We're suing Facebook & Google for $300 Billion! - Want a part of the action?

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Facebook & Google's ban on advertising by the Crypto Industry dropped cryptocurrency markets by $300 billion and caused tens of billions of other losses to Crypto Industry exchanges, ICO projects, advisers, miners etc.

The Crypto Ad Ban is anti-competitive and illegal under competition law (anti-trust), so we are suing for $300 Billion+ damages.

Join the global class action against Facebook & Google's Crypto Ad Ban.

Everyone who held $100+ in cryptocurrency (including STEEM, SP & SBD) before 20 March 2018 can join.
So can anyone with a business or project in the Crypto Industry.

  • Its No Win No Fee
  • Signup for individuals is anonymous
  • Bonus token(s) for signup!

Brought to you by JPB Liberty - Web 3.0 Litigation Funding - Fighting for the Crypto Industry.


Give em the heater, Ricky!

By saying "held" what do you mean? Well over $100 of my sbd has been converted to bitcoin over time, but has gone through my hands and was spent. Only SP has been consistent. This may seem like a dumb question, and I'm assuming the answer is no, but does SP count too if I wanted to join?

Yes SP & SBD all count. By held I mean the amount of cryptocurrency you owned in the period 29 Jan to 20 Mar 2018 when the Ad Bans came out and the market dropped.

Ok, thank you for clearing that up! I will join then! I resteemed this too. Good luck with coordinating this and going up against those giants. :)

I have read all 3 of them and wish you all the best... I hope the little guy wins this one, but I have a hunch it won't be the case. I know our legal system and they don't let things like this go through... They might pay something off to make it go away (and maybe the defendants will get something decent), but I'm doubtful they will ever let a 300 billion dollar award be paid out to the average people. The only way that happens if the crooks themselves are the bigger players, and then they can use it to tank the shit out of google and facebook!

Great action though, love seeing it :)

Thanks Dave. What you say about your (US) legal system may well be true, but I've won plenty of little guy vs the system cases in Australia, including 2 that went to the High Court! So I have more confidence that we'll get a fair hearing in Australia.

@apshamilton I hope for your success for sure! And I think you have all the merit on your side! I don't know the Australian courts, but if you win that would be awesome for mankind... I can't stand either of those 2 evil corporations!

I've just signed up. Completed the whole form. Business would be better if FB didn't keep moderating my damn posts.

Please check out my post about the SBD price drop.

Looks like the big banks are doing whatever they can to crush crypto. Just when markets were starting to recover, Japan imposes heavy regulations on 6 exchanges. The timing looks suspicious. It looks like there's a coordinated effort to suppress cryptocurrency.

The incumbent players (banks & tech giants etc) are all very threatened by crypto. Facebook & Google are especially threatened because it disrupts their strategic business model to buy promising tech companies before they can become serious competitors.
Decentralised crypto competitors can't be bought!
By signing up for the class action you can do your bit to fight back!

Or at least to control it.

Please check out my post about the SBD price drop.

Submitted the form last night....Here is my ETH Deposit Address: 0xe2e75dfdb34251efcb31dc83e12b549f907f9e1b

Write to me by email. I've emailed you to your aol address.

How do I email you ?

Thanks. Email sent. My December 2017 investments have dropped from $34,000 down to $6,000 and dropping to zero fast .... soon I will have nothing.

Yeah same for all cryptos anyone bought during the pump! The value is still excellent! Many assets is way up seen over 1 year! Be patient :P

I ll sign thou #fuckfacebook

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