangerous situation where you should quickly step one step to your right... And it's a matter of life or death.

In fear, you would be unable to move!

In fear, everything stops and you fail to operate.

If you keep yourself cool and mindful at all times, even if such a scenario plays out... You would be able to make that one step to the right and keep on living! :)

Have a great day everyone!

Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?

Yea, 90% on my investments are in various coins.

What are you major concerns as a user/investor?

My major concern is a governmental crackdown that makes transactions to fiat illegal across the globe.

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

I'm not worried about exchanges getting hacked because I hold 95% of my crypto in my hardware wallets, but I do fear bans. I would rather it not be relegated to strictly black markets, but I think the public backlash would be too great for the government to try it.

Wouldn't be surprised if they banned it tbh, they wouldn't be able to enforce it though really. Would they take millions of people to court? lol Might arrest the bigger holders to make a statement but there would be riots in the street I think.

That´s easy: dishonesty. I´m afraid, that most of the devs and crypto CEOs are fraud, who believe so much into their own BS, that they even forget that they are fraud. This is what my nightmares are made of. :D

I guess the real threat to the people nowadays is being with a cryptocurrency with no real life value, some crytpos and ICO's are just like high school science projects with no substance backing it up ... good that we are in Steemit at least we have Steem, one cryptocurrency that we can count on for life. :)

Hey @arnel,

The price of bitcoin is now around 11200Usd and i want to invest in one of the crypto currencies. So please tell me which coin is best

@aneesulhassen Obviously Steem. With SMT's on the horizon we are sure to get to top 10 market cap. I only know to use blocktrades to get steem. Would prefer to buy with usd

Can't you purchase steem right here

Not from esteem, I only know how to get it via blocktrades

I am looking to invest long term with Stellar Lumens... I think it has long term value and the management behind it have also great credentials. If Ripple is for banks and big corporations, Stellar is for those who like decentralized money transfer transactions. The tech behind it is the same with Ripple but it is more for the people not just for the moneyed.

1:Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?

My answers no but what i invested its mean alot to me...

2:What are you major concerns as a user/investor?

My issue is exactly the same as yours

worry about government policies because I live in a country where the government can take a radical step without consulting the masses at any given point in time

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

A little bit specially worry about steem always thinking today about if the steem down and goes 1$ :(

Steem might go down, but it’s a solid crypto filling an actual usecase. It’ll go back up to higher highs :)

Scared Is it going to the end of crypto...?

Bitcoin's plunged on Tuesday falling to $10,300 ::: the lowest value the currency has seen in 2018
Not only Steem or Bitcoin Today All the majority of the cryptocurrencies going down and down and still down..
China already banned trade of crypto..
Russia has a similar idea.
South Korea has triggered a panic sell off of the digital currencies.

what is next ?

I’m holding tight. I’ll either ride this ship to the ocean floor or blast off to the moon!

Me too. Stocking up on the good coins.

Yes heavily invested, but no worries about fiat, it's about to die anyway. There's always the local bitcoins idea and gold and silver. Best things is bitUSD on BitShares, now if I would sell sooner and buy later... :D

i am courious how tokenpay will do when it hits the exchanges. probabely more than very well. they will have their own bank and payment card

I'd need to get into that info to answer with any credibility...

At some point there was an article posted which had a headline saying "It's not the cryptocurrencies booming, it's fiat in freefall". In corrections like this one I sometimes think that in the future one btc satoshi could be an equivalent of 1 cent (just an arbitrary number, pick whatever you like). In a way it helps you switch your mind from thinking about fiat as the main form of exchange and you start seeing things from a very different angle.

Well, I wouldn't say freefall because had I left my EOS in bitUSD instead of BTS I would've been able to buy BTS @ $0.33-$0.22...

That we didn't grow yet! And cryptocuriences won't change world for better, beacuse we are affraid to take responsibility. So we can do much more and much better same shit, but now with cryptos... we will see.

