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"He who owns the information owns the world" - N. Rothschild.

The 21st century is recognized as the century of information technologies and this phrase, which was said more than two hundred years ago, does not lose its relevance. It is unlikely that someone will argue with this statement, especially now, when companies continue to fight for any data, sometimes neglecting the verification of their truthfulness and integrity. Perhaps such situation is acceptable for large corporations and organizations that are always able to collect, process and research data for their own purposes. On the other hand, small companies that also need reliable data for their work, very often face the problem of the information access.

Let’s remember huge scandal, that happened with Facebook recently. The leak of personal data of more than 50 million users, led to a drop in the Facebook cost by tens of billions of dollars in just a few days. Then Zuckerberg apologized to his users and made an official statement in the USA Congress and the European Parliament, but still has problems after that situation.

The situation with information and data market becomes a real challenge for large corporations and an even greater challenge for small companies. The blockchain is one of the tools for solving such kind of problems. The situation with the data isn’t an exception.
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Now there are more conflicts between users and companies. Trying to improve their business processes, companies are trying to get more and more users information. While everyone is worrying about how to improve their work with data, make it more transparent and clear for all participants, the Quadrant Protocol team is working on realizing their ideas via modern technical solutions that are based on the blockchain. The company uses distributed ledger technology and uses it for the most important components of its project. This technology, as we know, has many advantages. Of course, all depends on the developers and their experience, but in this case, we do not have to worry, because the team is very experienced and will perform the tasks qualitatively.

In short, the project is a protocol. It gives us a unique opportunity in obtaining information and building new products. Given that information is now the most valuable resource in building new applications and is used to meet the needs of the user, we must consider the most important characteristics of information. Of course, the project, that is using the blockchain, can make the work with information more structural and we will not worry about its origin and truthfulness. This part will be easily controlled by all of us. Transparency of these processes is really important.

As the market is now chaotic, the project solves this problem - developers built an organized data structure and relieved their users of many difficulties in working with information.
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The problems and complexities that are fundamental in the industry:

  1. The huge gap between reliable and unreliable data
  2. Unreliable data and their impact on the operation of algorithms
  3. The instability of information and its processing after leaving offline
  4. Unfair income distribution

In turn, the life cycle of accepting data for processing is as follows:

Of course, like any market, the information and data market has many problems. These problems can be divided into less serious and more serious and then can be solved gradually and qualitatively. However, we should spend as much effort as possible to solve the problem of information transfer and this is what the Quadrant Protocol is already doing and we would like to describe this problem with more details.
Information on the market is constantly transferred from one point to another. The more we move along this chain, the more information we generate. It undergoes processing for integrity and truthfulness. Buying information in point A, we process it and transfer it to point B. There is one problem in this whole structure. The user who transmitted the information receives the payment only once. But his information is used further and brings income to other users. At the same time, our user cannot even track where information moves and how it is used. Unfortunately, such system allows to earn only for teams of large projects and creates an unfair distribution in the market for users and small projects. To solve this problem, the Quadrant Protocol uses blockchain. The user will be able to monitor their information. By receiving a payment in tokens for the transfer of information and its subsequent processing, the user gets more interest for the subsequent work with the information and each participant of the network has his own benefit depending on the contribution to the development of his data chain.

Many researchers, developers, companies will be able to apply more and more information in their work and this will make the rules of the game more simple and understandable for large players and users who provide information on this market.

Given such a feature, we can be sure that thanks to innovations, users will prefer to monetize their personal data through the Quadrant Protocol and this can become one of the most important reasons for the growth and development of the company.

What does the Quadrant Protocol offer us?

Of course, in order to solve all the accumulated problems and make the market more equitable and structured, we need a clear hierarchy and division of the entire system into parts so that each has its own purpose and value and has the confidence of each participant in the system.

To get this confidence and more accurately describe how the market works, we can refer to the description of the project.

In general, the whole system is divided into several parts.

