The BEST Overviews for POS & Masternode Crypto Assets - See Which Coins Are Paying Dividends

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There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there that have some sort of reward distribution in place for holders. You may be missing out on profit, if you don't know whether the coins you're holding are distributing additional rewards. Luckily there are two amazing websites that can help you find out whether certain coins either have masternode functionality, or pay out dividends according to your stake (current holdings).

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Here you can find an overview of all the crypto assets which pay out dividends to current holders or masternode operators. Stakingrewards has given each asset a score that is based on various parameters, such as risk, rewards, complexity, etc.

When you click on an individual asset, you'll find a lot of information about the coin itself, as well as an explanation about the reward distribution. There's also a very handy calculator to see how much ROI you'd get on your current holdings.

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I had found this website after reading an announcement on Bitcointalk forum and the creator mentioned that this website has been around for just one month. It looks a little bit like Coinmarketcap, but then just for Proof of Stake coins. I just had to give this a shout-out here on Steemit, because I could see myself using this a lot. Not all POS coins are listed here, but they've clearly picked out the most recognizable ones. I do hope they'll add more in the future.

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Compared to Stakingrewards, Poslist has a lot more crypto assets listed on its website. The absolute majority of these are coins that are very risky to invest in. Still, it could be useful to find hidden gems that might be worth something in the future. No less than 118 crypto assets are currently listed on Poslist, but the amount of information given on each coin is minimal. You'll have to do some of the research yourself.

Some of the information given might be a bit outdated as well. I've found some differences between the ROI calculations made by Poslist and Stakingrewards.

I hope this article can help people choose the right coin to invest in. If you have any questions or remarks, please leave a reply in the comment section!


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Thanks for this tip, the only POS coin that I check in for is NEO, but the GAS from that hangs around until I claim it anyway, so it isn't a real big problem.

XLM, I didn't know about though. I have to remember where that is, I have a feeling I didn't attach it to the Ledger...

These two proof of stake tools are really going to be helpful for us crypto investors .because one of my main style of investment is to buy passive income crypto coins that has a good yearly return on investment and a solid fundamental for growth. Thanks for this helpful tools @daan

Another good post. I have bookmarked the site. One additional list-type site which would be great to have is one which lists the coins/tokens which enable us to monetize regular daily work tasks. Right now I am using Steemit (for blogging, curating, commenting) and Presearch (for searching). Do you know of any other practical coins like this, or lists of such?

Interesting that TWO POS coins I have are not listed in either.

ROI coin and Smartcash.

I didnt know Stellar was one, at a poxy 1%! Still I have some Lumens, do they need to be in the official wallet I wonder? Mine are stuck on Binance.

Also they are now supported in the Ledger, do I get my 1% while holding them there?


Yeah the first website is really new, I'll ask them if they are going to list more of them :)

Yes, a reddit post seems to indicate that you can receive rewards if you're using Ledger:

You apparently need to join a voting pool through your wallet.


Thanks, I'll move them off this weekend.

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Great info! I might have to dig into these sites and see if there is anything worth putting a little money into. It is surprising that more of them haven't fallen off yet and there are still over 100 listed. You would think as things move forward we would end up with fewer legitimate coins.

Ik moet hier zeker eens meer naar kijken ... dank je wel voor het delen!

Thanks for the great info! I hope this will expose PoS coins to newer market participant.