My biggest concern by far is that investors and supporters of alternative systems have been superseded by speculators who have driven the price up. As fast as the price has been driven up, it can also crash back down to earth, taking out many latecomers to the market. This will potentially put people off crypto's for life and give them a bad name.
I'm not a fan of bitcoin, I think it has some fundamental problems, but the blockchain and hashgraph are game changing technologies that will change the way we do business in the future.

Overall volatility is my biggest worry. If I were to put a significant portion of my money into crypto where could I put my rainy day money?

If I put it into any set of cryptos out there I’d be down 20% some days, up 20% on others. This is all well and good but I’d like to see a more stable crypto created. Although with this low of a market cap it likely isn’t possible. It’s still early days and there’s still a lot of marketcap left to gain!

Very coin going down right now do you know what going on ?

makes me think that is the wolves of Chicago Exchange that are responsabe for this correction

govt banning cryptocurrencies and bringing their own ones

What scares me the most is Government

I guess I am most worried that we will enter a multi year bear market because I really dont want to wait years to see a return. My patience gets thin fast.

Simply Put controlling government crackdown. Its more present then ever how much control a few people in governments have over billions of people and it just is not right.

BTC Back to zero and it pulling everything down & Blockfolio total shows zero.
I hope we survive the crypto bubble blast & probably the blast below never happens and peace & prosperity reign!

Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?

Actually don't know much about cryptocurrency and investing. I only have about 15$ worth of ETN in my account. Looking at my current value.. 15$ is a lot of investment for me. Could be different for every other person.

What are you major concerns as a user/investor?

I don't understand the fundamentals of trading yet, i hope i don't lose some or all my money.

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

Everyone should be worried of been hacked cyber crime is increasing everyday, if a top government data could be stolen, am not sure i stand a chance. Am sure cryptocurrency will be around for a long time though.. But i can't say the same about exchanges!

Thank You

thats why blockchain is necessary. and even the governments know that

@firepower Government regulation and exchanges disappearing overnight are my main concerns for the future.

Yeh there are waaaaaay too many exchanges

Bitcoin is dying and its dragging the entire market down with it. The markets are literally joined at the hip with BTC, and when BTC falls because people have realized how slow and unreliable it is, the larger market ( the new money, people who have been in the game for less than 5 months) panics as they believe that bitcoin IS the market, and if bitcoin fails, then everything else does. This is part of the issue when people like Warren Buffett go on record saying that "Bitcoin is a bubble and will burst" That part is true, for the most part, not many people are willing to pay $36 for a transaction, especially one that takes an hour or more to confirm, and even more so when the developers make little attempt to fix the BTC network -

But when everyday people hear things like this is causes a massive amount of irrational fear...coupled with news from South Korea which was false, as well as news from traditional outlets that claim the market and Bitcoin are constantly dying. We risk going into a free fall in prices within the next few weeks if people don't stop spreading false information. The market dropped by 30% just on false news and an assumption that Korea MIGHT POSSIBLY COULD BE MAYBE be banned from the markets. What would happen if over a 3 day period Fox News and CNN falsely reported that "Bitcoin" was going to be banned in the US, without any proper sources to back it up? The market would implode all based on a rumour. This is why its VERY important to not follow false channels, or people looking to hype coins, its causing the market to expand in a direction that it shouldnt be going, which is the hype, pump, dump and the market is burning scenarios. This has a lasting effect on the human mind, and we'll pay for it eventually.

I don't necessarily agree. I don't think the price is dropping solely because those so-called banning news. Recall over the weekend, there was a rumor that came out about banning and then was quickly denied. If BTC had the momentum, it would have shot up past its previous resistance once the banning news was denied. Instead, it keeps on making lower and lower lows. It's just textbook type technical indicators flashing red signs.

See below. I have written a long comment as well. I think the futures market was done in purpose to snatch the pricing power from the exchanges to the banksters.