  1. Nurseries - Atomic Data Producers (ADP) are those who create information and they are the ones who allow the system to expand quantitatively and create stars. We call stars the usual point areas of the night sky. In the Quadrant Protocol system, we can have data with the lowest value. They have nothing in common and for their better application and structuring in large sets of information for use in future projects and developments, we collect these stars and combine them into constellations.
  2. Pioneers. Everything that is in the system should help the system develop. To ensure that information and data are used as efficiently as possible, the pioneers create applications and use smart contracts in the Quadrant system for this, and thus they create value. Pioneers play a very important role in the system in the future and in the success of the protocol.
  3. Elons. In their work, they seem to read maps of constellations and create new products and projects for a more qualitative expansion of the system. The more projects we see using Quadrant Protocol technologies, the more technologies will develop. Of course, we must admit that for the first days we will not be able to see many such projects, but with the appearance of a larger number of constellations and with the appearance of new sets of information in the detachment, the projects will become better.
  4. The Guardians. Any blockchain should have support and be protected. For the data to be used in the network are responsible Guardians should make some actions to give confidence to users. Guardians stamping data and make sure that data is truthful for using in projects. They are working on system security and make it effective for data market

Features of the project

As already mentioned above, for any solution to the problem, we must use only breakthrough technologies. The Quadrant Protocol has several very important features that will enable it to realize the idea.

The Quadrant Protocol is built on the Proof of Data Authenticity and Provenance protocol.
Of course, we must recognize the value of trust. Increasingly, we are faced with the fact that systems are not working efficiently and we need to look at projects with quality implementations. Since the economy requires constant relations between the participants and this trust is important for the full functioning of the system, we must turn our attention to the blockchain. Since all the information in the blockchain is very easily tracked, we will see a very big breakthrough. Most often, we just need to understand where our information is transmitted and how it will be used by market participants. Of course, we can believe without evidence, but the technology of blockchain gives us both the evidence of the transfer of information, and the confidence that this information will not be changed in the future.
image 6.png
It is very difficult to overestimate the importance of trust and trust will play an important role in the project. When a user receives data, he hashes them to make sure that the data that was received is identical to the one that was sent. If the data is the same, the user has proof of purchase. If the data does not match, both parties can communicate with each other to solve their problem.

Constellations for disparate data sources
To make broken data which does not represent a complete picture for the user, to something that can be used for work, research and for the development of new products, they were decided to group into constellations and in this way come to visualization and greater accuracy for the final the user.

Fair remuneration and incentive exchange
Remuneration for access to information will become fair. The award process will be automated and will allow approaching users more structurally.

Each piece of data itself is worth a penny, which does not sufficiently effectively encourage users. In addition, as it was already said before, the user receives a payment only for the first case of providing information and in case of unhealthy competition, there is a probability of reselling his information to outside parties for a great price.

In the Quadrant protocol, this problem is solved with the help of a blockchain and the user's ability to control the further use of his data.

In turn, the Constellations protocol for Quadrant is designed to handle the distribution of these micro-payments through the use of the QUAD token.image 7.png
Considering that when new constellations appear, based on old ones, users who were involved in their creation and processing will receive payments, we can see a more fair hierarchy for all participants in the chain.

QUAD and eQuad tokens

The network will use two different currencies for its protocol: eQuad and QUAD.

QUAD is the main network token, while eQuad is a token corresponding to the ERC-20 standard, to Ethereum, which will be available under ICO, and which can be converted to QUAD when the core Quadrant network is launched.

Using the token:

  1. Enabling simple and complex access structures
  2. Stamping and verification of data
  3. Subscription payments
  4. Accessing
  5. Services available in the future

The project team

In fact, the project team is already a cohesive team with many years of experience with information and data in DataStreamX.

Advisers also generate trust and make the project more interesting for the end user.



Quadrant Protocol links

Quadrant Protocol Website: https://www.quadrantprotocol.com/
Quadrant Protocol Telegram: https://t.me/quadrantprotocol
Quadrant Protocol ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3676988.0
Quadrant Protocol Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3739014.0


Given that the product that we are going to see is very valuable, both for the industry and for the entire market that works with information, there are several reasons to believe in the future of this idea.

The two main features and advantages of the project are:

  1. Advanced user capabilities and the ability to apply data stamping for their subsequent authentication in the system and, most importantly, to confirm their validity.
  2. Monetization of their data, control, and transparency of the whole way of their use.
The Quadrant Protocol offers solutions to these problems and, despite all the difficulties that it faces, you should look at this project. Given the partnerships with large funds and the level of interest in it from small investors and bloggers, the project can be interesting in the short and medium term.

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