Have you seen the recent buzz about Byteball's airdrop for STEEM users?
Will you refuse free money?

On paper, according to its fundamentals that I know about, it is good enough to justify being resteemed or posted on almost everyone's front pages, but look at what I got after I installed it:

" Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined"

And then it went off.
This came after I uninstalled it, because previously I got the same, and when it worked, it was not properly, because I could not get my own receive address, only my device address, and it did not seem the same to another user's screenshot.
After the uninstall and repeated installation, it requires my password, but quits on the exception that I mentioned before or when I try to type my password.
Yes, the version is 2.4.0.
So far the help that I got is as bad as the help that I got when I tried to install Bisque, to join BitShares and to commit a trade on Blocktrades.
I hope that this time it will not stay as bad, but my experience predicts that I will probably stay outside this time too.

Do you have a guess why Byteball,Bisque,Bitshares,Blocktrades fail to work on my PC and what should I do to make them, or at least Byteball work?

I have no time to look at this. I will ask someone else to look into it.

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