Yeah Bitcoin dying I can't agree at all laugh at this post love the way to the bank next week after buying the dip Bitcoin has just begun buddy

Of course the bubble will inevitably burst and destroy any projects without sufficient action behind their blockchain. This does likely mean the death of the most original coin chain software Bitcoin, people still know the blockchain is where the money is at, we will still attach value to digital assets in order to trade them in as free a market as has ever existed before.

I don't think any single government can quench the flames of cryptocurrency...I ain't gat no fear for that...I guess my only fear is making bad trading choices. It'll be disastrous if i invest in a coin and see it drop -200% the next morning.

Most afraid of my money floating in limbo.... crypto is an asset but until you actually get your hands on that FIAT, then you don't have much of anything, in my opinion

the cheaters, the people who don't earn anything through their effort or intelligence!!! 🤬 🤯

Basically all coins are going down right now we just have to hold not to loose profit

If you are afraid to invest in cryptos, it will be because you do not do your job well, study, read and advise ... Change the fear by experience ... good post

As long as you make mistakes in the world of Cryptocurrencies, you are still human, but hope to do something better

As of now I can say my hands are a bit shaky. But I know for long term I have to see past this. The biggest thing I worry about is not reaching my goals. I have set my goals high as I always do but it is that fear of not meeting them that drives me. I have come from nothing so the only thing I can do is move forward.

I sold around 3 months ago partly due to some advice I got and because of panic, spent all the profit. Everything is in steem, though I do use eth and trade on blocktrades for steem with as little money as I can scrape together after end of month bills. Steem will hit 50$ this year, 5x increase plus if you SMT you'll have attached value to a digital asset something very few people in Earth's history have ever been able to do.

I really like your posts I hope my future will be able to rise better @firepower

I am a moderate investors, I invested a small sum in the past which now is worth a lot more.
What worries me the most is if for some reason, the demand for cryptocurrencies suddenly decreases a lot, a big number of people will be left with digital assets that no one wants, hence not valuable.

(Not talking about todays dip, an actual permanent loss of interest by the population towards the cryptocurrencies.)

Cryptocurrency is the future modern world

Dont worry. Money will vanish. But at this Moment we need CryptoCurrencies. So help me to spread my Idea and go on my Profil.

ups and down are two sides of life , so as far as crypto it works the same way. now it's down but it will high and higher than ever.
don't be upset and loose hope.

  1. About 95%
  2. Quantum processing and governamental ban over crypto.
  3. Never been and never will

Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?

It feels like a lot to me

What are you major concerns as a user/investor?

I feel like there are a lot of projects out there that are getting attention and funding that don't really have fundamentals. They don't have thought out business model, they don't have working prototypes, or even a SWOT analysis for some of them. It's like the dot com era in that anyone who has an ICO is making bank. Dogecoin market cap was over a billion dollars!!! It was started as a joke. I worry that people will get disenfranchised when fake/low-quality projects collapse, and then demand more regulation and oversight from governmental bodies.

tl;dr low-quality cryptos bad

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

I'm concerned about hacks, but I don't really keep my crypto on exchanges, so if they're hacked it won't be my money that gets taken.

If anything, a ban on crypto would be most concerning to me. People would still be able to trade, but it could greatly hamper the average person's ability to use it in day-to-day, like buying a product. I think that governments will see the value in cryptos and begin to issue their own, like the Russian government is looking at doing. Then it will be mainstream, but it will be controlled by the government. Gotta pay your taxes somehow, right?

I'm really surprised about what's happening in India right now. I had visions of the government embracing cryptocurrency as a way to lift up the masses. Now wouldn't that be a wonderful surprise? Leaders that actually think of enriching the people instead of themselves.


Hi there ! really great subject to debate about !

For me its my country and its regulation rules .... I posted an article about it if you want to have a look , our président just "hired" a former banker to become the french bitcoin terminator and he is going to submit his ideas on G20 .....


OMG. I read the headline earlier today and apparently I interprated it wrong...
So stupid of me that I didn’t take the time to read the entire article.. :-/

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

All of them I think, it's still the wild west here and even though I believe that blockchain is here to stay, a new coin pop up every day, and in the future I don't think there will be place for all so it seems hard to be right.

@firepower and fellow steemians Not heavily invested in cryptocurrencies but I do see a lot of potential in STEEM since it's a business model that seeks to benefit everyone in the social media ecosystem instead of just benefiting the big names like FB GOOG as evidenced by their exponential increases in earnings the last few years.

Government banning is always a reality and I actually see that happening eventually and the govt taking the blockchain technology for their own purpose. In fact, I see what's happening with BITCOIN following their script.

  1. Allow it to thrive in 2017 and explode upwards once the news of a BTC futures come out

  2. The banksters allow BTC to shoot up from 5000 to 20000 with this futures with the intention of benefiting on the upside and then crash it back. They can easily do it since the notional values traded on the futures market are a lot bigger than the cash market (BITCOIN exchanges). This apply also to gold vs gold futures, oil vs oil futures. What the banksters are so great is the fact that they managed to take away the pricing power from the BTC exchanges since futures market always have a lot more volume and liquidity.

  3. After the crash, they will come in, in the name of protecting those johnny-come-late speculators who incur 80% losses.

So, I am more into those coins whose purpose is not to compete with the government's sole power of issuing currencies but those that help fill a gap. STEEM Is one example. No one would have tipped someone else article if it comes out of their pocket. Even if they do, it will be a fraction of a cent. STEEM comes up with this token idea, which is great. The remaining part would be to come up with a model of luring in advertisers into the platform. Right now, it's actually capitalizing on the rise of the STEEM, but not on STEEM earnings power as a corporation.

Another issue I really find with STEEM right now is the lope-sided SP enjoyed by the "whales". They earn lots of SBD per blog and they generate lots of cash flows. New bloggers, at this STEEM price, would take year to match their SP even if they work 10 times as hard. When everyone was relatively even 6 months ago, newbie can at least earn 0.001 for curating content. Right now, the success rate of getting even 0.001 SP is close to 5%=> 20 votes 1 success. Same as the number of votes newbies get.

This maybe a little blunt and truthful.....but having no internet or electricity to do your trading or exchange!

Vote me up! Follow me, I'll follow you!

Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?

i came to the party pretty late, but i only really throw loose change into it atm.

What are you major concerns as a user/investor?

I think until the future of how cryptocurrencies stand in the world isnt fixed it will be a worry some ride. I also think its pretty exciting times as we dont know where this all leads to and by fixing the problems with banks we dont create new ones.

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

I'd be livid if someone hacked my account who wouldn't be i'd go all taken 3 on them.

  1. Lol
  2. Tether, wash trading, insider trading
  3. All of these. It's very likely that some of the exchanges will be very hard to touch, and when the first falls others will shut their doors in suit. Good luck suing them. It's not like fiat is safe either, it's been a global horse race to see which country can survive the most money injection and it won't be pretty.

I am not heavily invested in crypto. I have less than 10K. However, I am working on a project that will result in a much heavier investment in the coming months.
As I am working with friends to launch a new use of this technology, my biggest concern is that the SEC will restrict ICOs before we can raise the money needed to launch.
I am not worried about bans in the US. The genie is out of the bottle. The US has taken a generally soft approach so far and will likely continue to. There are some areas that will be regulated. Necessarily. But overall, I think Wall Street is too deep into crypto full government intervention. As for exchanges, I'm not too worried...best to keep the bulk off the exchanges and/or use the reputable ones. Bitstamp has been around a long time and is regulated by the EU. Probably a safe bet if you have to have it on a platform.

Withdraw or HODL crypto.. 💰 of Im one of those invested thousands of dollars in crypto I will be more carefull and smart enough as hackers now are looking at the amount of our crypto figures..

Seems the Bitcoin folks must have given up in improving their coin, or are purposely sabotaging it to shift us to Bitcoin cash, but you can't use that on any of the exchanges to buy altcoins either that I am aware of. So let btc fall to where all useless coins go--toilet time

  1. I have a small but not negligible amount in crypto, and it's never going back to fiat. Crypto or bust!
  2. My major concerns are that people are going to continue living in fear of their governments and dump all their holdings so they don't get hurt. Obviously, this hurts my holdings. I'm also concerned that government brutality is going to stifle adoption of crypto as a means of payment.
  3. There are plenty of crooked SOBs in the world and crypto isn't immune to that. Expect as many terrible people in crypto as you see anywhere else there is something to loot. With that said, I'm not worried because crypto as a means of exchange is an inevitability. I'm just being cautious enough to not be ruined by the screwheads getting their way in the short term.

They're making this hard, the government, hacks. All of these, are making people anxious. Some government around the globe don't trust blockchain system or crypto, it all because of those scams and hackers that ransack the money of the people making them poorer, and hopeless.

  1. full crypto
  2. negative intervention of states (war)
  3. well everyone is i guess...the more it happens though the bigger "need" (like if now there was none) for decentralized stocks, exchanges, wallets will emerge:)

days like today ! hahahah ... ouch

Government regulations, exchanges delisting coins we're holding and possible disappearance of the exchanges too are my major fears.
But do i care? Hell no!

I´m not heavily invested in cryptocurrencies but I would like not to lose my money, because the idea is to get a better return than having this money sitting on a bank...

Great article relating to my post earlier.
Check out https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@kulasago/bitcoin-fud

In my opinion, all of this fuss have to do with some political involvement to spread FUD but do not have any solid ways to action to ban crypto.
Fingers cross, putting high hopes only if the world cuts off the internet than all at ones exchange could end.

My biggest fear is increasingly strict government control of the off-ramping mechanisms. It's going to be difficult to control the blockchain because it's decentralized but the faucet to/from fiat will be more easily controlled. Until you can pay for everything with crypto directly it will have to be converted to fiat to some degree to be of any value.

Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies? Yes

What are you major concerns as a user/investor? The security of my investments and the long term success of this projects

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other? I am, especially about the hackings. But I am not worried about bans because I believe this technology cannot be stopped no matter what

i enjoy your post! thanks

Wow!!! It's advisable to secure you email and password, hackers are all over the place looking who will fall victim.. Just last week the hacked my friends account.. The post helped to inform people your experience and what the can possibly expect if the lack wiseness

You are totally right @firepower the which we live and our government does not thinking a huge about the peoples and it will take any action on any matter. So everyone was little scared with cryptocurrencies in our country

Right now he only investment I do is time, the time on Steemit and Steem is the only thing I have accumulated. Plan is to keep going stronger and stronger with it. So, nothing to fear as the awesomeness of this platform is that even if in the end I don't earn something, the level of learning everyday I am getting is unparalleled. It is as if I am enrolled into a free course :-)

1- Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?

  • I've only ever invested in cryptocurrencies. I wouldn't say "Heavily" as I do not have much money to invest with to begin with.

2- What are you major concerns as a user/investor?

  • Most of the time I get afraid that I may have done the wrong choice. But like today I was mostly concerned that this Bitconnect shutdown is going to scare away many people in the crypto world who started with this scam platform. It's unfair to the newcomers who don't know much about Cryptocurrency.

3- Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

  • I'm not so much afraid of hacks, but I do feel uncomfortable with exchanges holding my coins. Lately I'm having trouble with Bittrex, they won't let me withdraw my Ethereum because they changed to verified accounts only and I tried numerous times to verify but it just won't ever work. It's a bit frustrating.

Thanks for raising this topic, if the fundamentals of the cause is not clear, it is very easy to get disturbed by the price fluctuation. We should remember, this whole revolution is beyond just currency.

Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?
Moderately in terms of money , heavily in terms of intellectual capacity.

What are you major concerns as a user/investor?
Adoption and scaling before it goes out of control.

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?
None of these worries me, biggest worry is if adversaries can somehow destroy confidence in the whole idea. Compromising on the decentralization because of too many alternative ideas.

I am writing mostly on the philosophy of the idea itself, please stay tuned with me. Thanks in advance.

Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?
What are you major concerns as a user/investor?
Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

  1. No. Just started but yeah I would love to stay in until the real product of crypto I've invested in comes to the fore

  2. Your concern is my concern. A majority led govt which often thinks 'after' taking a decision (demonetization/GST et al.) it surely bothers me to see another such I'll thought decision drowning all my crypto

  3. Exchanges disappearing overnight is one thought that always troubles me :D

Buena publicación, esto me llama la atención cuando mencionas sobre tu país que el gobierno puede dar un paso radical, aquí en mi país es igual, el gobierno hace lo que le da la gana, tiene todos los poderes secuestrados para el, muy buena publicación muy interesante, esterare pendiente de tus próximas publicaciones hare una visita por tu post, gracias por compartir con toda la familia Steemit

When I initially got into crypto, I was scammed by one of those Ponzi schemes. Though my losses were minimal, I never dared to do such a thing again.
Since then, I only focus on earning Steem which is helping me sustain daily life right now.
So yeah, not much investment in terms of money, but there is investment in terms of effort.

I am not sure if India will ban Bitcoins. There is too much corruption. But it is not taking any concrete steps to regulate or legalize it either so that looming fear of what might happen is scary yes.

I am not an investor in cryptocurrency (i am not an investor at all) but I think if there will be any problem for it, it will come from the government as you have mentioned in your post.

Sometimes I worry about government policies because I live in a country where the government can take a radical step without consulting the masses at any given point in time.

I have not invested in cryptocurrencies but I am thinking about to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Government is in fear and in great fear, because people are investing in cryptocurrency. Govt ass is burning that from where they get the investment now.

How about insurance for cryptocurrency?

The government shutting my cash cow down that's my only concern all dips will rise again except a government inforced dip that last forever like South Koreas government was talking about that just helped contribute to this current dip among other things

Again great post beautiful presented and explained.

    RESTEEEM DONE ! @firepower

Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?

well I have a business, a start up in its infancy as a trader. I basically trade for others and help people invest their money in the crypto world and get returns. So I am worried with the current trend the market is taking.

What are you major concerns as a user/investor?

my major concern is the price of bitcoin. Well there are amazing projects backing various alt coins and it hurts me everytime I see them taking a deep, just because bitcoin is taking a deep or mooning.. The hold bitcoin has on the market is too much for me and I think people are starting to lose trust in BTC because of its volatility.

Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

I have no fear in the exchanges I uses, I am solely worried about bitcoin... And I feel it's time bitcoin achieved a sense of stability

Crypto crisis is only a crisis for a section of the population. It is not right to blame the government only. Govt has rest of the population to consider for.

I am afraid of the taxes which are still not clear in India and how much we should pay for it.

Hacking and exchanges disappearing overnight are some of my main concerns as is related to crypto currencies.

dont worry bitcoin price will be @8000 in few days and then boom 30000+

Plan and buy jiocoin (if it launches), which will be definitely allowed by the government ...

1.Are you heavily invested in cryptocurrencies?
Well, As I am from India I am not investing in bitcoins or cyrpto mainly coz govt. can make any policies and as already said by our govt. crypto is not good but On bright side India will be launching its own cyrpto such as Laxmicoin which is in process and will there in march by per govt. rules and also Billionaire Mukesh Ambani is in news for launching Jiocoinsso may be in future i would be comfortable in investing !!

2.What are you major concerns as a user/investor?
The govt,. Policies which can be against me any time they want so!!

3.Are you worried of hacks, exchanges disappearing overnight, ban on bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading or any other?

Obviously as hacking is really kind of thing I am worried of.I have read the ethereum hack online by hackers by phishing of site!And as bitcoin mining is also became a major issue as there is only 20% left for mining !!Well besides there are talks about bubble also so!!

informative post....upvoted and resteemed!keep it up

You sad that you are looking for some interesting projects so I would like to advice you a very great one of my friends https://prospectors.io . They have already even their coin called PGL that everybody can buy and trade.

Goverment can't stop crypto

Crypto is the future. Nothing can stop it!

thanks for stopping BTC I am upvote and re steem because amazing information

This is old chart and its working

I think the USA and EU will definitely be influential in deciding the fate of cryptocurrency, with other smaller governments likely to follow in their footsteps.

Buying anything besides sbd.

My greatest concern will definitely be the intervention of government and their narrow policies. However, I think this area has moved forward to a stage where it can withstand such as situation. More and more alternatives will occur and masses will move towards adopting something radical.

Am afraid it will give me a heart attack one day, this shit is so scary for a new commer like me

I hope for the best and prepare for the worst

Just before I read this post, my biggest fears were

  1. That one day my purses wake up in 0.
  2. Prices plummet.
    Now that I have read your post I understand that there is also the possibility that governments take action on the matter and prohibit cryptocurrencies. It is not something so crazy considering that the btc has lowered its value lately due to the actions that are taking the governments of certain countries. Thanks for the analysis you propose in this post!

Not reaching my goals, really

Government regulation is ruining the market. People got into crypto because it was economically sound, direct, and followed the immutable natural laws of self-ownership and property. The regulations are basically smearing the whole beautiful, masterpiece painting that is crypto with shit (pardon my French).

The line will come down to who will say “no.”

I'm fully invested in cryptos, making $ faster than I would have believed possible - and I'm actually not worried about any of this stuff - either cryptos will win, or the zionists will win and we remain buggered - but there is no point worrying about it

As I've written about recently, I'm trying to face all my fear and let them go. I'm doing well. These are some things which have worried me in the past and which may pop up from time to time

1 As I watched my savings grow from 0 to over 1500 USD in crypto one month on nothing but SBD (not counting steem), I realized I may have a clear path opening up towards my dreams. Days like yesterday can be a bit nerve racking, as without crypto, I'm back to 0.

2 Regulations are troubling for sure.

3 Market manipulation. I sometimes wonder if we are all being played and if some of these bitcoin "whales" are actually the same corporations who seem to be unclear in their stance on crypto.

4 The thing I've spent the most time worrying about is that this wonderful community we have created here will be cast aside in favor of some extra profit. If that were to happen, all the gains would be a whole lot less sweet.

The number one thing to fear, in my opinion, is the shit-smear called “government” (violence-based control) ruining what crypto was created to be, which is a bastion of freedom and a symbol of human dignity via sound economics. That is to say, economics based on science, and which recognize the immutable and nature-conferred individual self-ownership and property of every human being. At some point, and that point may be different for all humans, one must decide the line at which they will say “no,” and disobey the immoral, unethical, and violent mandates.

This is what scares me: Indian politicians (whore probably too heavily loaded with Fiat) spewing random bullshit 2hich is lapped up bh the gullible masses instantaneously.

Here's what an MP tweeted:


crypto currency is here to stay because it balances the unequal distribution of wealth in the world to some extent. However, wealth acquisition in cryptocurrency too is dependent upon investments through real wealth. Hence it is going to go into steady cyclical patterns like all stocks. The fear is not the ban ! The fear definitely is hacking and ambiguous, blood-sucking government impositions !

I am most scared about dumb money and their dumb decisions. What I mean by that is all the people speculating on the price movements rather than appreciating and valuing the underlying technology. Thanks to the extensive media coverage in 2017, it seems like everybody and their moms are in crypto to make a quick buck! While this created the bubble we are in, the technology won't be able to catch up with the overvaluation and the bubble is gonna pop sooner or later. I wish the dumb money rather tried to find a way to help this technology evolve, because that will be the ultimate way to mainstream adoption and therefor justified moon prices!

If you keep yourself cool and mindful at all times, even if such a scenario plays out... You would be able to make that one step to the right and keep on living! :)
thanks for searing.

I haven't been in the crypto space for very long but i've been here long enough to know that market correction happens and when the market recovers it goes higher than its former state. I believe everyone who have been into crypto for some time will be able to keep themselves from panick sells.


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